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Get expert support with your Fibre connection.

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Weak security warning on AppleIOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Poor connection

Internet is disconnecting around once a week for 1hr+ before coming back online, download speeds also seem to be fluctuating a lot aswell. please help thanks

Constant packet loss / packet delay over last 3 months

Hello, i have raised this with talktalk support about 50 times via live chat, had a talktalk engineer visit and test the house wiring, and cabinet to house, ive had an openreach engineer visit and test the exchange to cabinet, and cabinet to house, a...

traceroute.png Packet loss today.png speed today.png speed last 7 days.PNG
Ssmith46 by Participant
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Broadband dropout & speed reduction

Hi - We have been having short (2 - 3 minute) broadband interruptions for a while now and the internet speed is also below the guaranteed level although still usable. Connection test says there could be a line fault but line test says unable to ident...

SoF00 by Team Player
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Fibre speed has now dropped to 11 Mb/sec

The service to my home is via an overhead cable. The service fails every couple of years and OpenReach visit to perform a poor quality fix. My recollection is that OpenReach last visited about two years ago and applied a fix that they described as "t...

VDSL is down port 1

I am getting frequent disconnections on my line and the below is my log from my router, I have also noticed the sound margin is 0.00db!Actual Rate [Kbps]Maximum Rate [Kbps]Noise Margin [dB]Attenuation [dB]Power [dBm]DownstreamUpstream6000017000630461...

Connection between Modem and Router dropping

Hi. My Internet is going down constantly. I thought this was a supply problem at first. But the "Broadband" light on my modem is lit up constantly, with the "WAN" light going dark with a flashing orange light on my router before going to a light that...

Agent47 by First Timer
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WAN DHCP Client Stopped issue

My internet keeps on getting disconnected for the past one week. I have called the support and they have raised a case. The issue still continues to arise. It's happening very frequently as mentioned in the log below. I have restarted it several time...

baskarrg by Participant
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Router resetting itself constantly

Hi,My router is constantly resetting itself, the error log says it's due to 'kernal panic'. I've seen a few other people with the same issue have it resolved with a firmware update. How do I contact someone to help with my issue / update my firmware?...

melty by Chatterbox
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Request for new router

Hello, My router seems to turn itself off randomly when I'm downloading or watching high quality videos, will disconnect from ethernet and wifi randomly, it's usually absolutely fine. The more I download the more unstable the router becomes. It has b...

Narzal by Whizz Kid
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Fibre 150 repeating service problems

Hi All,My fibre 150 service keeps dropping out for the last 4 weeks. I contacted talktalk services for 3 times in this period and I don’t get any recommendation other than switching off and on the router and modem. Anytime connection is lost, I switc...

Phalanx1 by First Timer
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Why so many drop outs?

Hi Guys, I keep having to reconnect my Sky box to my network. It’s usually every evening when I want to watch On Demand, but tonight I’ve had to reconnect it twice. Openreach recently laid a new 60 plus metre cable and reconnected my landline, which ...

Fibre150VolP - Terrible service

We opted for the fibre installation a few weeks ago and the changed our contract for the faster service, imagining it would be super-quick, stable and mean better coverage across the house.In short, ours has been abysmal since we upgraded...!!!So far...

PeterTate by Popular Poster
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Hi please can you turn off WiFi optimisation please, as it doesn’t optimise anything for me! - keeps resetting my WiFi channel back to 1, the same channels as several neighbours, resulting multiple drop outs. many thanks 

Waxl360 by Chatterbox
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Old router?

Hi all, I have been a customer of talktalks for many years. My current router is the HG633 model.I've had issues with speed and connectivity for about 2 years but each time I speak to someone they sa there's no issue. I thought it may have been the h...

Vickytom by Popular Poster
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Internet consistently dropping and poor speeds

Hi All, I have been experiencing an issue recently where randomly, throughout the day the internet will go off. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to go off and stays off for 2 minutes. However most of the time it is on for maybe 5 minutes or so before tu...

2.4Ghz wifi constantly dropping

Was having general issues with my wifi randomly dropping when both bands combined. I have now separated them and it it clear it is the 2.4Ghz band that has the issue. It has got gradually worse and I am now having to reboot the router multiple times ...

Loosing Internet connection

Starting today my internet connection has been cuting out completely.If i'm watching a video i get the buffering circle of doom otherwise i get blank pages if it happend when i'm surfing around the net.I have had to restart the router twice in the la...

Mally4 by Team Player
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Sagecom FAST5364 Router Poor Range

I’m struggling to achieve a stable connection to an EV and EV charger, both are situated approximately 11 metres from my TT Sagecom FAST 5364 router, albeit there are a couple of internal walls to negotiate, one stud, one block and the house exterior...

Speed dropping erratically & dramatically over the last week.

For the last week my upload/download speeds have become unstable. Can happen anytime during the day/evening. Made aware of this happening when any streaming service I'm watching either stops or starts buffering endlessly. When this happens, I check m...

5guitars by Conversation Starter
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Full fibre 150 Losing connection and slow speed

Hello TalkTalk Team, I have been using Full Fibre 150 for 3 months, and unfortunately, the experience has not been great so far... I have got multiple connection drops every day, where the connection speed drops drastically. This is an example from t...

Screenshot_20231124_101114_eero.jpg Screenshot_20231124_104843_Speedtest.jpg Windows speed.png Screenshot_20231124_111414_eero.jpg
magames by Conversation Starter
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tv set box keeps freezing and wi fi keeps droping out.

had problem with wi fi keeps droping out and thought ill use my tv box for second time only for that to freeze twice in two hours, have had all lines checked to router and all was fine and i think my chanels keep changing.

johnb201 by Team Player
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Router drop outs

I have Fibre 65 (and the router that comes with it). For a while now my router has not shown the white light on the front however the majority of the time it has not affected the performance apart from the very occasional need to reboot (the red ligh...

Speed drops and slow speeds

Hi , Ive been getting a lot of speed drops for a few weeks now.Usually when it happens its only lasts a few minutes. It never disconnects completely but the speed drops to almost nothing. I used the line tests through the Talk Talk website and both t...

emu83 by Team Player
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