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Talk Talk cut me off - Legal advise required

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Talk Talk Phone line cut off


I work from home and I use the landline for my business, no phone no money earned. I have been on the Fibre 900 package since mid Feb and have been using my landline.


Tuesday 9th May discovered no landline (copper).


Spoke to Talk Talk through their text service (2 disconnects) and was told the copper was cut off because I was on voip and I just needed to connect up the equipment they had sent out. Of course the equipment had never been sent or or given to me when the service was installed by City Fibre. They apologised and sent out the Grandstream black box to install.


That arrived Friday the 12th May at approx 10am so already I have lost 3 days of business. Quick and easy to install. But it wouldn't communicate outwards (the phone symbol would not light up). From around 2pm I spend the next 5 hours (with many disconnects) on the mobile phone to Talk Talk being passed from department to department with no one actually helping at all. Each time you ring up it takes between 20 – 50 mins to get to where you were last time)


It transpired the voip is not available in our area by City Fibre. After getting angry and speaking to cancellations as I had now lost 4 days of business I got elevated to someone called Perlie and she tried to get it sorted. I was told an Openreach contract was required but the department to sort that out was now closed. Perlie said she would ring me on Saturday 13th.


I received the phone call at 12pm after waiting another 20 or so minutes she transferred me to the “correct department”.... the phone went silent and after 10 – 12 mins of silence it cut off.


Monday 15th I phoned at 9am to cancellations again and 1 hour 20 minutes later I was told someone will call me back...... nothing


Phoned back again at 3pm spoke to the sales team to tell them the issue again and after 20 mins I was told I should cancel my contract and move to a new one and I require a copper option.


Phoned cancellations explained it all again and that I must change contracts. After a good 20 mins or so I was able to cancel the contract and got the fees wavered.


Phoned sales back (no one ever talks to any one in this company) told Open reach was not available in our area (a complete contradiction of what was told earlier) and they cant have two City Fibre services at the same time so I would have to wait till the end of the month!!!!! Then I was told to cancel the cancellation!!!! and also told I will have to take copper with BT!!! this was a good 30 mins


Phoned cancellations to stop the cancellation. Told to wait a further 48 hours before I can do anything else!! Then told I can take out a copper and full fibre contract!! It's lie after lie


Tuesday 16th Phoned cancellations again and requested a complaint procedure as they cannot do anything for me. Got put though to complaints (so far another 55 mins on the phone). Again advised copper from BT!! Spoke to a woman called Nolwazi who to be fair was very apologetic about the whole situation and she would investigate the whole issue. I asked about call divert but as the copper line was ceased and the voip is not registered there was no number to divert.


She called me back after a disconnect (another 25 mins) explained she will call me with some news on Wednesday.

Wednesday 17th I noticed there was now a dial tone on my land line. I rang my mobile and a different number showed up, I thought ok the old number is probably gone. Rang the new number back and it says “sorry the number you have dialled is not in service”.


Nolwazi rang me late on Wednesday and she seemed to think it was all ok. I explained there was outgoing but no incoming and the number was different. She was right ok let me see what is happening now and lets get the incoming working.


Thursday 18th I get a text from Talk Talk saying they will call me on Monday 22nd between 16:00 and 18:00


Monday 22nd waited no call from Talk Talk. At this point I am 2 weeks with no business phone and cannot afford to pay my bills as no money is coming in due to no customer interaction.


Called cancellations again to get put though to complaints → transferred (15 mins) and got cut off. Got through again and (32mins) on the line I got cut off again. Got though again (26 mins) got put though to the Full Fibre team (46mins) then transferred to the copper department. Guess what? They cant help!!


Rang back and in a queue – cut off again – rang again to technical then transferred to complaints then put through to Full Fibre Tech then put through to Complaints again talking to a woman called Fatima then it cut off (53 mins). She rang me back and looked into everything (again!!) (59 mins).


Put onto Loyalty team and that cut off after 32mins. I then get a text at 18:20 asking to call them as they missed me and the complaint will disappear after 28 days. This text makes no sense. So I called them back after another (75 mins) long period of going through everything I was told I will be hearing from someone soon.


As of 15:51 25th May I have heard nothing. I business is going bust thanks to Talk Talk


So far I have had 28 disconnects and 52 calls to Talk Talk


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I'm really sorry for the delay. Are you a TalkTalk residential customer or is this related to a business line?





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Staff here only work normal office hours, Monday to Friday and threads are dealt with in order so it will be at least Monday before someone here can get back to you.


Can you please clarify one point though as you say you run a business. This forum is for residential lines, not business, so are you a TalkTalk Business customer, or using a residential line for business use?


If a Business customer, have you been phoning the dedicated business helpdesk as there may be some confusion here if not.


This will help staff in offering help or directing you to the cor part of TalkTalk.


If you could add your account number to the notes field in your profile that too would help. Only you and TalkTalk staff can view this.


Thank you.

Please remember to mark Solved Posts with Best Answer. Doing so helps other customers and saves TalkTalk's Support Team time by only looking at unsolved topics. Thanks, Steve (a fellow customer).