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Upload Speed throttling/traffic shaping

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I need to re open this because it is happening again now. Almost exactly a month and I cannot even maintain a 1mbps stream to twitch which is causing major issues for me.


once again the eero app reports fine upload speed but any other speed test is showing barely 2mbps upload speed.


is there some aggressive throttling or traffic shaping happening on the upstream? I don’t upload much but I do stream on twitch and I would really like to go back to a copper line so I can still do that because fibre is becoming unusable. My Eero app only shows upload of 15gb over the past week which really isn’t much.


and yes I have tested tonight with a single device directly to the ONT and with my Eero router and with a different TPlink router that I have a loan of and with different Ethernet cables. I have gone through all the troubleshooting I was asked to do last time and still have upload speeds of less than 3mbps on the talktalk speed test, and however the Eero app says the speed is higher.

this would lead anyone to believe service is being aggressively throttled but certain IPs are whitelisted which allows Eeros app to how a decent speed when hitting their sever 


Please can I either go back to a copper line or swap to using city fibre rather than openreach fibre.


this is causing me a loss of income.



Again this morning i needed to upload a 100mb file to google drive and it took 45 minutes!


Everything seams to be fine for a couple weeks then i must trigger some sort of traffic management and its just absolute useless for a couple weeks.


I have done all the trouble shooting and tried multiple wired connections and routers.


There is no point arranging another engineer to come out and tell me that "Oh theres nothing I can do about an upload speed issue but yes i can see it aswell. ill need to go and phone someone"


This is causing so much frustration in my day job and in trying to online game or twitch stream.


Once again I never had any issues on a copper line with all the exact same equipment. 

attached is my speedtest results for the upstream this morning. you can see it is way below the guaranteed minimum.


This is not a wifi issue or a router issue

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 09.35.30.png

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No, Talktalk doesn't throttle etc.


Staff may be able to swap the Eero for a Hub2,  though you say you don't think it's a router / wifi issue.


Wait for them to reach your thread before posting further. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It may not be the way forward but i had no issues with upload speed on a copper line and talktalk refuse to believe there is any issues on this fibre line when there clearly is.


If i cannot maintain a 1mbps upload stream to twitch or it takes 45 mins to upload a 100mb file to google drive there is clearly an issue.


I have had 3 engineer visits and they can all see there is an issue but say they cannot do anything about it as it must be config somewhere. as soon as they come in i say the issue is with upload speed and they instantly say "oh i cant do anything about that"


I have had 3 Eero routers, a TP link router, 2 ONT's and multiple macbooks try connected directly to the ONT all having the exact same issue. not to mention the engineers that visited connecting their laptops directly to the ONT and seeing the exact same issue with the upload speed


But the Eero speedtest in the app always reports a good upload speed and it is the ONLY thing that reports this good upload speed. so there is clearly some traffic steering/management going on. but the TalkTalk documents say they do not do this.


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@callumh89, you are beginning to duplicate topics here, and it's best to stick to one thread!


I replied to your recent query about City Fibre here:


It might be in your building, but if Talktalk has not got a deal themselves with them in your location, you are stuck with Openreach,  or with switching ISPs to one that does - at your own risk and probably early termination fees. 


Reverting to copper is not really the way forward  - in many places it's no longer "for sale" as a package, and even if it is, it's only a short term solution. 


See the contact details I posted on the other thread.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.