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Well done TalkTalk

Whizz Kid
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Everyone is always very quick to complain so I thought I'd say when we've received good service.

I have finally persuaded my parents to go onto FTTP from FTTC.  I explained that it is going to happen within a few years and it's better being done sooner than later as the older they get the more difficult it will become.


We contacted the TalkTalk messaging system and asked to be upgraded.  She was very polite and put everything through and gave them a good deal.


The reason for this post is to congratulate TalkTalk about Home Emergency devices.    The agent went on and on checking and double checking that my parents didn't have any such device and that if the engineer arrived and they did have a device the installation would be cancelled.


It wasn't done in a patronising way and very friendly but really drove the point home to make sure no-one in the house have anything that needed a working phone in an emergency and they made sure to confirm that my parents had a mobile and that the phone line would stop working if there was a power cut or internet problems.


I have had my own fair share of problems with Talktalk but had the problems satisfactorily resolved (usually through this forum)  and I just wanted to show my appreciation that you are taking the cut over to VOIP very seriously and that you have really explained it well.


Thanks again, and thanks to the volunteers on this forum (as well as the staff) as you do a sterling job.   


Support Team
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Hi pete,


Thanks for your lovely feedback and I'm glad to hear that everything went as planned for your parents 🙂