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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Full Fibre - Use of my own Router

TalkTalk has offered me a free upgrade from Fast Broadband to full fibre broadband service with an average speed of 152Mb/s. Before I agree to the proposed installation date I have a number of questions.1) Will I still be able to use my Draytek Vigor...

dfc5967 by Popular Poster
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DVA not working

My Grand stream HT801 does not work when I have Network Switch between it and my Eero router. As Eero only just one ethernet out really want a hub, but when I got one the Phone line then says it isn't registered.

JJ12345 by Sightseer
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using voip

Hi I'm moving home soon and with TT 150 Fibre on City Fibre network. Can I use a voip phone and if so which one

Caller ID not working

Hello I have just purchased Full fibre 150.I was sent a eero6 router and a DVA for my phone. I was worried when I saw only one output on the router as I have a few devices hard wired to current router. I purchased a GB net gear mini switch to fix the...

Digital voice

I have been sent the adapter for VOIP but my phone still does not work. I am using the type 2 router,

Cataleo by First Timer
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Fibre 150 and VoIP

Hi we need to switch to fibre as working from home is just not happening on snail broadband. However, we also need to be able to use VoIP and keep our landline number - we have really poor mobile phone reception, so not having VoIP is not an option w...

Sleesey by Repeat Guest
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Full Fibre Upgrade connecting landline

I was upgraded to full fibre and was told that I wouldn't have to change my phone and it would work over WiFi. The CityFibre engineers did not connect my phone and now I don't know how to do it.There doesn't seem to be a phone jack socket on the new ...

Full Fibre Query

Hi. Full Fibre is available at my address. My neighbour (who is with BT) has Full Fibre and has retained his landline. Why is the option with Full Fibre to retain my landline not available from TT ?For example : Upgrade to Fibre 900 24x faster than s...

rautospoon by Super Duper Contributor
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Well done TalkTalk

Everyone is always very quick to complain so I thought I'd say when we've received good service.I have finally persuaded my parents to go onto FTTP from FTTC. I explained that it is going to happen within a few years and it's better being done sooner...

peteb99 by Whizz Kid
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Full fibre confusion.

The system I'm on at the moment is on copper wire, which also feeds my landline phone. The speeds I get are fine by me, as I'm not much interested in streaming etc. I have been told that I can link into a new full fibre network, run by Open Reach, wh...

mzungu by Chat Champion
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Full fibre is working however VOIP landline is not

Hello, After upgrading my package from fast broadband and phone calls (copper line) to Full Fibre 500 with VOIP, while retaining my existing phone number, while my fibre connection is working perfectly I have encountered a problem with the VOIP landl...

lou63 by Chatterbox
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VOIP on CityFibre Installs

Any update on VOIP being made available on CityFibre. I still don't get why this is a CityFibre issue and not a TT issue when I can purchase VOIP from other providers on my FTTP service, but TT won't release my number as its still linked to my accoun...

mrwrighty by Enlightened One
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Eero 6 Setup with Grandstream and other devices

Hello, I recently received my new eero 6 for my Fullfibre150 package and the VoIP Grandstream. My query is regarding the setup of these and using a 5-port Switch to connect my Hive Hub and Ethernet extender. Both Technically require direct connection...

upgrade to Fibre 150

I use Fibre65. I want to upgrade to Fibre150 as fibre has recently been laid in our street, with digital voice. TalkTalk chat says digital voice is not available with Fibre 150. Any comment ?

gray9 by First Timer
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Fibre 150 + VOIP + Digital Voice; Works Well

Good News Story!Switched to Fibre 150 from copper some time ago. TT provided Eero router and GrandStream VOIP adapter 'free of charge'.I purchased from eBay a second router (to ensure a strong signal at the other end of the house) and an ethernet swi...

Full Fibre and landline phone numbers

I have a City Fibre box outside a property I want Full Fibre.Comparisons sites do not show Full Fibre for the property. I put a fake postcode and them I click through, On the TalkTalk page it shows Full Fibre. I select and it claims phone service is ...

1Cherry1 by Chat Champion
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FTTP + VOIP; Unable to dial out

For some years I have used Fibre 150 together with GrandStream DVA and my analogue phone has worked fine. I now find I can't dial out. Broadband Internet is fine, and I can use the TT digital app with some success, although voice quality is not perfe...

What is VOIP availabity on Freedom Fibre / TalkTalk system ?

When I signed up with TT on the FF 'rural rollout', or whatever it was called, I was told FF/TT did not provide a VOIP service that kept my number. I had lots of conversations with both FF and TT, but the answer was always 'No'. So I got a Linksys AT...

Buzby by Super Duper Contributor
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Cusomer Service

15 February 2024 @ 0938 to 1045I have been with TalkTalk since 26 September 2006. I always thought that I had a reasonably good service. I have had Full Fibre broadband since the middle of 2018. Since then I have constant trouble with the VoIP landli...