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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Need a new router

Hi, My internet keeps going down for 3-10 minutes many times a day, and have had engineers come round that have a look and they always say it is the router but nothing is being done. I have been trying to get in contact through the chat but nothing. ...

Download speed regularly decreased from 516 Mbps to 94 Mbps

HelloI am on a 500Mbps package however I noticed in the last few months that my speed at the modem is automatically reduced to 94 every couple of week or so. I see this on the Eero app and when running a speed test the low speed is confirmed.To remed...

davox by Team Player
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Secondary eero losing connection

Due to lack of coverage from the router supplied by TalkTalk I purchased another from Amazon.I hoped to use this secondary eero to link my landline via the Digital Voice Adaptor so I can place my landline where I need it to be. The system was working...

Wiring issue?

Some time ago, Openreach were installing fibre at my neighbour's house and it took my internet down. They managed to get it back up again, but said it was likely due to a brittle or broken wire. Every time someone closes my front door (next to where ...

rjdown by Chatterbox
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WIFI channels keep changing full fibre very slow speeds

Hello I had the auto optimisation switched of originally for the standard broadband it made a big difference allowing me to choose the channels. So 3 months ago I upgraded to full fibre 2.4ghz and 5g we use and the speeds and connections have gone wo...

Please Check My Phone Line?

Is there any chance someone in support could check my line at the moment. It seems to be dropping out and massive packet data loss!Nothing has changed and it's been stable for weeks if not months.Something isn't right?There seems to be massive crackl...

Broadband issue

Hi, Am having issues witth my internet last few weeks as it has been disconnecting twice and reconnects to the internet again. I have been disconnected twice last few weeks. I have messaged twitter Talktalk agent for help, they told me to connect my ...

Devices not connecting to 5ghz band

HiNew customer just completed 10days stabilisation and having problems with devices being kicked of the 5ghz band all onto 2.4ghz and nothing making a difference except factory reset. However this is temporary sometimes it be OK from a few hours to 2...

Devices unreachable - wifi security settings messages

Hi there, I have the Sagecom wifi hub and I am experiencing issues with some devices becoming unreachable on the network, despite the management console on the wifi hub showing that the devices are "connected" to the router. I also see constant (ie r...

Nick2345 by First Timer
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Internet cuts out every week at 12am

So for the last 3 months on a night at 12am my Internet cuts out were I can't use my Internet at all but if I'm playing a game the game does not disconnect even if it's a online game, this happens for about 30 minutes or longer, I test my Internet an...

Muddy137 by First Timer
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Increasingly worse Fibre 150 dropouts/slow speeds

Dropouts and slow speed have been getting worse over the last few months - its now become a real problem with mobile phones disconnecting then reconnecting, wireless Fire TV & Alexa just stopping .. even the PC wired connection - ran a 3rd party spee...

no network 04-19-24 at 11.57 AM.PNG 10.6 download 04-19-24 at 11.58 AM.PNG poor 04-19-24 at 11.55 AM.PNG
theborg by Team Player
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Issues with Video Calling

Hello, I am having ongoing issues with my new Talktalk connection and I'm hoping someone here may be able to help as I have had multiple calls with Talktalk but we are yet to work out the issue. I recently moved house and as part of my move changed f...

LaurenS by Chatterbox
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Router Boosters request

May I order 2 x Free of charge boosters for 2 rooms with TV’s in as since Fibre installed I’m not getting full service of Netflix Prime Disney I Player etc in the other rooms bedroom kitchenthere was no problem before

Anneprit by Participant
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Full fibre dropping out regularly

Hello, I have full fibre which, since its installation in December of last year, has been regularly dropping out. Since the end of January I have recorded the dropouts when I notice them. It Generally drops 3-4 times a day for a minute or two. I am f...

Judders by First Timer
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Fibre 150 + VOIP + Digital Voice; Works Well

Good News Story!Switched to Fibre 150 from copper some time ago. TT provided Eero router and GrandStream VOIP adapter 'free of charge'.I purchased from eBay a second router (to ensure a strong signal at the other end of the house) and an ethernet swi...

Internet dropping out constantly

We've been having real problems with our WiFi the last few weeks, and today even with my laptop directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable. I work remotely from home and today I really struggled to join and stay in meetings. I've tried re...

pickle456 by Popular Poster
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New full fibre connection dropping out

Openreach installed Fibre 150 today but it keeps dropping out for WiFi. Doing speedtests sometimes get 150, sometimes 40, then a short time later back to 150 stamding in the same place. Sometimes won't connect at all. Then it suddenly does at 150 the...

HazyDavy by Chatterbox
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Persistent internet outages since city fibre upgrade

Our new full fibre line was installed on the 31st of January and since then we’ve had nothing but headache, I have reset all my gadgets and appliances more times than I care to remember and even when they reconnect its not before long that they have ...

ang85 by Participant
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Flashing lights on new router

I've recently upgraded to Full Fibre & supplied with a new modem to accommodate the landline connection.For the first week, the light remained white.However, every 23 seconds (yes, I timed it) it cycles through 2 white, 1 orange flashes, 3 times, the...

JohnC61 by First Timer
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Packet Loss on FTTP

Hi All I have recently been connected to FTTP in December and ever since I am finding it very difficult to play online games due to a mysterious 'input lag'. This week I have been in contact with Riot Games who have asked me to carry out a few tests,...

Fil fibre constantly dropping

I have a fiber connection with Eerio and it's constantly dropping. I can't watch TV and when I do calls the video freezes for a second every 5 minutes.What can I do?

Full fibre intermittent service Causing many problems

Before the recent holidays and afterwards, I have reported the intermittent WiFi connection. This drop in service affects several meters which rely on a constant service. Additionally, the catch up facility on the tv system becomes unavailable. As an...

MrA4d by Chat Champion
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Massive speed drop over last week

Had full fibre 65 for 3 years with lovely connection (about 65mbps on ookla). Last week download speed dropped to 10mbps initially and is currently at 3-5mbps (says on your speed check I should get at least 40mbps). Contacted talk talk and they have ...

ElDaSloth by Popular Poster
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Full Fibre

Since migrating to Full Fibre at the end of October the service has degraded. Every device in the home (laptops, mobiles, TVs, etc) now suffers from being disconnected - sometimes for a fraction of a second, sometimes for days at a time. I cannot che...