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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Router broblem

Hi,my name is Oksana my account nr is [removed].I have problem with ruoter and is not work properly.It was overloaded and the signal comes only for a maximum of half an hour and then disconnects again. What to do in that case?Will you send a new rout...


Surely someone can help me on this. Hours spent on the phone and on the online chat bots. Talk Talk engineer booked to come out to me, he turns up, he is an independent engineer who hasn't a clue about the Eero boxes and totally wasted 2 hours of my ...

Archers by Repeat Guest
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Could you connect me to a customer service representative?

Broadband fault

I reported a fault on Thursday and a CityFibre engineer came out the next day. He said that another team would need to come out to do the repair but I now have no way of checking the status of this fault. How do I track issues like this when I can’t ...

DRRP_ by First Timer
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Openreach engineer rejected installation - options?

Evening. Sorry, this is going to be a long winded one. I was meant to have full fiber installed at my flat today. I’m renting the upper half of a house and the lower half is owned by someone else. The engineer said that the access point from the stre...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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ONT issue

Good day I urgently need assistance with my internet connection. I am experiencing the same issue I’ve seen on multiple posts now, my eero device connects to my phone’s Bluetooth and then fails the next step as it says it cannot connect to the intern...

No internet and no contact

We've been without WiFi for over a week now.Had engineers not showing up, cancelling appointments and no updates. I was supposed to be called by a complaint case worker this evening but no body did. I don't know what to do. I cannot face anymore time...

Fraz_13 by First Timer
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Auto compensation not credited

Hiya, when will my account receive the automatic compensation for the delay in service?The go live date was 22-02-2024, the original installation date was for 12-01-2024 so I should get credit for 40 days at £5.83 per day.


 Same problem as everyone else with same subject. Countless conversations on chat and some phone. Repeated diagnostics, Openreach sent to resolve, claims (texts/emails) to have resolved but same issue in the app failing at the wan ip address. Any act...

LiamG7 by Team Player
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Unresolved fibre fault

Eventually managed to report fault on Monday 11-03-24 after trying all previous day due to TalkTalk systems down. Anyway arranged for Openreach engineer to call yesterday between 1&6pm, which he did. After a few checks he discovered the fibre cable h...

Broadband activation date switched

Hello, I recently joined TalkTalk and although, I was originally told my activation date was the 22nd, I then recieved an email from Openreach saying that they will be coming out on the 26th of this month. TalkTalk confirmed via live chat this is now...

Meant to go live on Monday

Hello there I had the engineers round on Monday to install our full fiber and have had a solid amber light since it's been switched on, the engineer said it should be up and running within 24 hours and it's still not working. My wife needs the intern...

clarkead by Team Player
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Good morning , I want complain about communication with the talk talk team . I just start from 23.02 new contract. My contract includes: *speed 300 mps ( minimum guaranteed 200mps) *included TalkTalk tv * includes phone call * guaranteed no increase ...

Dankutry by First Timer
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Pon red light - new installation.

Had full fibre installed today, internet worked for a few hours then I notice the PON light on permanent red with no internet connection I have turned off and left it but no joy please help, not great after only a few hours of working

Fibre not working and no update since yesterday

I reported a fault yesterday (REP-14032459) - my fibre's completely gone and they said it was a problem with the exchange. An openreach engineer has been "on the way" since yesterday. Is there any way to get some more info on what's actually going on...

Geneypie by Popular Poster
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Problems after full fibre installation

Hi, please can anyone help me. I had full fibre 150 upgrade installed on 2 nd February, The engineer who came was from a company called MJ Quinn , I was expecting openreach. Since the engineer left I have no landline via the voice adapter and no TV c...

Engineer not arrived

Hi, our openreach Engineer did not arrive yesterday and we cannot get any information as to when they will come

Is this a scam

I've had an email and text message saying I'm getting an upgrade for free. Is this real or a scam?

Kim12 by First Timer
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Installation date 4 months away

Might be stupid question, but hoping for someone from talk talk to respond. Is it normal to have installation date set up 4 months from today (the day order was placed)? I just moved and been with talk talk at the old address during the phone call th...