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Future Fibre
We’re rolling out the UK’s fastest, most reliable broadband nationwide – Future Fibre. If you've got a question about amazon eero or our fibre to the home service then this is the place for you.
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Future Fibre 900 speeds

Hi folks, I got Future Fibre 900 installed the other day and the install went well, however, I'm not all that impressed with the tested speeds. Often it tests at between just 100 - 200Mbps. Sometimes around 500Mbps, but the most I've ever had is arou...

RJUK123 by Sightseer
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Poor Wifi Performance with Eero 6

My experience with migrating to "Future Fibre" has not been a great one so far. First engineer doesn't turn up to complete the install, once rescheduled turns up and does a bad job (spliced cable incorrecly) resulting in no internet for 48. And now m...

AndyB321 by Popular Poster
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eero 6 pro - speed query

So my fancy new FF500 was installed today. BT openreach bod did a great job, all nice and neat. Tried my own router, got a connection, was maxing out at around 120Mbps, so have gone with the eero for now. (old-ish router, so might be that - possibly)...

mtlevy by First Timer
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Getting started

Hello I'm now connected with Future Fibre since yesterday. I have no account information, not on the speed plan that I'm supposed to be and no idea what email address I'm supposed to be using, I assumed I'd have a Talk talk one? I don't seem to have ...

NorrieT by Popular Poster
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My computer is only getting 30-40 Mbps on FF150

A speed check on my iMac revealed a download speed of only 30Mbps, upload is fine at 28Mbps.My iPhone shows 150MpsI guess it's something to do with the computer only having 802.11n WiFi and as such is using the 2.4GHz channel on the eero hub. However...

ftwizard by Team Player
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FTTP Upgrade Issues with no resolution in sight

Hi All,I'm a long-standing customer of plus 8 years and feel that says something about TalkTalk and feel the service in the past was good. From here on I will use following abbreviations; TT = TalkTalk CF = City Fibre. My issue has been going on for ...

Bozza by Popular Poster
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Hi everyone, I made a complaint 5days ago, but still no one contacted me yet, so any chance I can speak with a complaint department manager? Thanks chris 


Future Fibre Order missing confirmation details.

Hi @OCEsRecently I’ve received the Welcome email on my upcoming future fibre FTTP upgrade. However the email content on what speeds I could look forward to were blank, as shown below:Assuming these would be at least those or better than the F65 curre...

Montana by Super Duper Contributor
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Fibre900 speed dropped (eeros firmware issue?)

Hi I was getting the full 930Mbps download speed but recently have dropped to around 720-740. I have reset the eeros but I'm still showing as 740. What could cause this loss of around 200Mb?EDIT - this is the speedtest via the eeros app.Thx Al

crazyal by Conversation Starter
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Speeds on Future Fibre

Hello, I have got '' Future Fibre 150'. I am not getting any speeds around that figure. I usually get 90MB or less. I was wondering why that could be. Even when the connected device is test device still I get this speed. My test setup is speedtest co...

MKhan1 by Conversation Starter
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Has my eero pro been dispatched?

Hi openreach are due to finish installation of my future fibre broadband on Wednesday, which is great but so far I've not received any communication to say my eero pro 6 has been dispatched and will definitely be here with me by Wednesday. On sign up...

Is my Future Fibre only available on a TalkTalk contract?

A couple of weeks ago TalkTalk arranged for Openreach to visit my home and installed a Full Fibre inside (as a free upgrade). My current contract is Fibre 65 and the contract ends on 6th of this moth. I am looking at possibly switching if I can get a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Future Fibre slower

Had Future Fibre 150 installed today and the wifi speed is much slower than before. In one room it was only 15 mb/s. When I "upgraded" I was assured I would only need one eero as we live in a very small house and that the new system would be much fas...

EERO PRO 6 - Speed halved

Hi all,I had future fibre 500 installed last week. I have setup the EERO PRO 6, immediately from the get go I am getting a max 200mbps over wired connection and on wireless. Eero is reporting 527mbps download into it. To check it wasn't just the EERO...

Future fibre slower than adsl

Since having future fibre installed after previously using adsl broadband, the speed of my internet is slower than before.I used to get download speeds between 60 to 70mbps. Now I am getting around 33mbps, which is well below the guaranteed download ...

Sukyb by Popular Poster
  • 8 replies
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Future fibre is slower than my previous package

I have quite a few questions/problems (I've not used the forum before so apologies if this isn't the correct place as going direct doesn't seem to help). I've recently upgraded to the Future Fibre 500 package, after having the normal 40mb ish package...

Jamie86 by First Timer
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Full Fibre from CityFibre

I've received multiple notifications from Cityfibre saying that 'full fibre' (guessing that's FTTP/Future fibre) is now available on my street. The available providers are apparently talk talk and Zen. However, when I put my postcode into TalkTalks b...

Bwfc1000 by First Timer
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Eero Future Fibre 150

Hi, I've just upgraded to Future Fibre and the reach is far worse than my phone line router. I live in an old house but I did not expect to have to buy more Eero routers just to be able to use it anywhere other than my kitchen. I want my old service ...

Future Fibre setup

We have had future fibre for about a month now and its shockingly bad. My account with Talktalk still doesn't reflect the new plan, I have called four times now spoken to multiple individuals who promise to sort it, but I am still be charged on a mon...

New Service but slow

Hi, I upgraded from copper to FTTC just over 10 days ago and it is slow. Running speed tests including the one on TT website, it fluctuates and latest is I'm getting half the speed compared to when i was on copper. Is this normal or am i supposed to ...