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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Need a new router

Hi, My internet keeps going down for 3-10 minutes many times a day, and have had engineers come round that have a look and they always say it is the router but nothing is being done. I have been trying to get in contact through the chat but nothing. ...

Download speed regularly decreased from 516 Mbps to 94 Mbps

HelloI am on a 500Mbps package however I noticed in the last few months that my speed at the modem is automatically reduced to 94 every couple of week or so. I see this on the Eero app and when running a speed test the low speed is confirmed.To remed...

davox by Team Player
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Speed loss and dropouts

Hi, can anyone help? i always get a consistent speed of 150mbps and i have done for years until the last few days that is. My speed has now dropped to between 40 and 60 and i'm getting intermittent wi fi dropouts. Any help would be appreciated. Thank...

Fibre65 package

At the moment I am on the "Fibre65 package" at45mbs on the normal cable. In a week or two the new fast fibre cable will be connected to my home., when that happens will my speed go up to the approx 65mbs, as generally advertised. ?MikeS86

MikeS86 by First Timer
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Broadband loading speed

Just recently my broadband has got very slow on the get go, once its connected there's not a problem, but if it hasn't been used for a while, it's like it has gone to sleep and takes some time to wake itself up when I open the browser. I'm sitting th...

Cody+ by Newbie
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Eero 6 5ghz router channels

Hello, I have a Eero 6 router with Full Fibre 150 and the router is only using Channel 155 for the 5GHz band. Most of my devices in my home 5Ghz devices are not compatible with that high channel and it is causing congestion on the 2.4ghz channel, res...

ste2610 by Participant
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Eero 6 PRO on 500 Mbs data line not delivering right speed yet

Great response from TalkTalk sales. I negotiated the deal I needed - 500 data plus VOIP on transferred phone number and disconnection of FTTC line.The Eero 6 PRO arrived this morning and setup was supremely easy.BUT.... Speed test shows download only...

MrJFW by Popular Poster
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WIFI channels keep changing full fibre very slow speeds

Hello I had the auto optimisation switched of originally for the standard broadband it made a big difference allowing me to choose the channels. So 3 months ago I upgraded to full fibre 2.4ghz and 5g we use and the speeds and connections have gone wo...

Upgrade to full fibre 900 rejected 5 times

I have ended up trying to upgrade to full fibre 900 data only 5 times with 5 different go live dates between February and May this year, after questioning and getting passed around the various departments within talktalk, i was informed that the orde...

Phil63 by First Timer
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Full fibre 500 plus VOIP deal

I have TWO lines - copper and fibre. I want to take advantage of the 500 MB plus VOIP offer from TalkTalk but hit a problem with the sales agent.I have 65MB broadband plus landline on COPPERI have data only on FIBREI want to migrate to Full Fibre 500...

MrJFW by Popular Poster
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My download is under 100M instead of 150M

Hello, Ref: REP-14320515 For the past month my download has been under 100M, instead of 150M or there abouts. I ticket was raised last week and I was told some tests and work will be carried out. I have not heard back and my connectivity is still the...

Shajna by Visitor
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Devices not connecting to 5ghz band

HiNew customer just completed 10days stabilisation and having problems with devices being kicked of the 5ghz band all onto 2.4ghz and nothing making a difference except factory reset. However this is temporary sometimes it be OK from a few hours to 2...

Resolved! eero boxes and poor coverage upstairs

Hello, I went live with full fibre early New Year 2024 and am really pleased with it. I initially had 1 eero but due to poor connectivity I was sent another eero. This one improved things a lot and coverage is now good and initially I was going to le...


TalkTalk's SPEED TEST has reverted to its previous iteration-1.This is under 'Connection in my home'>'Run a speed test' which brings you to ''. This results in the following:The 2 speeds are correct, whic...

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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I Upgraded my service , But TalkTalk Downgraded my service. Why?

I Upgraded my service with a 2-year fixed-price+ contract, But TalkTalk Downgraded my service. Why? There was no change in the main broadband package, just a little upgrade in the attached VOIP service. The main condition in the pre-renewal contract ...

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Full Fibre is outside my house?

I've been on a TalkTalk Fibre 65 package for years now and 6 months ago a "Full Fibre" pole went up outside my house that now enables Full Fibre Broadband speeds of upto 1GB downloads etc. I've just checked on my account to see if I could upgrade to ...

NEW SPEED TEST - Run a live connection test

The 'Run a live connection test' still does not work as it should.Here's the screenshot after requesting a speed test:Notice, the above response appears in the page, ''But the actual response says, this i...

Billx_0-1712572145553.png Billx_1-1712573959318.png Billx_2-1712574040542.png
Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Is Full Fibre a con

Before Full Fibre I was getting approx 65 around the house in every room. Once up graded to Full Fibre I should be getting 150 but, only hitting 93 on average. This means we get as low on occasions 40. Also now having trouble picking up the signal al...

Internet bad if different rooms of 2 bed flat

I have a 2 bedroom flat, the broadband in some rooms is very poor. Can't get Talktalk to understand the problem. Have done speed tests in each room, it comes up with "status Good" even though the speeds are so different. Why is this and why can't Tal...


2.4ghz band not visible

The 2.4ghz network on my router keeps stopping and my speed then drops by about half. I have logged in to the router and it looks to be up but it is not visible to any of my devices. Which means we cannot extend the range to the end of the garden usi...

Resolved! Max upload speed on fibre 900

Wanted to ask about this because I came across openreach's website randomly. They state that with gigabit down, upload can be up to 220mbps. I went on every provider that openreach has on their website and they all seem to cap out at 110 ish. Is this...


Full fibre 500 slow speeds

ive just had full fibre 500 installed and the fastest im getting is about 330does it take awhile to settle in?also im missig my usb drive off my old router and way to get one work with full fibre?

rushy7 by Whizz Kid
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Full Fibre 150 worse than Faster Fibre

Recently had Full Fibre 150 installed - I previously had Faster Fibre which was fine but just wanted to upgrade. I now struggle to get my phone connected in my bedroom and conservatory and my children struggle too. The Full Fibre 150 just seems so sl...

Nikki70 by First Timer
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When is 500Mbps not 500Mbps ?

When I was on Old Skool copper, whatever modem I had could show the line speed on the copper. This was good for checking the data rate before it reached my computer. Now I'm on FTTP, 500Mbps supposedly, but how can I check this ?. I tried a few speed...

Buzby by Super Duper Contributor
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