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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Absolutely appalling service, lies and nothing done

I’ve spent at least a week trying to cancel my add on for now TV every time either talking to someone who either doesn’t understand what I want ( NowTV packages cancelled) you would have thought this a straight forward request!! After five people and...

2.4ghz band not visible

The 2.4ghz network on my router keeps stopping and my speed then drops by about half. I have logged in to the router and it looks to be up but it is not visible to any of my devices. Which means we cannot extend the range to the end of the garden usi...

Access to Netflix I Player in all rooms

I have had Fibre installed recently. The box with TV is in lounge. There are tvs in kitchen and bedroom andwhen I play Netflix I Payer etc in those rooms it only plays for a short time then goes offWhy is this?it never happened before I changed to Fi...

Anneprit by Participant
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Eero WiFi Channels

Hi,Been reading other threads regarding the above. My EEros are using Ch155, with a control channel 153,( 5HGz) with intermittent breaks in connection. I have 3 eeros, one in living room and the other in dining room and one connected to the fibre box...

GerryMac by Philosopher
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Since being forced to have city fibre my internet service is terrible the router light and the wall lights are always on my pc will not connect or takes at least 10 minutes to start working I bought a new laptop as I thought my pc was at fault but th...

Up date apps

Hi not able to up date app on talktalk box, says can’t update ITV hub on this devise.


I have just tried to stream / download on my laptop running windows 10, message my plan does not support streaming on this device please upgrade ( not doing that ). just have to try the fire stick if that's not working Netflix can stuff it and i shal...

Pedro406 by First Timer
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Eero - only 2 ports and landline does not work

When I was 'forced' to upgrade to eero I was not told that there were only 2 ports. Now that it's been installed, the internet is fine but I can no longer watch TV apps (Netflix) nor does my landline work. Of course, getting in touch with TalkTalk is...

Fred777 by First Timer
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Problems with replying from iphone

I am signed into my Account, Since the changes to the Community which used to have a user name and password to sign in, I am signed in with my Account details although I am unable to reply - when clicking on reply it does not open up a text box so pl...

JennyR by Whizz Kid
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Slow broadband and poor wifi

Hi. My internet speeds have become unstable. At times I'm getting as low as 26mbps at others it goes to 51mbps. I ran the test through my account and it shows no connection problems but it seems to be up and down a lot. As for my wifi, it seems a bit...

jimmymumu by Super Duper Contributor
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Teams Meeting freezing issue

Hi Ya Just been on a teams meeting and some times the faces were blurring nearly to the point of pixelating and freezing and the odd time the person talking was freezing also.The only device that has been running is the desktop via the meeting and my...

Pash02 by Enlightened One
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Netflix buffering on tv

Daughter recently upgraded to full fibre (telephone line disconnected), line speed 70mbs approx, was 30mbs, existing router sagecom 5464 still in use. Now have issues with Netflix buffering on tv, and streaming. I have noted that this may be caused b...

Brian775 by Chatterbox
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Disney+ issues on FTTP

Is anyone else having any issues with Disney+ on TalkTalk. It worked perfectly for years on BT, but since moving to TT full fibre every few days I get an Error 73 - "Disney+ is only available in certain regions. Depending on where you are location, y...

antuk by Team Player
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Netflix not working on any devices

Hello,I am long term TalkTalk customer and subscriber of Netflix separately. Since Monday 12/Jun/2023 Netix doesn't work while I'm using TalkTalk Fibre Broadband. I have multiple devices who use the same Netflix account. If we're on WiFi using - Netf...

UKTV videos won’t play.

Since having full fibre installed, every time I try to launch a program on the UKTV play app on any of our smart TVs the app states it can’t connect to the internet and to check my broadband connection.Ive trouble shooted the problem and found if I t...