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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Another user with 5Ghz channel number problem

Hi there I've been wondering for a while why some of my 5Ghz compatible devices can't connect to that signal, and instead connect to 2.4GHz and came across some threads here saying that there is a known issue with eero devices defaulting to a channel...

Poor network and service

I am extremely unhappy with Talk Talk, I was going to go to another provider when I was told the wait time to be connected to our new property was so long, they then said they would match prices quoted by other providers and promised our service woul...

Jean116 by Visitor
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Eero 2.4 GHz channel

Hi, My Samsung S7 tablet connects to my eero pro 6 using the 2.4 GHz wifi network (it is 5GHz capable but refuses to connect to this eero using 5GHz). This hasn’t really been a problem until recently when I repeatedly start to get buffering on stream...

Broadband issue

Hi, Am having issues witth my internet last few weeks as it has been disconnecting twice and reconnects to the internet again. I have been disconnected twice last few weeks. I have messaged twitter Talktalk agent for help, they told me to connect my ...

My Internet keeps disconnecting at night.

This has been an ongoing issue since I installed the Fiber, at around 11 midnight, my internet just disconnected despite the router saying that it was on. It's so ridiculous that my router extender is the only thing working and my new EERO router doe...

CityFibre - Fibre 900

Ive been on Fibre 900 for almost a year now and until yesterday I was getting speeds in the 800-900 consistently. Yesterday I noticed that YouTube was buffering so I ran a speed test and now im getting speeds in the 300-400 range, now this may be a c...

antuk by Team Player
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Access to Netflix I Player in all rooms

I have had Fibre installed recently. The box with TV is in lounge. There are tvs in kitchen and bedroom andwhen I play Netflix I Payer etc in those rooms it only plays for a short time then goes offWhy is this?it never happened before I changed to Fi...

Anneprit by Participant
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Full Fibre 150 worse than Faster Fibre

Recently had Full Fibre 150 installed - I previously had Faster Fibre which was fine but just wanted to upgrade. I now struggle to get my phone connected in my bedroom and conservatory and my children struggle too. The Full Fibre 150 just seems so sl...

Nikki70 by First Timer
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Eero WiFi Channels

Hi,Been reading other threads regarding the above. My EEros are using Ch155, with a control channel 153,( 5HGz) with intermittent breaks in connection. I have 3 eeros, one in living room and the other in dining room and one connected to the fibre box...

GerryMac by Philosopher
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Netflix buffering on tv

Daughter recently upgraded to full fibre (telephone line disconnected), line speed 70mbs approx, was 30mbs, existing router sagecom 5464 still in use. Now have issues with Netflix buffering on tv, and streaming. I have noted that this may be caused b...

Brian775 by Chatterbox
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In the last few weeks we have had Fibre 150 installed replacing fibre 65. Out TV streaming with Fibre 65 was perfect. Since Fibre 150 has been installed our TV regularly buffers. Think our internet service also drops now & then.

Gerro by Team Player
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@debbie talktalk@ hi my download speeds upstairs are crap I am getting less than 10 download speed I am on future fibre 65 can anyone help pleas

sharky110 by Super Duper Contributor
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future fibre 65

hi guys need some help i am on eero 6 future fibre 65 my speeds downstairs are as they should be but upstairs my speed is only half of what i get downstairs can anybody help please how do get to talk to talk talk guys on here not been on for a while

sharky110 by Super Duper Contributor
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Farewell UFO

UFO was a fantastic service when I first got it two or three years ago. It was able to support 3 simultaneous video calls during lockdown and still have plenty enough bandwidth for me to download the odd 500MB iso when necessary. The ability to push ...

poppadum by Participant
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4 minute drop outs

Hi, I have noticed in the past 3-4 days something has been off with my FTTP 900.Basically its as if the internet has dropped but not enough to disconnect me.I noticed it when playing LIVE videos on Twitch or streaming. It would freeze but if I reload...

Rowan88 by Popular Poster
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