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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Another user with 5Ghz channel number problem

Hi there I've been wondering for a while why some of my 5Ghz compatible devices can't connect to that signal, and instead connect to 2.4GHz and came across some threads here saying that there is a known issue with eero devices defaulting to a channel...

Full Fibre Router Weak signal

My router has terrible range in my rooms upstairs im getting only 25-30 mbp/s, my mums room is the same. Downstairs im getting close to 150 mbp/s but go upstairs and its very low.The router is placed in centre of house at the main stairway, my old ro...

WiFi extender

Could someone advise what type of wifi extender I would need for use with Eero Full Fibre hub please. I have installed a Ring doorbell and the wifi signal is weak and needs extending.

AdieB2 by Sightseer
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Eero 2.4 GHz channel

Hi, My Samsung S7 tablet connects to my eero pro 6 using the 2.4 GHz wifi network (it is 5GHz capable but refuses to connect to this eero using 5GHz). This hasn’t really been a problem until recently when I repeatedly start to get buffering on stream...

Broadband issue

Hi, Am having issues witth my internet last few weeks as it has been disconnecting twice and reconnects to the internet again. I have been disconnected twice last few weeks. I have messaged twitter Talktalk agent for help, they told me to connect my ...

Devices not connecting to 5ghz band

HiNew customer just completed 10days stabilisation and having problems with devices being kicked of the 5ghz band all onto 2.4ghz and nothing making a difference except factory reset. However this is temporary sometimes it be OK from a few hours to 2...

9 flashes on router

Our wifi is a bit hit and miss, and I wondered if it has anything to do with these flashing lights on the modem. Has anyone seen the following issue: Router flashes 9 times every 22 seconds for the whole 6 months we've had it. It goes white white ora...

samtile by Sightseer
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Internet dropping in 2 rooms

I have recently upgraded to an erro router, but my internet doesn't work in 2 rooms of my house, I'm in a 3 bedroom house with 1 set of stairs and currently have one eero router. If I go and purchase another eero extender will this help with the inte...

Full Fibre install Wifi not reaching the whole house

Hi, We upgraded to Full Fibre yesterday which went really well and seems to work fine, thanks for that. However, during the install, the main point could no longer be in the middle of the bungalow and had to be put into the front bedroom. Unfortunate...

briduser by Participant
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DIsable WiFi optimisation?

Hi, my connection recently got changed to Fibre 150+VOIP as part of the CityFibre/TT changeover in my area. The new router is having daily issues with multiple WiFi devices where, intermittently, they cannot load data. Eventually it will be fine agai...

adz18 by Chatterbox
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Issues with Eero router for WiFi calling

Hi gave constant issues with WiFi calling with eero router on full fibre. I have 2 eero 6’s in a mesh. Nearly every call the other person can no longer hear me after 4 or 5 seconds if at all on the call. I have turned off ipv6. I have an iPhone 14 la...

Requesting additional Eero

Hi, Recently joined talk talk in March 2024 and included the total home WiFi within my package which meant I was sent out a 2nd eero router. I am still finding I have dead spots throughout my house and was looking to request an additional eero be sen...


Gone live finally today full fibre 500mps but signal worse than fibre 65. I upgraded to get better signal via eero pro6 mesh router. My wife's mobile wi-fi non existent. My living room is only 30 feet from router and live in bungalow. I have ethernet...

Devices unreachable - wifi security settings messages

Hi there, I have the Sagecom wifi hub and I am experiencing issues with some devices becoming unreachable on the network, despite the management console on the wifi hub showing that the devices are "connected" to the router. I also see constant (ie r...

Nick2345 by First Timer
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Increasingly worse Fibre 150 dropouts/slow speeds

Dropouts and slow speed have been getting worse over the last few months - its now become a real problem with mobile phones disconnecting then reconnecting, wireless Fire TV & Alexa just stopping .. even the PC wired connection - ran a 3rd party spee...

no network 04-19-24 at 11.57 AM.PNG 10.6 download 04-19-24 at 11.58 AM.PNG poor 04-19-24 at 11.55 AM.PNG
theborg by Team Player
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Unable to connect PC and now my mobile devices to Eero 6Pro

!!!!UPDATE 22.4.24Internet has been dropping out on our android mobile devices and our Amazon Echo devices over the last couple of days, phone reconnects after a few minutes, but Echo devices need a reboot. We had a stable connection to all devices o...


Openreach engineer rejected installation - options?

Evening. Sorry, this is going to be a long winded one. I was meant to have full fiber installed at my flat today. I’m renting the upper half of a house and the lower half is owned by someone else. The engineer said that the access point from the stre...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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No internet after upgrading fibre package

5 days ago I made the upgrade to fibre 500 from fibre 65, I switched to the eero that was shipped out 2 days ago. I was getting the same speeds as before so I called them up and they claimed to have made a manual upgrade to the fibre 500 as apparentl...

Kxchu by First Timer
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Strange WiFi Behaviour

Hello all. We were upgraded to full fibre sometime last year. We have a Sagecom Fast 5364-3.T8. We also have a small black box attached to the wall with 4 green lights on it (The Ethernet light blinks fast at all times). The small black box was insta...

Turn off Wi-Fi optimisation

Hi, I have set the SSID channel manually for the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz channels. However, this randomly changes at random intervals throughout the day, when looking at the router logs I can see that ‘channel hopping’ has been initiated remotely some ho...

2.4ghz band not visible

The 2.4ghz network on my router keeps stopping and my speed then drops by about half. I have logged in to the router and it looks to be up but it is not visible to any of my devices. Which means we cannot extend the range to the end of the garden usi...

upgrade to fiber150

I am on Fibre35 , contract expires november 2024. I want to upgrade to fibre150. I want VOIP too. TT tell me that full fibre is available at my address, but is not available on my account. They say I should conact Sales to get it, and pay a disconnec...

gray9 by First Timer
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