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Future Fibre
We’re rolling out the UK’s fastest, most reliable broadband nationwide – Future Fibre. If you've got a question about amazon eero or our fibre to the home service then this is the place for you.
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What if I dont want Future Broadband?

What if I dont want Future Broadband? My contract is due for renewal in a few months time however it looks like I am in a FTTP area.All the comparison sites are showing services with FTTP only. However I want to keep my landline number and I have ask...

Future Fibre account

How do I set up an account? I've had the future fibre almost week but never received an email with details on how to create a future fibre account to view my bills etc.

Poor Wifi Performance with Eero 6

My experience with migrating to "Future Fibre" has not been a great one so far. First engineer doesn't turn up to complete the install, once rescheduled turns up and does a bad job (spliced cable incorrecly) resulting in no internet for 48. And now m...

AndyB321 by Popular Poster
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No internet connection since April 27th

This is the second time this is happening this year (I had no internet from February 4th until March 15th when an engineer finally came to fix the issue and he also installed an ONT box so we can also switch to fibre). I have reset my router many man...

Being charged for three months free after upgrading

Upgraded to future fibre. Have it in black and white I won't be charged for the first three months. Ten house points to anyone who can guess what happened next?? Yup, they never bothered to update my account so I'm being charged. I was supposed to ha...

Eero - isn't it supposed to be smart?

Recently signed up to the 900m service and all seems to be working well. However, my WiFi on a couple of devices can change significantly. Testing at home in the morning when nobody is on the network I get 500+ but the same scenario early afternoon l...

dcookster by Popular Poster
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New to talk talk issues

Hi, A few weeks ago I rang up talktalk and took out a full fibre 150broadband only as I was about to move into my first house. It all seemed to be fine but I never received a email confirmation or order number, my online dashboard was only throwing e...

Jordan16 by First Timer
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Eero 6 pro or Hub 2?

Hi, I have just moved to talktalk and I am on their FTTP plan with 500mb download speed (think that's 'future fibre 500'?). We have been connected for 3 days now.Due to some issues during the installation we have been sent both an Eero Pro 6, as well...

Wi-fi extender kit

I was not sure where to post this but here goes. I have just had my Future Fibre upgrade and it looks very good. I was also sent a TalkTalk WI-Fi extender kit but I can't seem to get the Wi-Fi extender unit to pair with the Network Connector unit (i....

old_e by Popular Poster
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FTTP Upgrade Issues with no resolution in sight

Hi All,I'm a long-standing customer of plus 8 years and feel that says something about TalkTalk and feel the service in the past was good. From here on I will use following abbreviations; TT = TalkTalk CF = City Fibre. My issue has been going on for ...

Bozza by Popular Poster
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WiFi extenders

I was on the phone a few times to support because of an issue with my upgrade from 65 to 150. After lengthy discussions we reached the agreement that I would accept 4 WiFi repeaters (2 packs of 2) in order to resolve the problem I had. I was promised...

lachyweb by Conversation Starter
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Fibre/ eero 6

I changed my plan to Fibre in February. An engineer came on the 28th February to install it and since then I haven’t had any internet or tv as I only use Netflix. I was told I would receive an eero 6 router, free delivery and free installation and my...

Fibre 150 upgrade experience - poor WiFi

Hi, today our service was upgraded from Fibre 65 to Future Fibre 150. The new service is working ok (only data tested) but the WiFi performance is degraded. The experience was ok. However, we were told the work would be done by Open Reach and they wo...

David_A by Chat Champion
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Has my eero pro been dispatched?

Hi openreach are due to finish installation of my future fibre broadband on Wednesday, which is great but so far I've not received any communication to say my eero pro 6 has been dispatched and will definitely be here with me by Wednesday. On sign up...


Had FF500 installed and working great although I have some blackspots in house which I knew about at time of install.Installing engineer suggested Total Home Wifi (2 x additional eero routers) however no matter who I speak to at TalkTalk on Chat or o...

Future Fibre (Full Fibre)

I am hoping that someone can give me clear information about "Future Fibre" installation.I recently received an email from TalkTalk asking me to phone them about installing Full Fibre to the property. The email said this was as part of the national u...

TECHRAY by Team Player
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Total Home WiFi - nobody can get this sorted for me !!!!

Had FF500 installed in January and told I can add Total Home WiFi to it after my account had been live a month.I've spoken to FF team - they can't help.I've been passed to Customer Service - they can't help.Technical Service / Support - they can't he...

The 'free' future fibre upgrade ....

Im hoping I can get some advise on this forum. Ive got an email suggesting an upgrade for free to future fibre and have been given a date for Open Reach to come to my home. The email suggest nothing will change in lieu fo my contract and services exc...

Spicebwoy by Popular Poster
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Fibre offer

Can one of CEOs please help re the misleading email offer if free FFibre upgrade as loyal customers.Thanks


I have my future fibre install booked for tomorrow. I can't download the eero6 app. This is because I have an older iphone and it only goes to ios12.. The eero6 app needs ios13. is there any other way to set the router up without using the app? I als...

PCGuru07 by First Timer
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Total Home WiFi for Future Fibre (City Fibre)

How can i add Total Home Wifi to my package - I've lost count of how many people and depts I've spoken to at TalkTalk and nobody seems to be able to help. I just want the Total Home Wifi additional Amazon eero's at £6 a month for my (city fibre insta...


Eero Future Fibre 150

Hi, I've just upgraded to Future Fibre and the reach is far worse than my phone line router. I live in an old house but I did not expect to have to buy more Eero routers just to be able to use it anywhere other than my kitchen. I want my old service ...

Fibre Information required

Like others, I've also received messages about a "Free Upgrade" that we are considering. I have a few questions before jumping in feet first. 1) Is the ONT box powered separately from any router(i.e., 2no spare sockets are required)? 2) Does the ONT ...