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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Account Dashboard not available

I have just moved house, which has given me a new account. Whenever I try to access the Dashboard from the drop down menu I get the following message.Oops!Sorry, we're unable to find the page you're looking for. Let's get you back on course...This ha...

canceling a service

Ordered full fibre and cancelled same day 11-05-2024. but nobody will acknowlege my cancellation request. HELP

Existing Landline number and upgrading to Full Fibre

I am thinking about getting my mothers old analogue line changed to fibre, especially after the fault she has just had on her landline and the recommendation by the engineer to change to fibre. I have checked and fibre is available at her address. He...

Email contact

I am trying to contact talktalk but as I am working night shifts - and so sleeping during the day - I cannot phone or use live chat.Is there an email address I can use?I am looking to renew my contract rather than change providers but new users get b...

Error Message YVM4503

 Hi So everything was working fine last night however today I got the above error message.I have been into the Youview app, but they don't recognise the error message, I also tried searching for it in my account, but TalkTalk don't recognise it eithe...

Talman by Whizz Kid
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Leaving TalkTalk

Hi,Looking to leave TT once my current contract expires in June, I'm aware I have to phone them informing of non renewal and that I have to return my router, but my question is I'm currently on full fibre 65 so does that mean I will have to return th...

grouser by Philosopher
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Supersafe on android phone

Is there anyone else experiencing a very slow connection using Supersafe on adroid and also virus scanning stops before completion etc

Boffee by Conversation Starter
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Rendering wall - before or after?

Hi Community,I'm having the outside walls rendered in a few weeks and wonder if it's better to have Full Fibre installed before or after?The render would normally go over the phone line, the guy says.I don't want black phone line going across the whi...

GrahamW by Conversation Starter
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Groundstream dva on eero

I have recently set up Groundstream DVA but not seeing caller identification. Phone was ok in the phone port of WiFi Hub

Boffee by Conversation Starter
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Run a Connection Test

'Run a Connection Test' at various results, depending on what it feels like.I did these tests today. Initially, it informed the following:First Result## #This is not a connection test, it is a copy of a record of ...

Screenshot 2024-05-03 134858.png Screenshot 2024-05-03 141221.png Screenshot 2024-05-03 141404.png Screenshot 2024-05-03 141746.png
Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Private Notes in Personal Information

To all and sundry Re: Private Notes in Personal InformationOver the past 12 months, while being on the Community, I have noticed that very often when someone is new, he is directed to enter their personal details in the 'Personal Information' Table.S...

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Resolved! Line test does not complete, Firefox does not open webmail

I am not able to get Firefox 125.0.3 to open my webmail at'm just curious as to why not, as I always use Outlook to access my emails. Webmail works without any problem using Edge but with Firefox it opens the ab...

DrStrange by Conversation Starter
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I have made a post ''DISCONNECTED/ CANCELLED ACCOUNT.'' and it isn't appearing in the forum, I have found it under my subscriptions with the notice "Marked as Spam." could this be reinstated please.

gregkr1 by Repeat Guest
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can i add TV

Hi,I've been trying to add tv to my full fibre package it says in my account that i don't have any offers and i keep getting put in a loop when im on the phone getting passed around different departments just to get put back top the start again

Order ID

Hi I need to know my order I’d no starting with an N. Where can I find this please

Almost impossible to use chat or phone

Just to let people know what they’re up against, I contacted TalkTalk on 10 th April via chat because of the recent cost increases I wanted to review what we had (we had Full Fibre 60, international calls, TalkTalk TV and the Safe Security boost - th...

NeilP3 by Repeat Guest
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Leaving Tuesday just had 2 emails welcoming me to Talk Talk

As it says in the title just had 2 emails welcoming me 5 days before leaving TT has someone pressed the wrong button? My contract ends next month being a full time carer at home I don't have time to spend hours on the phone I'm fed up with various fi...

mthorpe2 by Team Player
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blocked websites

I am trying to renew my car insurance. I am trying to go through to one of the providers found on This is being blocked by my internet provider TalkTalk. how do I rectify this so that I can get onto the website and pay for my insurance?

Jg292jo by First Timer
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I Upgraded my service , But TalkTalk Downgraded my service. Why?

I Upgraded my service with a 2-year fixed-price+ contract, But TalkTalk Downgraded my service. Why? There was no change in the main broadband package, just a little upgrade in the attached VOIP service. The main condition in the pre-renewal contract ...

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Full Fibre Query

Hi. Full Fibre is available at my address. My neighbour (who is with BT) has Full Fibre and has retained his landline. Why is the option with Full Fibre to retain my landline not available from TT ?For example : Upgrade to Fibre 900 24x faster than s...

rautospoon by Super Duper Contributor
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Full Fibre is outside my house?

I've been on a TalkTalk Fibre 65 package for years now and 6 months ago a "Full Fibre" pole went up outside my house that now enables Full Fibre Broadband speeds of upto 1GB downloads etc. I've just checked on my account to see if I could upgrade to ...