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Future Fibre
We’re rolling out the UK’s fastest, most reliable broadband nationwide – Future Fibre. If you've got a question about amazon eero or our fibre to the home service then this is the place for you.
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Non-Working VPN - The Saga Continues

Having wasted two weekends trying to sort out a suddenly and inexplicably non-working VPN, having spent hours in Chat, having telephoned and contacted TT via Twitter, all the time being told that the issue lay with our IT Department (when it didn't),...

FAST5364 FIRMWARE rollback please

Hi, my router has recently upgraded firmware to SG4K100136 from ...2816t (I think) and the home network connection to NAS drive has become unworkably slow. The connection to the internet is fine but no better than before the update. Any chance the fi...

eero dhcp & nat not saving my settings

Hi i am trying to change the default gateway of the erros from to .the only place i can see this option is under dhcp & nat but when i set to class c adressing ..and set the parameters to network .. it tells me it ...

leafy by Team Player
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Fibre connection speed absent!!

We have a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Sagecom Fast5364 version SG4K10002816t .There is no speed status since upgraded to on Fibre 65 FTTP.The renewal service is Excellent on both copper line and Fibre line .Can you sent upgraded firmware to the router.If not,...

SeaEagle by Popular Poster
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Resolved! Sagem Router Firmware

Hi Guys, Some while back I enquired about my router's firmware being updated and was told it would happen automatically in due course. From what I can see today, it hasn't thus far. Is the rollout still happening and will being on FF150 affect firmwa...

BritSparky by Conversation Starter
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Need to reboot Wifi hub every couple of days

I have a TalkTalk wifi hub, 8 months old, connected by ethernet to the FTTP point. Every couple of days internet traffic stops passing*, devices say 'Connected without internet'. Reboot the hub and it's fine for a couple of days. Alternatively I can ...

FTTP Upgrade Issues with no resolution in sight

Hi All,I'm a long-standing customer of plus 8 years and feel that says something about TalkTalk and feel the service in the past was good. From here on I will use following abbreviations; TT = TalkTalk CF = City Fibre. My issue has been going on for ...

Bozza by Popular Poster
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Where do I download newest firmware?

It seems that there is no option to check firmware is is up to date on the hub itself. Is there a download link for router updates? Currently on: Hardware VersionSoftware VersionGUI VersionFAST5364 3.00SG4K10002816t3.7.8 Is this up to date?

Miketalk by First Timer
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Super Router FAST5364 3.00 Firmware update

Hello, Would it be possible to check and see if I am on the latest firmware for my router? My router is: Hardware version: FAST5364 3.00Software version: SG4K10002816tGUI Version: 3.7.8 If I am not on the latest version, could I request an update ple...