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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...


This is the continuation of my previous thread at: My thread was untimely closed by @Debbie-TalkTalk on ‎15-05-2024.After it was ...

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Router randomly resetting

As with other users, my router randomly resets itself with the message: Device reset. Cause: System reset due to kernel panic, I believe This can be cured by a software upgrade to version 1.06 ( from information seen both on these forums and elsewher...

ErnieJ by First Timer
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Caller ID not working

Hello I have just purchased Full fibre 150.I was sent a eero6 router and a DVA for my phone. I was worried when I saw only one output on the router as I have a few devices hard wired to current router. I purchased a GB net gear mini switch to fix the...

Awaiting New Router/Hub

Hi, I was told on Monday I'd be sent a new HUB as ours packed in, but no sign or message about it since. I was wondering what the status is please. Thanks

Broadband issue

Hi, Am having issues witth my internet last few weeks as it has been disconnecting twice and reconnects to the internet again. I have been disconnected twice last few weeks. I have messaged twitter Talktalk agent for help, they told me to connect my ...


Surely someone can help me on this. Hours spent on the phone and on the online chat bots. Talk Talk engineer booked to come out to me, he turns up, he is an independent engineer who hasn't a clue about the Eero boxes and totally wasted 2 hours of my ...

Archers by Repeat Guest
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Amber flashing light on hub no internet connection

The past few days our hub has been flashing amber, been through all troubleshooting and nothing has worked,the chat bot for additional support constantly says agents are offline how on earth do I speak to a person to resolve this?I work from home I c...

Adding a new 3rd party Router behind the Sagemcom 5464

To @KeithFrench Previously in another thread, Keith, you responded: on ‎10-05-2024 10:05 PMHi @Billx I don't want to dwell on this, as it is not your thread. However, a daisy chain network - that is not a term used in 802.11, one router is an extende...

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Router issue

My router gave up yesterday, engineers have been out and have verified the line into my property is working fine. I have switched out my talk talk Wi-Fi hub router for a talk talk Wi-Fi hub 2 router. It does not connect to the internet. Please can so...

No lights on router but extenders work

I currently have no lights on my router. I can connect to my wifi extenders but not directly to my router. I had no internet for 2 days and now it has started working but with router issues.

No internet on full fibre and hub has solid Amber light

We've not had any internet now for 36 hours. The TT hub appeared one morning with a solid amber light and no matter how long we leave it switched off and turn back on again, it always ends up with a solid amber light following a period of flashing am...

Resolved! 3rd party router - need vlan intervention

Hi I had my upgrade to a full fibre connection activated today but my eero router was never sent by TT. However, I wasn't planning on using it long as I have my own TP link Omada gateway router I wish to use. I have connected it up to the openreach b...

Kob006 by Sightseer
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New router

I have ordered a new full fiber package, I was told I would be receiving a new router to replace my old one, I received a package today and it wasn't a router, it was just a cable. What the hell is going on with Talk Talk lately, I have been for mont...

tonka2426 by Conversation Starter
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9 flashes on router

Our wifi is a bit hit and miss, and I wondered if it has anything to do with these flashing lights on the modem. Has anyone seen the following issue: Router flashes 9 times every 22 seconds for the whole 6 months we've had it. It goes white white ora...

samtile by Sightseer
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How can I get extra eero router from talk talk??

Reetdo by First Timer
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Sagemcom 5464 not connecting

HiOn Fibre 65 Data Only with telephone vis copper wire.Sagemcom Fast 5464 wifi began not allowing connecting to smartphone. I tried resetting router which solved issue for short time but after further problems and resets the router is not connecting ...

RonM99 by Conversation Starter
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To Disable the Backhaul Channel on The 5464

To TalkTalk, Is there a possibility of disabling the 5GHz Backhaul Channel on The Sagemcom 5464?I think it could be causing some havoc in the reception of the Main 5GHz Channel.It appears to be using the same frequency and band.It seems to be increas...

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Internet cuts out every week at 12am

So for the last 3 months on a night at 12am my Internet cuts out were I can't use my Internet at all but if I'm playing a game the game does not disconnect even if it's a online game, this happens for about 30 minutes or longer, I test my Internet an...

Muddy137 by Repeat Guest
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Just a general question. Do any of TalkTalk's routers support IPv6? Does TalkTalk support IPv6, using a third party router?Similarly, do any of TalkTalk's routers support WPA3-Personal WIFI Security? ThanksBill

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Archer vr400 no dsl

Hi there, I'm on 150 mb fibre and am trying to use a tplink ac1200 modem/router for dsl, lan, and WiFi. I cannot get the DSL working on it no matter what I try, it tells me every time to check my phone cable is connected. I'm using the same cable fro...

Rjb990 by Visitor
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Full Fibre Upgrade connecting landline

I was upgraded to full fibre and was told that I wouldn't have to change my phone and it would work over WiFi. The CityFibre engineers did not connect my phone and now I don't know how to do it.There doesn't seem to be a phone jack socket on the new ...