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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Router randomly resetting

As with other users, my router randomly resets itself with the message: Device reset. Cause: System reset due to kernel panic, I believe This can be cured by a software upgrade to version 1.06 ( from information seen both on these forums and elsewher...

ErnieJ by First Timer
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Connecting Tplink M4 mesh to ONT direct

I’ve just tried installing the first tp-link m4 unit to my ont via Ethernet and followed the to link app set up for fttp, the ont shows all 4 green lights but won’t allow internet access. I can plug it into my current hub via Ethernet and set it to a...

The day before Fibre arrives....

Well here we are, the day before installation of our Fibre 900 and no sign of any notification from the delivery company that the EERO router is on its way. I wonder, will it arrive tomorrow morning when Openreach are here? Or will they bring it with...

Connected to internet no internet service

Keep getting this message daily, I have spent hours on the phone to technical to resolve the issue but to no avail. Both wired and WiFi connections are affected, the router has had its firmware updated still the same, micro filter in the line still t...

Alunt by Sightseer
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Broadband issue

Hi, Am having issues witth my internet last few weeks as it has been disconnecting twice and reconnects to the internet again. I have been disconnected twice last few weeks. I have messaged twitter Talktalk agent for help, they told me to connect my ...


Surely someone can help me on this. Hours spent on the phone and on the online chat bots. Talk Talk engineer booked to come out to me, he turns up, he is an independent engineer who hasn't a clue about the Eero boxes and totally wasted 2 hours of my ...

Archers by Repeat Guest
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900mb connection dropping to 94mb

Encountering a weird issue where my connection is dropping to 94mb up and down every few days. To restore full speed need to reboot the gateway eero. Another user encountered the same problem:

Ryano1 by Visitor
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Amber flashing light on hub no internet connection

The past few days our hub has been flashing amber, been through all troubleshooting and nothing has worked,the chat bot for additional support constantly says agents are offline how on earth do I speak to a person to resolve this?I work from home I c...

Router issue

My router gave up yesterday, engineers have been out and have verified the line into my property is working fine. I have switched out my talk talk Wi-Fi hub router for a talk talk Wi-Fi hub 2 router. It does not connect to the internet. Please can so...

No lights on router but extenders work

I currently have no lights on my router. I can connect to my wifi extenders but not directly to my router. I had no internet for 2 days and now it has started working but with router issues.

Full Fibre imminent, but....

Morning all Beginning to sound like a stuck record now, but here goes. As noted elsewhere, I ordered Full Fibre for May 1st, but the order wasn't fulfilled because the process required at the TalkTalk end was never completed. So I contacted the Custo...

Devices not connecting to 5ghz band

HiNew customer just completed 10days stabilisation and having problems with devices being kicked of the 5ghz band all onto 2.4ghz and nothing making a difference except factory reset. However this is temporary sometimes it be OK from a few hours to 2...

No internet on full fibre and hub has solid Amber light

We've not had any internet now for 36 hours. The TT hub appeared one morning with a solid amber light and no matter how long we leave it switched off and turn back on again, it always ends up with a solid amber light following a period of flashing am...

Digital voice

Hi Jjust a quick question. I had full fibre installed today, which is already amazingly fast! Everything seems to be working except my phone line. I have connected everything up to the digital voice box both the power light and Internet light are sho...

Talman by Whizz Kid
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My Fibre 35 up grade

I am thinking of upgrading "My Fibre 35" to Full Fibre 500 with EERO Pro 6 Router. Will this involve a fibre cable being run into the house.

FTTP failed installation

Hello, I signed up for FTTP and was given a date of 29/04/2024 for the installation, I then received an email saying it's booked for 01/05/2024, I let that be, but when the Openreach engineer came on 01/05/2024, they said my address doesn't have Full...

NxkDxn by Visitor
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9 flashes on router

Our wifi is a bit hit and miss, and I wondered if it has anything to do with these flashing lights on the modem. Has anyone seen the following issue: Router flashes 9 times every 22 seconds for the whole 6 months we've had it. It goes white white ora...

samtile by Sightseer
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Run a Connection Test

'Run a Connection Test' at various results, depending on what it feels like.I did these tests today. Initially, it informed the following:First Result## #This is not a connection test, it is a copy of a record of ...

Screenshot 2024-05-03 134858.png Screenshot 2024-05-03 141221.png Screenshot 2024-05-03 141404.png Screenshot 2024-05-03 141746.png
Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Internet dropping in 2 rooms

I have recently upgraded to an erro router, but my internet doesn't work in 2 rooms of my house, I'm in a 3 bedroom house with 1 set of stairs and currently have one eero router. If I go and purchase another eero extender will this help with the inte...

Can't use Internet

LOS light on master box is red and so is the light on the eero, the black box with 3 lights only showing 2 the power and Internet the phone is not on