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Future Fibre
We’re rolling out the UK’s fastest, most reliable broadband nationwide – Future Fibre. If you've got a question about amazon eero or our fibre to the home service then this is the place for you.
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FF500 trial

Hello my friend has had this installed however we cannot get the eero to work, it just hangs when trying to register. He has called a number of times but nobody has been able to resolve it and he’s currently awaiting yet another call back he has trie...

Faster Fibre to Future Fibre and back again

Upgraded from faster fibre to future fibre and everything has been great, 512mbs all good for a few months. Today at some point the internet went down, system reset by power down and restart of the eero unit by us. No luck nothing would connect to th...

FTTP via CityFibre - No WAN IP being assigned.

New TT Future Fibre customer. ONT installed and connected yesterday afternoon. All lights solid green, but router is not being assigned IP. I'm using a third-party router as Yodel seem to have lost the TalkTalk unit.WAN via Ethernet is enabled and se...

coliander by Popular Poster
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Future Fibre Availabilty checker incorrect

Had the Cityfibre 500 service since December and no issues since the initial blip during install.I had wondered why the checker via talktalk's site shows 900 service available. But on checking with sales this is not the case. Has anyone else come acr...

Voice calls with Future Fibre

It is not clear from your website how voice calls are charged for when connected to Future Fibre (150). I understand that my Panasonic answerphone can connect via the Grandstream HT801 digital voice adaptor to the eero router and users report this wo...

Eastfield by Conversation Starter
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City Fibre installed GPON... now what?

So, City Fibre installed the GPON a few days ago. They said I needed a new router, which duly arrived. What happens now? They also said I wouldn't need a landline - is that true? The Telephone point is on the opposite side of the house. How will I kn...

Nikonbhoy by Conversation Starter
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Full Fibre Connection

How long is it likely to take for one to be changed over to full fibre?. Placed my order at the beginning of May. A man came and marked out my lawn etc at the beginning of June. I keep getting emails, three so far saying we are working to get you con...

scete by Participant
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Oops! Let's get you back on course...

Hi folks I am on the Fibre 65. I've been live since 13th. My Account still says INACTIVE and I am unable to access first bill or even track the order. Can anyone advise if this will correct itself? Apparently you are supposed to receive the first bil...

City Fibre Installation Network Failure

HI There, I have just spent 45 minutes on a call and on hold for most of it (08001079000). When I was eventually transferred to the appropriate department the call dropped after 4 rings. Great.I was to have my service upgraded to fibre today. The eng...

Dobbin15 by Conversation Starter
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Free Full Fibre Upgrade - City Fibre

Hi there. I received an email about a free upgrade of my service to Future Fibre via CityFibre. I currently have Fibre65. In the email it mentions nothing about what speeds I'll be upgraded to. When I am upgraded to full fibre, will my speeds remain ...

an1sa_k by Super Duper Contributor
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Trying to Upgrade but told order is stuck?!

I decided to upgrade to fttp, 500mb data only package. Phoned and agreed the upgrade on 7th June. At the same time agreed an engineer install date for this week. Received a welcome email. So far so good... Then I get a text message out of the blue la...


I received a text today from CityFibre (07451 272002) informing me they are coming on Thursday 30th June to install the full fibre connection, and an email from talktalk saying something similar. I didn’t request the upgrade nor that I want it, I’m h...

Amine by Popular Poster
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crap service

i signed up for the 900meg future fibre i am getting just over 170meg why the hell am i paying £49:99 for this.when i signed up first few weeks was good now it is slow and rubbish.

SpudNice by Participant
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Faster Fibre Hub 2

Hi. We had faster fibre installed. Two problems:- 1st is the hub 2 device version Fast 5464-2.T4 is not connecting to the fibre connection. The led on the front flashes amber and white and stays constant white. The black box on the wall has all four ...

Future Fibre not connecting

I had Future Fibre fitted yesterday with the black box. This was one of the free of charge installations. All the lights on the OTR box are solid green however my router(Huawei DG8041W) will not give internet access unless the old DSL/Broadband wire ...

Flukey50 by Sightseer
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FTTP not available

My contact will end within few months and have plans to upgrade current Fibre65 to Fibre500 or Fibre900.Unfortunately TalkTalk website show broadband not available in my street. Over phone and webchat also received same information - FTTP not availab...

routr still showing red

Would a customer service person help me please?The ONT is all green, the new router arrived last week and I have done the 'everything' listconnected it in the correct order-left it for a while-unplugged router and left for 30 mins, and over night-unp...

Future Fibre not working

Hi,I have had future fiber through City Fiber for about a month now and this morning it stopped working.The light on my router went orange and when I tried to access the internet I had a message saying 'Server cannot be found'. The Fiber box has a gr...

jstype by Super Duper Contributor
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Future Fibre Installation issues

Future Fibre Installation issues - day 10 Hello I had Future Fibre installed 10 days ago and I have been unable to connect. I have been sent two routers, eero devices, have had 4 people from Openreach out and I keep being told it will be activated in...

Future Fibre still offline since 15th MArch

Well, I tried to post but it would not let me maybe I was being a bit too harsh with my criticism of the chat people. The ones who are unalbe to make decisions, carry out actions and tell un truths. I am still waiting for an engineer a chat person to...

What is going on with the Future Fibre rollout?

It is becoming clear from posts in these forums and elsewhere that there is something amiss with the move to Future Fibre/FTTP. I only wish I had done more research before 'upgrading'...Some background: - My existing Fibre 65 plan was due to expire, ...