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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Another user with 5Ghz channel number problem

Hi there I've been wondering for a while why some of my 5Ghz compatible devices can't connect to that signal, and instead connect to 2.4GHz and came across some threads here saying that there is a known issue with eero devices defaulting to a channel...

DVA not working

My Grand stream HT801 does not work when I have Network Switch between it and my Eero router. As Eero only just one ethernet out really want a hub, but when I got one the Phone line then says it isn't registered.

JJ12345 by Visitor
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Full Fibre eero 6 external IP address error

Hi. I have had Full Fibre installed and set up today but it doesn't work as the eero app doesn't connect to the internet and shows external IP address error. I have been on the phone all day to talk talk, resetting, unplugging etc but still the same....

WayneP by Visitor
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connecting landline to EERO hub.

Hi, recently signed up to Fibre150 and the EERO was sent to me. Everything was fine until I did not know where to plug the Landline phone in. Since found out I should have been sent a Digital Voice Adapter, but alas it was not in the package. Can som...

Caller ID not working

Hello I have just purchased Full fibre 150.I was sent a eero6 router and a DVA for my phone. I was worried when I saw only one output on the router as I have a few devices hard wired to current router. I purchased a GB net gear mini switch to fix the...

How do I connect my hive hub to eero 6

How do I connect my hive hub to eero 6 via Ethernet cable my current set up has 2 ports which are being used for Wi-Fi and phone. When the engineer fitted the system he did not seem to have a clue.

Fibre 900 - Huge Disappointment !!!!

As a long standing customer of Talktalk of many years I recently switched ( 18 April 2024 ) to Fibre 900 from Fibre 65 when FFTP became available. To say that I am totally disappointed would be an understatement. Having spoken with support staff on s...

Ont123 by First Timer
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Eero Pro: Ludicriously slow on iPhones?

Two Eero Pro 6 setup on Fibre 900.One in Front Room, one in back room (office). Not massively spaced out, but doesn't matter for this.I'm in Office, where the second Eero is wired into the PC - gets 850mb. Then the following on Wi-Fi all connected to...

zyjack by First Timer
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eero 6

Received a new eero 6 router today on fiber 150 package and cannot get it to connect , always fails with it not getting a wan address , the old wifi router conects perfectly to talk but not the new eero 6.any advice apprecited

walker1 by Popular Poster
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Using non-TalkTalk router

Hi all, Unfortunately it looks like it's possible that my TalkTalk router will not arrive before the installation (Yodel is showing it is "delayed, please check back". Am I still able to use my own router like in the old days? I have a fibre compatib...

briduser by Participant
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HiI am just trying to set up my new Talktalk package so a couple of questions.I am assuming the Eero replaces my current router but what about the Digital Voice adapter that arrived with it ?Do I set that up after the eero and what does it do ?Thanks

Issues with Eero router for WiFi calling

Hi gave constant issues with WiFi calling with eero router on full fibre. I have 2 eero 6’s in a mesh. Nearly every call the other person can no longer hear me after 4 or 5 seconds if at all on the call. I have turned off ipv6. I have an iPhone 14 la...

Requesting additional Eero

Hi, Recently joined talk talk in March 2024 and included the total home WiFi within my package which meant I was sent out a 2nd eero router. I am still finding I have dead spots throughout my house and was looking to request an additional eero be sen...

Upgrade from Fibre65 to Full Fibre 150

My fibre 65 works fine with my Talk Talk router. Upgraded to full fibre 150 and received Eero 6 today. When i try and set up Eero it does not connect to Internet. Plug in my old router again and all ok

Pclimie1 by Sightseer
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My Internet keeps disconnecting at night.

This has been an ongoing issue since I installed the Fiber, at around 11 midnight, my internet just disconnected despite the router saying that it was on. It's so ridiculous that my router extender is the only thing working and my new EERO router doe...

Unable to connect PC and now my mobile devices to Eero 6Pro

!!!!UPDATE 22.4.24Internet has been dropping out on our android mobile devices and our Amazon Echo devices over the last couple of days, phone reconnects after a few minutes, but Echo devices need a reboot. We had a stable connection to all devices o...


5.0ghz network

I have noticed my firestick and various other devices connected to my eero router via 2.4ghz. I run a speed test on my phone and getting 500mb download, firestick test only gets 70mbs and buffers a lot, how can I change it on to 5.0ghz when all I hav...

Cozimos by First Timer
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Eero6 - do I need a second one?

Hi I have just had Fibre 150 installed and have manged to get both eero6 working and the grandsteam dva. The only problem is the coverage throughout my house is not as good as previously when I used a Talktalk dline extender. Will a second Eero6 fix ...

New Full fibre question

Just upgraded to 150 Fibre, with Eero. The new speed contract seems to work fine with the existing TT router I had for 76 Fibre, so I wonder why I need Eero at all. Also since there seems to be no phone socket on Eero as there is on old TT router, wo...

johnp83 by First Timer
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eero router keeps dropping out

hi , i am having issue with Eero 6 router provided by talk talk, its keeps disconnecting itself and and speed keeps dropping , had use the old talktalk hub now , as the eero6 provided is not reliable at all. and even after reporting to fibre team , t...

gp1090 by First Timer
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Eero 6

Just upgraded from Fibre 65 to 150 and received Eero 6 today.Problem 1. My previous TalkTalk hub has a phone socket and four Ethernet sockets plus a WPS Button. Connecting my landline phone was therefore very easy but the Eero does not appear to supp...