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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...


Hi Keiththe problem is with PM’s as well, no reply and text box, so I will have to wait until they are back on Tuesday and then, hopefully, they will be able to sort out this broken Community!!!

JennyR by Whizz Kid
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Problems with replying from iphone

I am signed into my Account, Since the changes to the Community which used to have a user name and password to sign in, I am signed in with my Account details although I am unable to reply - when clicking on reply it does not open up a text box so pl...

JennyR by Whizz Kid
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Problems …….

please do not merge any of my posts into one. I am unable to reply to any posts - not sure if I have been blocked or if it is the fault of my iPhone and iPad. PLEASE DO NOT MERGE MY POSTS I am not sure if any of my posts or messages are getting throu...

JennyR by Whizz Kid
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EERO coverage and Wifi Hub 2 adaptor

Hello , I got EERO router recently as part of the Fiber 150 plan . its coverage is not like the Wifi Hub 2 . it is poor . it needs extender . TalkTalk only offers the whole Wifi Home system to extend the coverage and it will cost extra pounds every m...

Power line adapters

My power line adapter has no lights, could this be causing my lack of internet. I have a new wi do hub router, all connections are ok but amber flashing light!Also how do I get replacement talk talk adapters? Thanks.

NeilMcC by Chatterbox
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Moving router to another area/room.

I just moved house and I got my router installed in my bedroom today but I want to move the router and possibly the power adapter to another part of my home ie the living room, or another part of the room.I did not know that the router plus all the s...

AshleyK by First Timer
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Resolved! eero 6 router or modem

I have an FTTC connection with TalkTalk, and plan to go full fibre (FTTP).TalkTalk have offered a plan using an eero 6 unit. From what I raed this is a type of range extender.I have read the eero 6 setup guide but it leaves me with questions. My hous...

spaarks by Popular Poster
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Resolved! Can a DG8041W TalkTalk Router be used with Fibre 150?

I am moving home in July to a property that has only Full Fibre (FTTP). TalkTalk can provide me with a broadband package, so I can remain a customer, but no voice option. I understand that the copper at my new home is now classed as 'z code' meaning ...

LivingWise by Conversation Starter
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No internet

our rabbit chewed through the Openreach power cable that goes to the small white box in our house, I replaced it with a adapter I had that has the same end on it, powered it back up but I have had no internet since, only the power light is on box, th...

kammyTT by Popular Poster
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Eero and Hub2 - Connection query

My previous system set-upOne Superhub with ethernet cables linked to TV, Power line adapter for TalkTalk TV box upstairs, for additional TV, and Powerline adapter for ethernet connection for PC in the dining room; this set-up was okay, but intermitte...

Trebor58 by First Timer
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Only getting 30mbps on 500mbps internet with Ethernet

Hi there, I used to have 73mbps internet connected to my upstairs desktop computer through TP Link Powerline Adapters (AV600) as the router is on the ground floor in the hallway and my computer is on the second floor. After upgrading to 500mbps, I us...

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