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Upgrading to Fibre150 with supplied EERO 6 router but integrating with existing TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub

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I currently have a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub (Black - Sagemcom Fast 5364 Wireless Modem Router) and am upgrading from fibre65 to fibre150 next week. 


TT have sent an EERO6 router and digital VOIP box.


But with my current setup I 'need' one wired ethernet connection to my desktop PC and one wired ethernet connection to my Power-Line adaptor. The EERO6 I have been supplied with only has two ethernet ports. I presume one port will be used for Input from the data socket in the wall and one port will be an Output to whatever device I choose.


Can I set it some kind of 'bridge' ? I was hoping to maybe plug the data input from the wall into one of the E6 ethernet ports and then connect via another ethernet cable the E6 into the red WAN socket in my TT Wi-Fi Hub ??


This provides me with four Gigabit Ethernet Output ports (Yellow) from my existing TT Wi-Fi Hub, and possibly no need to change any Wi-Fi passwords? (a non-critical bonus!)


Or maybe bypass the E6 completely and plug the data cable from the wall straight into the TT Wi-Fi hub WAN socket? Or would that drag the performance down of the LAN/WAN speed and the Wi-Fi speed and/or connection strength? 


FYI - single user household. Wireless laptop, mobile phone and tablet. Smart TV wired via Ethernet to the Powerline adaptor.


Any of this feasible? Any help would be gratefully received.


THANKS, Mannie


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Good morning,


Ok, please let us know if you need any further assistance 🙂





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thanks for your advise. In preparation for upgrade tomorrow morning, I've logged on to the Sagemcom and found the right area i think to change IP address and disable DHCP, under TalkTalk Wifi Hub / Lan IPv4 . Lets see what happens tomorrow 🙂


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How are you getting on?







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Hi @Mannie3 


Thanks for creating your own thread. The WiFi Hub Black is the Huawei, but you have the Sagemcom, that's fine. You cannot use the WAN port quite like that. What you should be able to do (assuming the Eero is connected to the fibre ONT), is to connect the other Ethernet port of the Eero to an Ethernet LAN port on the Sagemcom. However, before you do this, you need to make some changes to the Sagemcom's configuration. First, you need to change its IP address to something like (the last digit must be outside of the Eero's DHCP server's IP address range. Then in the Sagemcom, disable its DHCP server, so that you only use the DHCP server in the Eero. You can set the WiFi network name (SSID) & password to be the same as the Eero (or vice versa). Set their WiFi channels so as they don't clash with those used by the Eero.


When all configuration is done, connect the two routers as I said earlier.


I would say that I have never used the Sagemcom in this manner, but I see no reason why it won't work.

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