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Broadband made faster

Community Manager

We're all using our home broadband more than ever before (the average TalkTalk home downloads 45GB of data a month). So we're investing tens of millions of pounds into our network to make it faster and more stable.


Here's what we've been doing:

  • Adding capacity, so the network doesn’t get overloaded and slow you down
  • Simplifying the network so it can adapt more quickly to future needs
  • Developing an Ultra Fibre Optic network that runs all the way to your router
  • Working closely with Netflix and YouTube for quicker and smoother streaming
  • Finding and fixing the parts of our network that weren’t as reliable as they could be
  • And, we're pleased to say we’ve just reached number 1* for keeping your speed the same – however busy the internet is






Making the most of our improved network

We bring the best possible broadband connection to your home – but there are a number of factors inside your home that affect the speed you get on your devices. Here are some tips to keep their performance up.


  • Place your router in a central unobstructed location, facing into the room
  • Try not to put your router in a corner with concrete or brick walls
  • Nearby electrical devices like a cordless phone, microwave or baby monitor can disrupt your signal
  • Leave your router on at night so we can keep it updated for the best possible connection. It’s not using much electricity, we promise

*Ranked number one by SamKnows based on peak throughput percentage which was 98.81% for TalkTalk in December 2016 for Fast Broadband according to SamKnows broadband performance monitoring service for UK ISPs in December 2016.

About StephenF

Hey everyone, I'm your community manager and resident Apple & Nissan fanboy, here to help keep the community ticking over each day.

Check out more blogs from StephenF

Community Star

Hi @StephenF


I see you're working closely with Netflix. What are Netflix doing to stop their streaming crashing at Midnight? See this topic on Community: Netflix Crashes at Midnight.

Community Manager

@Gondola I'll take a look at the thread in question and post an update on it once i know more thanks :) 


Why do I need to reboot my router at least twice a week? This has been happening since January this year.  Look forward to a response.

Community Star

@Monty2  You shouldn't have to reboot your router that often so let's help you get this issue fixed. Help with your TalkTalk service is the part of Community where that happens and here's a link for you to click: Start a Topic (Broadband).

Popular Poster

Hello, I joned the fastfibre set with 50 Mbps.  This lasted for two days, then reduced to 42 Mbps.  This then increased to 45 Mbps, but in the last few days the speed has reduced to 38 Mbps, i.e. SLOWER than before joinong and paying for faster broadband.  Does anyone have any idea as to what is causing these excessive fluctuations in speed?  How can they be avaided?


Please advise.



Community Star

@villarsch  Your fibre to the cabinet broadband is optimised for best speed and stability. It does take a few days to adjust but let's take a look for you. Help with your TalkTalk service is the part of Community where that happens and here's a link for you to click to ask us: Start a Topic (Fibre Broadband).

Popular Poster

Thank you for your reply.  The first speed of 50 Mbps was in the third week of March, so stability should have been established.  Instead, now I am paying more for a slower speed.  This surely cannot be right.  

Laura Earley

My Talk Talk Router HG633 keeps on restarting itself for no apparent reason. I belived it was anytime I played BBC Iplayer on my Xbox or Ps4 wirelessly so I have turned off and unplugged everything but it is still doing the same thing. Is it because I'm using my computer wirelessly i.e right now to write this post?

Any help?

Regards, Laura

Conversation Starter

"*Ranked number one by SamKnows based on peak throughput percentage which was 98.81% for TalkTalk in December 2016 for Fast Broadband according to SamKnows broadband performance monitoring service for UK ISPs in December 2016."

Ah, the mysterious SamKnows again!...Could you point us in the direction of SamKnows so we can see for ourselves how SamKnows reached this conclusiuon ?
Popular Poster

Hi, Open reach have just commissioned a 2nd Fibre Cabinet.  (200 pair?).   During their rewire, my exising fibre broadband slowed to 9 MB sec - and collapsed to "no internet connection", on Open reach modem Cat 5d to an HG533 router.    After several tedious script sessions with ,'helpdesk' - over 2 hours - and " upscaling"; I am told "You're already on Superfast.   Try Lan straight into OR modem, just now.   Superrouter will arrive, by UK Mail tomorrow".     Does this mean that HG533 does not function, on the Superfast, rewire; OR just did at the cabinet?     Have I been without broadband ' cos TT didn't bother to send out required router?

Community Star



Hi - if necessary could you repost your question in the fibre broadband section please, it is a bit unlikely to receive a timely response from an OCE in this section.


The HG533 does not work if connected directly to a fibre line, that is why the BTOR modem is provided, but that combination is how it used to be done.


The new "super router" will replace both your old HG533 and the BTOR modem.


Configuration instructions will be in the HG633 (?) delivery box.

First Timer




Community Star



Hi, you have posted in the blog section of the forums, to have an OCE look at your problem you need to post in the support section.


Unfortumately I can't move your post, but if you click on the link below and then select "start a topic" and OCE will see your post and be able to give support.


How do i back up my saved aol files and emails?

Community Star



Unfortunately you have posted in the blog section of the forum where practical queries are unlikely to be answered. Yoy need to post in the main forums.


If you just click on this link :-


And then select the new topic link (around the middle on the left hand side) you will be able to ask the question and hopefully get a timely answer.

Wizz Kid

Not Happening, Just After Renewal of Contract for 12 Months,

Download Speed dropped AGAIN To Below 2mbs SORT THIS OUT OR GOODBYE And Breach of Contaract WILL APPLY


Community Star

@davmil50 To get help simply Click here to Start a Topic in the Help with Your Service (Broadband) Forum.

Wizz Kid

Bringing the connection cable to your home.  Now that is interesting.  Is this likely to happen.  It's the only way i could get fibre faster than i have at moment.  Any time scales. Will it happen and at what cost


Community Star



Not sure of the relevance of that comment.


Did you mean to post in response to a different thread ?

Wizz Kid

No i was commenting on the Ultra Fibre connection to your modem that TT mentioned

Community Star



Unfortunately at the moment you have to live in York to get the ultra fast, as that was the first and so far only trial area that I am aware of.


Haven't heard or seen anything about any other trial areas or a more general release.

Conversation Starter

Hi I need help I'm using a PS3 and I'm playing Fifa 15 and I'm using a HG 635 router I need to open ports when I've went on to port mapping it gives you 3 ports 2 ports are external and 1 port is internal then you can open another port which does the same and gives you another 3 ports basically I have been giving a list of numbers to open ports I need to no where to put the numbers in right place and basically everything I need to do IP address if needed to do aswell?

Community Star

Kenny 8 - New thread started in Playstation support section.

Team Player

"Ah, the mysterious SamKnows again!...Could you point us in the direction of SamKnows so we can see for ourselves how SamKnows reached this conclusiuon ?"


@clubhouse I'm part of the SamKnows ISP monitoring scheme, I signed up some years ago to be part of a Europe-wide internet performance monitoring service.


Those who are part of the service, recieve a SamKnows 'white box' (although mine is black!) which is a normal wireless router, with Gigabit network ports, running custom firmware (


All wired traffic is routed through the white box, and the dual-band wireless is used to monitor activity on the wireless network, such that tests are only conducted when the network is quiet. This is so the tests don't disrupt normal usage and so the results are accurate and not affected by other network traffic.


When the box sees that there is no network activity, it conducts a exstensive range of tests to evaluate the broadband performance. This isn't a simple upload / download speed test, the full list of tests conducted is: -


Download speed (single and multi-thread)

Upload speed (single and multi-thread)

Latency (ms)

Packet loss (%)

DNS response times

Failed DNS requests

Upload jitter

Download jitter

Website load failures

Website load times

Youtube video quality

Youtube startup delay

Youtube connect time

Netflix download speed

Netflix video quality

Netflix startup delay

Netflix connect time

iPlayer download speed

iPlayer video quality

iPlayer startup delay

iPlayer connect time


As you can see a pretty comprehensive set of test designed to evaluate the real-world performance that users experience.


As a user you also get a comprehensive dashboard that gives you the stats to analyse - brilliant for spotting issues and giving actual data forfeedback to your ISP, here's an example download speed report covering 6 months: -

SamKnows download speed






I have just noticed i now have a subscribed channels on my tv guide list which contains 6 channels including sky 1 and sky sports news

I can watch these channels but i have not subscribed for them.

Am i going to be charged for them even though i didnt ask for these channels or have they been added ?



Community Star

@jackrowden4 You have posted in the blog section of the forum, better to start your own topic where the support team can assist, click here.


hi all i keep loseing my internet in bridgnorth why is that becuase it is the internet  or the wether


thanks chris

Community Team

Hi Chris,


Welcome to the Community, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. You've posted in the blog section so can you start a topic in either the Broadband or Fibre Broadband section, and we'll be happy to help :)


Wizz Kid

Still Waiting for Reply Stepen F ????


Community Star

 This is a discussion blog section. 


As has been pointed out several times in this thread, if you have a problem with your current service you need to post in the "help with your service section", where your post will more readily be seen by the OCEs.

Community Star

Sorry, my comments were for davmil50 who seemed to be waiting for a response regarding his current performance.