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Tackle Wi-Fi weak spots for just £25

Community Team - TT Staff

Wi-Fi weak spots are places in your house where you don’t get a reliable Wi-Fi signal. The signal might not reach, or be very weak, because there are many different things that can affect Wi-Fi in your home.

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than streaming your favourite TV show, only to get the dreaded buffering screen when you move to a room with Wi-Fi weak spots. We built our Wi-Fi Extender Kit with problems like this in mind, with the aim of giving you a strong, reliable signal throughout your home.

Our clever Wi-Fi Extender Kit works with your router to extend your Wi-Fi signal, so you can do more online in more of your home. Using powerline technology, our kit uses your home’s electrical wiring to carry your Wi-Fi signal to wherever you’ve plugged it in; whether that’s your bedroom, garage or garden shed.

Put simply, wherever there’s a plug socket, you can plug in the Wi-Fi Extender and enjoy a reliable connection in a part of your home where you’ve always found your Wi-Fi signal suffers. So, if you fancy watching your On Demand favourites in your bedroom, or streaming music in the garden at your summer BBQ - they're just the job.

You can snap one up today for just £25 in the TalkTalk accessories store.

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Conversation Starter

I don't need a PowerPlug anymore otherwise I would have both them in a blink of an eye because that's a real bargain. 25 pounds is less than for older products like TPlink av-500 on ebay!


How do I go about deregistering my pipex account?

I am getting increasing numbers of spam emails.

Community Star

Hi @Adambirt It's a postal application to the Data Protection Team. The guide is Access information we hold on you and the bit you need is the Right to Erasure. Provide details of who you are, your pipex registration details so they can verify you as the registered user of the email mailbox that you ask to be deleted.

Enlightened One

Do both the transmitter and receiver have "pass through" ie) sharing the socket with the router/PC power lead ?

Community Star

Hi @Weevie 


The smaller unit (the one you connect to the router) has a power pass through socket. The Wi-Fi Extender does not have a power pass through socket.