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Tackle Wi-Fi weak spots for just £25

TalkTalk Content Team

Wi-Fi weak spots are places in your house where you don’t get a reliable Wi-Fi signal. The signal might not reach, or be very weak, because there are many different things that can affect Wi-Fi in your home.

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than streaming your favourite TV show, only to get the dreaded buffering screen when you move to a room with Wi-Fi weak spots. We built our Wi-Fi Extender Kit with problems like this in mind, with the aim of giving you a strong, reliable signal throughout your home.

Our clever Wi-Fi Extender Kit works with your router to extend your Wi-Fi signal, so you can do more online in more of your home. Using powerline technology, our kit uses your home’s electrical wiring to carry your Wi-Fi signal to wherever you’ve plugged it in; whether that’s your bedroom, garage or garden shed.

Put simply, wherever there’s a plug socket, you can plug in the Wi-Fi Extender and enjoy a reliable connection in a part of your home where you’ve always found your Wi-Fi signal suffers. So, if you fancy watching your On Demand favourites in your bedroom, or streaming music in the garden at your summer BBQ - they're just the job.

Our Wi-Fi Extender Kits are currently on offer for a limited time. You can snap one up today for just £25 instead of £85 in the TalkTalk accessories store.

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