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My computer is telling me that the antivirus database and windows defender are out of date and need upgrading. When I click on update nothing happens. My computer is on windows 7,don't know if this is the problem.


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I'm not sure this is a TalkTalk issue.


Is your anti virus supplied by TalkTalk,i.e the supersafe boost? If so the f-secure removed support in August 2023.


Also Microsoft themselves removed support for windows 7 in January 2020, so it is extremely likely that these issues are caused by the out of date nature of your operating system.


Officially the upgrade from windows 7 to 10 ended in 2016, but a google search shows that it may still be possible, but how reliable these links are i do not know so am not posting any here, nor advocating any.


If you wish to try updating your system, or know someone who may be able to do so, I'd recommend this as you may also be open to hackers and viruses.


As said i don't feel this is a TalkTalk issue, so am offering my opinion as a fellow customer.





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