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New 4K YouView box

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I’ve recently been sent a new 4k YouView box but I’m now told that in order to record programs I need to purchase an external hard drive?? Can anyone tell me please which hard drive I need to purchase?


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To record you need a usb stick. 


I only have a 128mb stick myself, others have a 256mb. Warning though, make certain you buy from a reputable retailer as fakes bought from auction sites have been known to fail when plugged into the box (there are threads on this on the forum).


Please note though that the box only has one tuner, so you can only record one programme at a time and if you wish to watch another programme you will need to watch via your TV's tuner. The box has no aerial output to the TV so you will need a separate feed from your aerial to do this.


A simple aerial splitter and additional cable will be required to to this. I purchased mine from my local supermarket, but any TV retailer can help you choose the right items, as can online stores.


Hope this helps.

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