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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.


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We have a smart tv connected to a you view box, but now want to take the you view box out and just have the tv, and only have to use the one remote control.

But when we disconnect the you view box and just put the tv in we cant get it to let us connect wireless, and on the tv is wired option with wireless above, but it wont let us hi light that option, we have a tv in the bedroom connected wireless to the internet. 


I thought I would just have to plug tv in and put Ariel in.


Hope someone can make sense of this and give help, thanks.


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A couple of silly questions if I may.


1 re wireless, are you inputting the wifi code to the TV when prompted, that is on the back of the router and not the router password? Many people muddle the 2


2 re wired not being able to be highlighted, this normally signifies that the ethernet cable is not connected to the router or powerline plugs. Have you taken the ethernet cable from the box and connected this to the TV?


If other devices connect to the router wirelessly, then this may be an ossue with the TV. Have you searched your tv model number and wifi issues to see if there are others with similar problems and a solution?


As a last resort I suggest rebooting the router and factory resetting your TV to see if this resolves your problem.


hope this helps.

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