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How to watch Talktalk tv

Stupid question, I recently renewed my Talktalk package and I’m being charged for Talktalk tv but how do you watch it

nickjohn by Conversation Starter
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My TalkTalk TV Box Model Huawei DN372T (Dolby Digital Plus) has developed a playback problem. When I record anything it records OK but when I try to play the recording back in my TV to watch I receive a black screen. If I access a program using one o...


I have been charged for Netfilx, but I have cancelled my membership, can this charge be refunded please

HUAWEI DN372T faults

Equipment supplied 01/03/21 it has 2 faults 1. Power on light (white LED) does not work so no visible indication that DN372T is powered on.This results in my television from stand by overnight if DN372T is switched on (as stated no white LED) it star...

Contract ending

My Contract runs out on May 29th and I have had an offer from TalkTalk. Does not mention anything about TalkTalk Tv but would the cost of this be added to the price I have been given and what exactly does this get you? Would anyone have the number fo...

Baldrico1 by Popular Poster
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No tv box

I want to upgrade my broadband but it keeps on adding tv £4 Trying to explain I don’t have a talktalk tv box and I don’t want one and I don’t want to pay £4 a month for something I don’t have. I have contacted talktalk over a number of years and get ...

aviarybirds by Super Duper Contributor
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Hey New to TalkTalk TV and recently received my Youview box. It’s painfully slow, lagging through menu options. Sometimes commands take 5-10 seconds to respond or it needs restarting. I’ve tried all the usual resets, unplug etc and it persists. Somet...

TV Box playback

My TalkTalk TV Box Model Huawei DN372T (Dolby Digital Plus) has developed a playback problem. When I record anything it records OK but when I try to play the recording back in my TV to watch I receive a black screen. If I access a program using one o...

You View Box and Cancel TV Subscription?

I have not got a Straight answer from Talk Talk. We have very poor internet . 3-6mb . TV box not beneficial. However great for pausing Live TV or recording. If I leave talk talk do I get to keep the box and will it still record and Pause? Thanks

What 4k box will I get.

Hi, I have just signed up to TT 150 Fiber VOIP with free 4K TV box on reading posts I was under the impression it was a Freesat box, but I have now seen there is a smaller black box. Which one will I get as it was the Freesat one I wanted.

Renew package WITHOUT TV

How do you do it? I do not want to sign up and then delete the package for future months; I don't want to pay for it at all.

Labrat by Problem Solver
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Cancel TV Package

Hi I want to cancel the TV part of my package but it appears to be impossible to do it online. Please advise

ChipUK by Conversation Starter
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Talk Talk tv box

Last night I had broadband connection issues and then when I could connect to WiFi again my TV box wouldn't work. I couldn't access now tv through app on tv box, but could on my tablet. Then after about an hour my tv box kept switching itself off and...

Emma03 by Team Player
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You View box flashing blue and red lights then switches off

This morning everything was working fine-came back lunchtime and You view box kept flashing blue/red lights (one of each) then turned off after about a minute.Tried usual re-sets-unplugging, turning off, disconnecting from internet, tried to reset to...

Carol26 by Chatterbox
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Within the last 48 hours, I have suffered the problem that recorded programmes (different channels), will appear to record fine. Information shows the appropriate amount of time recorded, correct channel and record time etc. However, when I try to wa...

Request to return TV box.

Hi,Yesterday I recieved an e-mail from TalkTalk requesting me to return my TV box by the 19th April, stating that a returns pack would be sent out shortly in order for me to not have to send it to landfill and that it would be recycled. I have an act...

glanman by Conversation Starter
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Youview box + wifi

I recently had a new fibre line and router installed at my home, due to where the line comes into the house I had to move my router, thus means I have to use WiFi rather than ethernet connection.The youview box I have doesn't have WiFi! I have tried ...

ElDavo85 by Participant
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Hey. I'm about to upgrade to full fibre am I still able to use my youview box after upgrading to record and keep existing recordings? cheers

Maf164 by Popular Poster
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Activate my device

I have had my new line installed today and cannot find out how to activate the device

Lynda12 by First Timer
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Talk tv app

Im being told i have to many registered devices. How do I remove old phones that have been registered

PETE62 by Participant
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Cancel TV Seervice

I've just renewed my Broadband not realising that I would be charged £4.00 for TV is there a way I can remove this as its not something that I have been using.I'm not happy about paying an extra £4.00 for nothing.

Youview box keeps restarting (even on standby)

My Huawei youview box randomly switched itself (and my TV) on twice in the night. I reset it and now it is continuously restarting and ‘waking up’ every few minutes - whether I’m watching it or if it’s on standby. I’ve try resetting and unplugging lo...

NetFlix Fibre65 code - not received

I don't think I'm the only person in this situation where I've been promised a code for my discounted netflix subscription, but it hasn't arrived. Trying to follow the instructions in this thread (

TV opt out

Hello, I need to renew my TT contract, the nearest to what I've had seems to be the Fibre 35 package except I don't watch tv so I don't really want to pay for something I don't use, there does not seem to be an option to upgrade without the tv featur...

chevvies by Conversation Starter
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