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TV Support

For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Broken tv remote

My tv remote has decided to stop wirking put new batteries in and still nothing could i please request a new 1

Cancelling TV Boost. Impossible.

We never use our TV Boost, so thought I'd try and cancel it. There's a message saying on the website, saying you need to speak to someone to do that, so called up and got a recorded message in the end, saying that speaking to someone is 'so 2022' and...

RobKM by Newbie
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New TV hub

I have plugged in my new TV hub and have power to it and turned on my TV but the new remote is not doing anything . I can't get further than input selection list and you view in the top left corner of the TV. Please help.

Tv not connecting automatically to the internet

Since I have had a new tv box it will connect to the internet if I use WPS button, but then every time I come back to it I have to reconnect it. It will not connect through my normal router by connecting using wi-fi, have to pair it using the WPS. I ...

Topbasso by First Timer
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Returning youview box

I’ve received my new talk talk box as ordered, however there wasn’t a returns bag or free returns label as stated in letter received in order to return my old youview box. Can this be sent to me?

Missym by Newbie
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I have a coaxial cable fitted between the TV and the hub but how does the signal come through the coaxial cable - do I need an aerial e.g. on the roof?

Sledgod by Visitor
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My box

My new tv box is plugged in but doesn’t seem to have any power

Shume55 by Sightseer
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4K tv box

I am thinking of cancelling my subscription as I use very few of the channels provided. Would I still be able to use the box to record channels via the tuner? Also would ITVX be available?

KEJordan by Team Player
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Can not switch Netflix from sky to TalkTalk

Hi I’m having trouble linking my Netflix to TalkTalk. I previously had Netflix with sky tv, but I left sky for TalkTalk. I’m beginning to regret that decision, as I’m having issues with the tv hub, signing up with Now TV and Netflix. signing up to Ne...

Your YouView Box

How do I return my Your YouView box and accompanying box of plugs as I have never used them and never will?

ViJaSm by Newbie
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I have had TV add on for many years, the box stopped working about five years ago and i still pay £5 a month for a service i do not use. But i cannot find any way to cancel it. Please Help!

New TV box not working

I need to speak with a human being regarding the new tv box i was sent recently. It doesn’t work very well.anne jarvis

Using tv on a pc

Hello. I don't have a television set. Can I purchase a TV package and use it on my PC, tablet, or phone? Is their an app (mobile or desktop) and do I get all normal TV stations? Netflix seems to be included. If I sign up to talk talk TV package, can ...

markjk by Newbie
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Resolved! TV box sound but no picture

HI I have just renewed my contract this afternoon - Fibre 65. I previously was on Fibre 65 but am being sent a new box as I have an old box. Put the TV on this evening and I have sound but saying no signal. I have taken the ariel out of the TV box an...

Ragsab by Team Player
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Talk Tv 4k box

I have accidentally turned on subtitles in the STV app. Can someone please tell me how to switch the subtitles off using the remote provided with the TalkTalk TV 4k Hub?

Puzzled! by First Timer
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I've got an old TalkTalk Tv box and now can't get ITVX. I've got a smart tv so I want to cancel my TV addon and just use the TV without the box to get the available apps. I've chatted with TT ( 5 solid hours) and my present broadband speed will not r...

jsz1952 by Popular Poster
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Netgem 4K Box Activation????

I have TalkTalk FTTP broadband. I'm looking for a set top box to provide a good quality 4K signal to a new 4k TV but TalkTalk cant provide me their 4K because of the package I'm on. Talktalk Netgem 4K boxes are available to buy on ebay. Does anyone k...

4K TV Box not available

Just got an additional new 4K TV and wanted to power it using the new TalkTalk 4K tv box because I have TalkTalk FFTP broadband. After calling today I have been told that this is not available to me because I am on a Freedom Fibre package. The custom...


have been talking with Dan this morning as i had a problem with my tv who could not fix but made a app with engneer for wednesday 7th feb. But need to cancel as my tv is now working. how do i cancel. thank you audrey hamilton

pin number

my 4 digit pin no longer allows access to tv services. how do I get a workable pin? I've tried last 4 digits of landline/mobile/account numbers and 0000 and 1111. nothing works so I can't access tv progs. using chat now useless. .page on talk talk ap...

dotty9 by First Timer
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sirs i have recently purchased the tv part of my contract. i do not want to take up the offer and would like to cancel the tv part.

tvhub queries

How do I , on tvhub:1) open file manager ?2) play videos on us import ?John

John448 by First Timer
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