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TV Support

For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Replacment Talk Talk TV box

Hello,my tv box now takes more than 1 minute to open an app and it crashes out of apps regularly. It is over 6 years old. I would like a replacement box so I’m not waiting longer and so my viewing is not constantly interrupted with crashing.

Picture does not match the sound

3 weeks of having the new talktalk box and have logged this with the helpline on many occasions and spend more time switching the box off and on and factory resets and have now unplugged this box. The helpline say they have never had this issue befor...

Liam007 by Visitor
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Green screen

I have had the android box about a month but for the past week to 10 days all I get is a green screen, I have changed HDMI cable turned it around and tried switching off and on at the mains, until I can get a fix I am going to reconnect my netgem box

Oscar13 by First Timer
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Pixelling on BBC via Netgem box,

Even with an aerial booster we get pixelling on bbc channels. Tried aerial direct to TV and all OK. New Netgen box seems be a pronlem

Pam54 by First Timer
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Resolved! TV box sound but no picture

HI I have just renewed my contract this afternoon - Fibre 65. I previously was on Fibre 65 but am being sent a new box as I have an old box. Put the TV on this evening and I have sound but saying no signal. I have taken the ariel out of the TV box an...

Ragsab by Team Player
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4K Box No HD and Channels Unavailable

Have just fitted replacement 4k Box. Will record but there is no High Definition for either BBC or ITV Channels. Just watching ITV on Channel 3 with a blurry picture. Have scanned Channels again but no change. Can anyone help ?

tv hub

i have the new hub box askedfor the one that can record the recordings are not watchable stop starting freezing up i have purchase memory disc from a genuine outlet and not a cheap one from ebay and it has been formated also the play back is hit and ...

Stuttering picture

When viewing channels in HD the picture seems to stutter ? ………..

Rich1161 by First Timer
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TV hub

when i switch my tv hub on it connects and then the screen goes blank for a few seconds and then comes back on again. it keeps doing this untill i switch off again and back on

eddyp1 by First Timer
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Loss of sound on tv programme.

The sound on channel 21 has gone . The Picture is OK but no sound . Tried retuning all channels -no effect. Tried picture quality on Channel 21 showed strength 25/26 Quality 99/100.. Any Ideas what to do next. It only started yesterday , prior to tha...

New talktalk tv hub not 4K UHD.

so i have received my new replacement tv box as itv x no longer available on my original youview box,tried everything to get BBC iPlayer to show 4K UHD content but doesn't, i'm convinced these boxes are NOT 4K UHD compliant!

vauxman by Conversation Starter
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New TV Hub

Hi, So I've installed my new TV hub, but seem to have a problem with BBC iplayer showing UHD content?, it went through updates and re set its self several times, but no joy! My netgem box was and is fine, shows UHD content, also checked the iplayer v...

vauxman by Conversation Starter
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TalkTalk TV Hub

Hi TalkTalk community, I'm a very recent customer using the TalkTalk TV Hub device and I'm very disappointed with the picture quality coming from the TV Hub box, so I thought I could ask for some guidance and support in case there's something that ca...

4k box, HDCP 2.2 issue

Hi, I have a 4k TV, I've tried to set the resolution on my talktalk 4k box to 3860x2160 30hz but states HDCP 2.2 compatibility issue and will only let me set to FHD via the HDMI port on the TV. Is this normal on these boxes or should I buy a HDMI spl...

vauxman by Conversation Starter
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4k box overheating

HiMy youview box is very very hot and sound started going up and down but now the picture and sound are freezing .  

PStalk by Chatterbox
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A programmed recording has run but returns a black screen (ie no picture or sound). If you try to record a terrestrial TV programme whilst watching an App programme (eg in my case Neighbours on Prime) Youview registers a recording that when you try t...


I've setup my TV box, the Hub version that comes with the full fibre service. I know it's a 4k HDR box but HDR appears to be enabled permanently. Is there a way to stop this so HDR is only presented on an HDR broadcast? HDR on standard def bbc1 for e...

Talktalk TV

Hi there.I have Sky TV at present, which is good, but very expensive. I am considering a change, and as I have TT Fibre 150, I was considering Now Sports. I have tried phoning, and tried the online help, but nobody seems to be able to answer the ques...

Netgem tv box pixelation

Netgem tv box picture frequently pixelating and is unwatchable. Retuning makes no difference. This does not happen when connected direct to tv. Any advice would be appreciated.

Patch017 by Chatterbox
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New 4K TV Box VIVID colours much too bright.

HiI received my new box last week, somewhere during the set up process it mentioned vivid colour for UHD viewing. I find that this is too vivid when watching Netflix etc via this box, it is much brighter than Netflix on my 4K TV App.Is there a way I ...

sure2watch by Conversation Starter
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Watching UHD 4K TV and Internet Speeds ; renew contract.

HiMy speed last year was 20mbps until on 22 August Openreach “fixed “the line. It dropped to 16 and I noticed later my minimum guarantee was 15mbps. At Christmas I got an LG OLED 4K TV which has been great for UHD viewing, only occasional drops in pi...

sure2watch by Conversation Starter
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Youview Streaming Apps / Internet Speeds

Hi There, I seem to have a problem with my internet speeds anytime i use any of the streaming apps on the Youview box, i have sky sports HD with NOW TV and any time i watch NOW TV through my Youview box the picture starts off in perfect HD but after ...

TV not working

I just typed a long message which very annoyingly disappeared when I opened another tab for a minute and I really can’t be bothered re typing it. So here’s the abbreviated version… My mother-in-law’s TV intermittently loses signal, has no HD channels...

RussTrue by Team Player
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Tv box

How long do you wait for an item to arrive of talk talk.

Pete1766 by First Timer
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