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Loss of Channels / Picture Break Up? It's the Weather!

Whist this advice was initially given about a specific weather incident the advice below (in bold) is relevant to atmospheric changes in general. High pressure weather conditions can cause picture break up or loss of channels for some viewers across ...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Tv box dying.

After several years my TV box is dying. I've reset it several times and checked everything. Even replaced the hdmi cable but the problems remain. Every minute or so, the screen will go dark and the sound will mute briefly. This is a box with the reco...

Volume button

The volume button on my remote has suddenly stopped working.

Lollyloc by First Timer
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TV box only outputs stereo sound

Hi, The audio output from my TV box is only in stereo even when I know the program I am watching ( such as a Netflix) is being transmitted in 5.1 audio. I have tried changing the settings from stereo to surround sound but it makes no difference. I fi...

Dlofty by Chatterbox
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No sound youview box

Recently bought a new TV and connected our youview box to it with no issues - everything worked perfectly. Suddenly the sound has stopped working for no reason. We’ve replaced the hdmi cable, changed the ports around, rebooted, retuned, everything we...

Im ready to throw this box up the wall!

Had talk talk tv and broadband around 3 months ago. I tried multiple times to set the box up but it wouldn't connect to the Internet. Iv left it sitting there and used our now tv stick. Just thought i would have another go at it. I have got the Inter...

How to connect WiFi to youview TV box?

Why was I not made aware that the youview box is not WiFi compatible - what century are we living in? Must I have wires all over my living room to allow for streaming BBC iplayer??! I would not have bothered if I had known!

Thomas25 by First Timer
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