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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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PIN Number requests using TV HUB

If you have successfully signed into Apps such as ITVX and you are asked for a PIN number, this may be due to Parental Controls being set up during set up. The Box default PIN is 1234. Try this to access and unless you require Parental Controls to be...

fr8ys by Community Star
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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Picture not in sync with voices

Got our new to hub from TalkTalk a couple of weeks ago. Last couple of days have noticed the sound is not in sync with the screen images. Can anyone advise a fix for this? Internet working well, just this issue with the hub, which we didn’t have with...

Janiec by Sightseer
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Picture does not match the sound

3 weeks of having the new talktalk box and have logged this with the helpline on many occasions and spend more time switching the box off and on and factory resets and have now unplugged this box. The helpline say they have never had this issue befor...

Liam007 by First Timer
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Talktalk tv hub

I have just received the Talktalk tv hub, my old talktalk tv box connected to my tv soundbar, can I still use the soundbar with the new hub?

4k box intermittent sound

My 4k box has intermittent sound.Only happens when using apps I.e. Netflix or NOW but can happen 3-4 times per viewing. Any solutions? We've tried resetting box and router.Thanks Lucy

Sound dropping on new 4K Hub

Hi again - separate post, as different issueReceived and set up new hub today. We are having problems with sound dropping out for a few seconds every minute or two, so we are regularly missing a few words from sentences. Quite annoying. Cant find any...

Twist by Conversation Starter
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Sound low Talk Talk TV Hub

Apps on TV Hub sound low. Previous Talk Talk box no issues. Tried all the usual technical snagging but so frustrating sound still so low compared to terrestial TV. Any suggestions be helpful., as I am fed up trying to get decent support from Talk Tal...

Talktalk box

Hi, I have been having a problem with my Talktalk box since I received it a few months ago. After switching on there is no sound which necessitates switching it off and restarting when the sound resumes - this is rather annoying and a waste of time.

Installing talk talk tv box with soundbar

Hi, I'm in the process of installing a new talk talk tv box. I've had a sony sound bar for a while and it's worked perfectly but it doesn't seem to be connecting to the new box. I can't find a any instructions anywhere so any suggestions appreciated ...

Marm125 by First Timer
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Tv box sound loss

Hi, Had a look through but can’t see a solution to the specific problem I’m having. Only had my tv box for a month or so, but when we are watching anything on any of the apps, we get a loss of sound. It’s only lasts for a couple of seconds; but it ha...

Marius57 by First Timer
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Ch 5 audio delay

A little bit before Christmas we got our new Talk Talk TV box all is fine other than the audio on channel 5 is delayed slightly, which is very off putting. Any suggestions? ThanksSteve

SteveB86 by Participant
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TV Hub sound issues.

Hi all. I’ve just installed my new TV hub box and am experiencing some weird sound issues. The box is connected to a smart Sony which then connects to a Sonos sound system. There appears to be no surround sound when watching normal Tv and the sound w...

Talktalk tv 4K box

I installed my Talktalk 4K box today after spending 2 hours on the chat line and over an hour yesterday. Very tedious.I thought I had it all sorted with picture and sound , having gone through placing an app on my mobile and pairing.Thought all was g...

johnh21 by First Timer
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4k box overheating

HiMy youview box is very very hot and sound started going up and down but now the picture and sound are freezing .  

PStalk by Chatterbox
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TV no sound - tried everything!

Hi everyone, My 4K TV box is occasionally having sound issue. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it takes 1-2 mins for the sound to come through and today there is just no sound whatsoever! Help pls! We have tried restarting, rebooting the machine, c...

Useless 4k TV box

I really don't know why I'm still with this useless, awful provider. When I first joined in 2021 they gave me this TV box as part of the broadband package and that was virtually unusable - very laggy and poor performance so I took it out and didn't b...

john2190 by Participant
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No sound only pictures

I connected my youview box and there is no sound only picture. Can someone help ?

Faith44 by Team Player
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TV Hub Sound Out of Sync

Hi We got our TV hub 3 weeks ago. Every now and then the sound falls out of sync with the picture. Turning them box on and off again resolves the issue. Firmware is up to date. Didn't have this issue with our old talk talk box.

5G Mast Interference?

Good morning.A bit of an odd questions, we had a 5G mast installed around a month ago not far from our property. All has been OK until roughly a week ago, we have started to experience issues with internet and freeview channels on our TalkTalk box. T...

Archy101 by Popular Poster
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TV playback of recorded programs keep dropping sound

Hi, When I'm playing a TV program and skip forward a few secs then the sound drops and I have to skip back or forward a few more times to get the sound back. I've tried a factory reset delete recordings and reset keep recordings, but it didn't fix th...

YORKYUK by Whizz Kid
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