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Now Sports - Can the Channels be Integrated with TV guide??

My elderly father finds it really difficult to open the Now TV app on his old talktalk box. He can easily get the channels for BT and all others through the TV guide. I've tried retuning the channels a few times and although he has a valid Now TV spo...

John_P by Chatterbox
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Free view missing

We’ve been missing freeview for a few weeks, resetting the box, retuning, unplugging etc have sometimes nothing works - tried retuning, unplugging etc etc but only one channel found.Tried the talk talk chat … one for an hour then they rest...

Link NowTV account with my TalkTalk account?

Hi, I subscribe to NowTV (Entertainment and Cinema) and I can watch stuff on my YouView box using the NowTv app.Do I need to link my NowTv account to my TalkTalk account in order to just watch Sky content directly from the guide?When i try to do that...

stevieboy by Super Duper Contributor
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No channel through talktalk box but ok through TV

When my aerial is plugged into my talktalk box I can't get hardly any of my channels (apparently I pay for so many in HD but never get them). I have had issues ever since the bilsdale mast burnt down but even now when there is a temporary mast in pla...

LornaB29 by First Timer
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Unresolved YMV102 and related error messages

For some time our YouBox (TT supplied, Huawei, c 2yrs old) has been playing up (slow MyTV navigation, etc) but since 2 days displays 'no broadband connection', error messages YVM102 and 105, cannot display Watch List page; lacks Guide info on all pac...

Subscribed tv channels

I have a youview box with talktalktv and subscription with now tv. The now tv channels come up on the TV guide but I cannot select and watch from there, it tells me I need to subscribe and when I press ok takes me to the now tv purchase page. I can a...

don-don by First Timer
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Program ID and On Next writing staying on screen

Hi,All of a sudden the Program ID and On Next writing staying at the bottom of the screen and the current time in the top right corner are remaining on screen all the time and I can't get rid of them!

How to get a new tv box?

Hello, we haven’t used our tv box for around 6 months now because it won’t turn on!! Please could you help me to get a new sent out please? I have just renewed my contact. I didn’t think it would’ve this hard!! @TVBoxProblems

ebird by First Timer
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Poor LiteTV Box Performance.

Hello all, really regretting moving to TT. The BB is not bad, but the TV box they supplied is not fit for purpose and even following all the suggestions here available does not improve anything.Is this problem a common one and if so does it give me a...

munsy by Chatterbox
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All Sky/BT sport channels lost following upgrade

Hi. I recently upgraded to FTTP 150 broadband. I knew as a result I would lose my sky sports and entertainment boosts. However, the youview box has removed all Sky and BT sports channels. I subscribed to BT sports separately via BT and it came throug...

Kezr78 by First Timer
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Now Sports

Hi Please can someone help me. I've used the talk talk box to purchase the Now Sports App.. scanned QR Code - paid for offer... Still cannot watch Sports channel on tv via box. I've been in contact with NOW TV since 10:30 this morning. Their advice h...

Youview box

My Youview box has stopped recording. I have turned the modem off and back on again and have also switched the set top box off and on again several times. I have tried to do factory reset but Youview box still isn't loading.

Petepint by First Timer
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You view box and tv guide

My You view guide shows the time an hour behind what it should be so all programs are an hour behind. cant find anywhere to change to correct time as i believe its all automatic over the internet etc. tried a keep recordings factory reset to no avail...

NowTV voucher codes

I'm trying to order the Entertainment pass for £5.99 as seen in my offers and upgrade link, however, I've tried repeatedly and the codes are never sent. The chat to us link doesn't work. Looks like I'll have to pay £9.99 if I still want it. This isn'...

Talk Talk/HUAWEI DN-372t and Polaroid TV

Hi,More information than asking a question. I’ve seen loads of people trying to pair the v3/v4 remote to a Polaroid TV (ASDA).The Polaroid codes listed in the guide do not work, and after some trial and error, the code I did get to work was 2241. Hop...

SimonMay by First Timer
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When is my tv box arriving?

Hi there, when is my TV box arriving? 7 days ago I got the email "You’re all set. Your TV service is live and ready for you" but I am not sure how to set up? Is a TV box and remote coming to me? Do I need to set up something on my smart (ish) TV? Bes...

Recording issues - Unable to watch or record

Good morning. I have a problem with my TT box in that a) we are unable to watch our recordings (some 80% stored); andb) we are unable to record programmes.In the case of a) the screen is black when trying to view a recording and in the case of b) the...

Mart38_B by Popular Poster
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How to connect WiFi to youview TV box?

Why was I not made aware that the youview box is not WiFi compatible - what century are we living in? Must I have wires all over my living room to allow for streaming BBC iplayer??! I would not have bothered if I had known!

Thomas25 by First Timer
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