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Cancelling TalkTalk TV

Having successfully created my online account after encountering issues in the process I now need more help! I have been able to cancel my £9 TV Select Boost but I can not see any options to cancel my £4 TalkTalk TV.

LilyG1 by Sightseer
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Resolved! How to upgrade to the new 4k TV box

Hi as a valued customer l would like to have the new 4k TV box. Do I need to just go through the process of setting up a new contract again like Fiber 65 plus TV? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Antony.

WILLI9106 by Popular Poster
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Now TV 1080p Boost & on-damand

Hi,We currently have Sky Sports Boost on TT box. My contract ends soon and looks like the only option with TT is to switch to NOW. Standard resolution of 720p is laughable so need to add boost to 1080p. Is this option available with TT NOW offer? Bee...

Sky Sports on talktalk box not NOW.

Hi, We had an email last month to say that sky sports through our talktalk box will be ending at the end of Feb and if we wanted to continue we would have to sign up with NOW. We did that with a voucher code, but sky sports is still working ands we a...

Sky sports box office

Hi, box office is not appearing in my TV guide and I want to buy the boxing match that is on on Saturday night, does anyone know how I can get it on?

How do I remove TV from my Talk Talk package?

Good afternoon, I want to remove the TV portion from my Talk Talk package (costing an extra £4 a month on top of the Fibre 65 package) as I don't use it. I can't see how to do this on my account as there's no option to remove it like a boost or anyth...

Kazp_1 by Popular Poster
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NetFlix Fibre65 code - not received

I don't think I'm the only person in this situation where I've been promised a code for my discounted netflix subscription, but it hasn't arrived. Trying to follow the instructions in this thread (

Now tv

Hi when I upgraded the guy said he would include now tv in my package however I am being charged separately too. Please advise.

TerriL by Popular Poster
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Now TV Sports Pass

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. My TV boost was replaced by the Now TV Sports Pass, £20 per month for 1 year. That came to an end and I now pay monthly at £33.99. In My Offers section there is an offer for £20 per month again, 1 yr contract....

falconi66 by Conversation Starter
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was told channels are on now tv boost but they arent

hi there so in december i resigned up to talk talk for a great deal was then told everything was removed from my account and moved to now tv my box was so old it was compatible i was then fighting with talk talk for over a month before a managed esca...

Loss of boost channels

I pay for the entertainment boost and my contract doesn't expire until 2023, but I have lost all these channels from my box. I have checked my account and the boost is still there, but I'm not getting it. I've checked all my connections, done line te...

Honey146 by Chatterbox
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Now TV Entertainment voucher

I am having a problem trying to get a Now TV Entertainment voucher. I request the voucher for Now TV Entertainment but when it takes you to the next page there are only options for Now TV Sport or Cinema. Can someone help please?

mchlorine by Popular Poster
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Not received a now tv voucher

HiI recently spoke to an agent about getting a nowtv entertainment voucher to replace the entertainment pack. I havent received one, and when i go onto your website to request one, it's not an option for me (only films or sport). Can you resend it to...

Dtewkesb by First Timer
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did not recieve now tv entertainment voucher code

Hi i recently resigned up to amend my package and as a result my entertainment packed with talk talk was out of date and was deleted i was told a new now tv code was requested and sent out 2 days ago ive recieved nothing i have requested in twice sin...

Now TV

I've just tried joining up with Now TV, via the TT offer.I wanted the entertainment and sky films elements.It clearly shows the 3 options, my 2 choices plus sport, which I don't want.I've successfully enrolled with sky films and it's up and running.B...

des09 by Problem Solver
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TV boost

I've just renewed my TT contract and have retained the TV boost. Although I've negotiated it to £0, I'd still like to know what one gets for the money, If paid in full.I thought it wasn't being added to new contracts anymore?So if I was to switch off...

des09 by Problem Solver
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Talktalk Tv and Tv starter boost

I am currently charged £7 for starter boost and £4 for talktalk tv. I am currently using the set top box to receive the free view but think £11 a month is to much how do I cancel this ?

Link NowTV account with my TalkTalk account?

Hi, I subscribe to NowTV (Entertainment and Cinema) and I can watch stuff on my YouView box using the NowTv app.Do I need to link my NowTv account to my TalkTalk account in order to just watch Sky content directly from the guide?When i try to do that...

stevieboy by Super Duper Contributor
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NOW TV voucher error

had a 7 day free trial on NOW TV during the summer which I cancelled after 7 days. Account still active. tried to apply my NOW TV code from email and keep getting error message Sorry something went wrongWe are currently experiencing some technical di...

slaw1963 by Participant
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Now TV Vouchers Request

Having requested a link / voucher for the Now TV Sports subscription online, nothing has been received by email. I have done this at least twice this morning. Could a link / voucher be generated and sent to the email address linked to my account plea...

Bouch by Team Player
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Hi @Karl-TalkTalk Sorry for being boring but, I still haven't received my NOW entertainment voucher which was promised to my E-mail account yesterday, I have checked my junk folder as well. I've never had one from TT before although I do currently ha...

fre55die by Community Star
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TV boosts

I am thinking of renewing my broadband contract and it wants to charge me £4 pm for a TV boost which was apparently free on my existing package but it doesn't show up in my a/c boostsI have never had this package (or the set top box which I believe i...

Otley by Popular Poster
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Now TV Sky Sports boost

My current Sky Sports discount is coming to end in October and I understand that I will have to cancel this boost and take out one via Now TV. However I have read that this will not be possible if I have a recordable set top box. Could you let me kno...

TrishL by Participant
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Entertainment Boost Not Working!

Hi! We've had the entertainment boost forever, mainly for Nat Geo Wild to run at the back in our shop. Everything was going smoothly a month ago, then 3 weeks ago all the channels disappeared with the error code ICP6017 on the screen. After long hour...

TalkTalk Plus TV has been discontinued

It is a shame that the great PVR service of TalkTalk with Youview has been discontinued and probably we will get no more features or updates. I like; Series link, keep programs, save them to watch with friends or relatives but TalkTalk say most peopl...

TVPLUS by Chatterbox
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