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Youview Box won't allow me to use the TV's own remote

Just had to move my TV and unplugged the Ariel from the YV box.The dratted thing fell apart and I've had to replace it, the Ariel cable, that is!Now the YV Box happily uses it's own remote , but will not allow me full use of my Sony TV Remote which w...

Steamywee by Super Duper Contributor
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Resolved! seeking code for TV remote for a VELTECH VEL32F001UK Television

I've looked in the list can't find Veltech. I've recently bought a replacement YouView box [DN372T] as the old one had become unreliable. It came with a new remote control [looks like ...

Remote replacement request

Hi there,Our remote control seems to have a stuck button. It will randomly switch channels while we’re watching TV - always to channel 2, 22, or 222. I’ve tried replacing the batteries and resetting it, but it’s still happening. please would you send...

Hemo-Fox by Team Player
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Talk Talk remote problem.

Hello. Last summer my remote control unit was replaced because the number 1 button stopped working. The same issue is affecting the relatively new remote with an additional button, the down arrow, not working. Help please.Thanks.

NEWbrain1 by Conversation Starter
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Remote Control problems

Hi, now having regular problems with remote. (Purchased just over a year ago from Talktalk as replacement)It works intermittently. Have carried out all recommended checks repeatedly, including resetting, but seems to work for short time then stops, d...

Twist by Conversation Starter
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Do i get a tv remote as part of signing up to talktalk tv?


Recently I have had a problem with subtitles.Watching a program that I had recorded from BBC1 I wanted subtitles on but nothing happened when I pressed the button on the remote. I struggled on with the program and then switched the TV off. The next m...

T120r by Team Player
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Remote control

There is no control with the TV box. How am I to set it up and use it?

No Remote

Hi. I have received my Youview tv box. Just gone to set it up and there is no remote in the box so cannot use it wondering how I get a remote for the box? Is there also any way of connecting the box to WiFi as my router is no where near my TV. Thank ...

Youview remote won’t control tv

Recently got a new Sharp tv and I’ve followed the instructions to program the youview remote to control the tv but I can’t get it to work. It’s a V4 remote so you press and hold the search button until the led flashes 3 times then you hold down the n...

Email offered new TV remote, but request denied

I have an old TV box with its old remote, which is now very tatty, and the rubberised case is sticky - not very nice.I have opened a new contract for my overall package, and was sent a new TV box (DN360T) but no remote or cable.Talktalk emailed to sa...

jayesjay by Whizz Kid
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Remote not sync with tv- only 1 button not working

Hellohave now received a brand new tv box and still the remote doesn’t switch on and off the tvi tried a different remote o had and same issuei reset the remotes a few times (press 16 and then 981) but still nothing everythg else works, just not the ...

Problem with remote

HelloI have a problem with the remote, it has stopped working 3-4 times today and never done it before. I tried a different remote I had and same issue. I did the reset (1 and 6) and few times with both. I also reset the box a few times and after res...

v4 remote control code for medion P14341 TV

Can anybody provide 4 digit code to input on V4 remote control that will pair with Medion P14341 Smart TV.I've tried all the codes listed in TalkTalk summary list of tv codes, but they don't work

Mac55 by Conversation Starter
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TalkTalk controller

Trying to pair controller to new JVC TV. I can turn TV off with TalkTalk controller but unable to turn on again. Have to use TV controller to do this. I have tried all suggested codes.Any ideas?

Muli room box

The other week on returning from holiday on turning on the bedroom tv I could only watch one channel. In the bottom lh corner you could see the channels scrolling. When opening the guide only bbc1 could be selected.I tried off/on a number of times, d...

New Youview box and remote control

Hi there. My YouView box and remote control must be close to 10 years old and have never had a replacement. The box is crashing more and more frequently and the remote controls are very intermittent as to when they work. Batteries recently changed in...

Controlling Linsar tv with V1/V2 remote

Hello, I'm trying to control my Linsar 32inch tv with my V1/V2 remote. However, Linsar doesn't appear in the list of manufacturers. As their tvs are made by Vestel in Turkey I tried all of their codes but couldn't get any to work. Can anyone help me ...

bobsime by Popular Poster
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Tv remote

Hi All. Our remote is very temperamental as to whether its going to work or not, probably due to being dropped once or twice too many times. Is it possible to order another? I can't find anything on the website. Thanks.

tv remote not working

hi my tv remote has been getting worse over the past week and now it does not work at all, i have reset and changed batteries multiple times also reset box a few times but it is totally unusable now with no blue talktalk light showing when i press an...

Dennis56 by Participant
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talktalk tv remote not working

hi for the past couple of weeks my remote has been getting harder and harder to use, i keep pressing the buttons now but no blue talktalk light coming on now and cant change channels or switch on/off at all now. i have changed batteries and reset a n...

Dennis56 by Participant
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Remote control problem

My talk talk remote control works intermittently.I've changed the batteries.It gets stuck on the guide or on a channel so I have to turn off using the TV remoteI need a replacement remote.

lizhen1 by First Timer
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TalkTalk Plus TV has been discontinued

It is a shame that the great PVR service of TalkTalk with Youview has been discontinued and probably we will get no more features or updates. I like; Series link, keep programs, save them to watch with friends or relatives but TalkTalk say most peopl...

TVPLUS by Chatterbox
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Youview box fails to record and play back recordings

Our youview box has started playing up recently. It fails to record anything and also won't playback older recordings that were successful (just get a black screen).I've done a factory reset on at least 3 occasions now (which is a pain to do as it re...

johnrp007 by Popular Poster
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Faulty TV box remote

Hi,Just renewed our contract. We have the original TV box remote still, bit couple of the remote buttons stick. Could I organise for a replacement remote be sent out please or is this forum the wrong place?Thanks, Graham