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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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YouView TV Guide not working or slow

Hi @Mmatt , @Pez30 , @Bferen , @Frankafrank , @Rusty_2 , @Glendevonfrank , @Glenda5 , @Cathcol , @SCBierton13 , @Suezz , @Chevy1 Can you all please confirm if you have tried the following : removing the aerial = Y/N remove the ethernet = Y/N reboot =...

PIN Number requests using TV HUB

If you have successfully signed into Apps such as ITVX and you are asked for a PIN number, this may be due to Parental Controls being set up during set up. The Box default PIN is 1234. Try this to access and unless you require Parental Controls to be...

fr8ys by Community Star
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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Trouble with tv hub remote

My tv hub remote doesn’t respond when I try to get to the settings cog on the Home Screen. No left/right, up/down on the wheel, so can’t access anything! Any suggestions?

Remote control

I have just joined talk talk and received my box but there was no control included

Patty3 by Chatterbox
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My V4 remote has stopped working. The lights work on it but it does nothing.I've reset it, paired it and changed batteries. Nothing works. I think I need a new one I have had this one for years and years.

Wispy123 by Popular Poster
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JVC LT-43CF810 Fire TV & TalkTalk remote control

I have a JVC LT-43CF810 Fire TV and a TalkTalk/Huawei DN372T (recording) set top box. The remote for the set top box is a V3 legacy remote.The remote works fine with the TV except for the TV on/off and volume controls which do nothing. I have to use ...

redmelons by Conversation Starter
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Replacement Youview controller

I need a new Youview remote controller. Replaced batteries .still intermittent response from remote to YOuview box/tv

Tonym8 by Participant
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Talk talk remote buttons stopped working

Hi, I have never been given a new remote and have had this remote since I joined talk talk approx 10 years ago. They have replaced the box but never replaced the remote (twice now) I started the 150 fibre contract last September when I moved home and...

ladyJL2 by Participant
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Replacement 4K tv remote

Hello,I've discussed with the account chat twice now without resolution - I need a replacement 4K tv remote - on each occasion they have said they need to order a new box as well which seems a bit excessive but ok however nothing has ever been sent o...

IanRP1 by First Timer
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Remote Control broken

My TalkTalk TV remote control has broken - it's been on its way out for a while, and has finally given up the ghost. Any idea how I obtain a replacement? Many thanks if you can help

Mags11 by First Timer
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Replacement remote control

Having issues with remote control. Does the remote on sale in the store work with all TV boxes?

well1991 by Popular Poster
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TalkTalk 4K Remote Text Button

HelloI have just received the TalkTalk TV 4K Box and I am very happy with it. Just one query. There is a text button on the remote but when I press it (on any BBC TV or Radio channel) I get the message on the TV 'Teletext not available on this channe...

Jaxx1 by Popular Poster
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Missing Remote from TV Box

Hello all,I received my TV Box for the first time but it is missing the remote control making it unusable. Is there any way I can get a remote control sent over?E

EnricoC_ by Team Player
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TV Hub Google Assistant

HelloI press the microphone button on the remote and the Assistant banner pops up but no matter what I say it does nothing. help!

TV Remote some buttons don't work

I think I know the answer but looking for a bit a help from an advisor but for the past few months I've struggled with a few of the buttons on the remote I have to really press down hard to get them to workThis is the third box I have had form Talk T...

callmesir by Popular Poster
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Netgem 4K Remote Issues

Hi,I have an LG EG960V TV and was sent a Netgem 4K box last year. I had issues with the remote control functions and reverted back to the DN372 although it occasionally locks up. My contract is due for renewal in a few weeks so I thought I would revi...

TV 4k remote

I have recently received the new 4k TV box, currently seems ok but can’t get the remote to work the volume on my Panasonic TV, other remotes have worked in the past so can’t seem to find out what to do, can someone help please. Thank you.

Bennie123 by Popular Poster
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