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Loss of Channels / Picture Break Up? It's the Weather!

Whist this advice was initially given about a specific weather incident the advice below (in bold) is relevant to atmospheric changes in general. High pressure weather conditions can cause picture break up or loss of channels for some viewers across ...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Frozen you view box

My you view box has been playing up for a while but having tried all the advice I tried a factory reset keep recordings tonight. It was doing it but has now frozen part way through on page headed parental control

rafdac by Participant
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TV Box record and playback failure

Recorded programs do not play back since the morning of 18/12/21. I tried a power off then back on, but no improvement. Photo shows screen before it goes blank.Recordings are failing from 18/12/21Live program works (displays OK with sound.)BBC iplaye...

No channel through talktalk box but ok through TV

When my aerial is plugged into my talktalk box I can't get hardly any of my channels (apparently I pay for so many in HD but never get them). I have had issues ever since the bilsdale mast burnt down but even now when there is a temporary mast in pla...

LornaB29 by First Timer
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Youview box won't boot up

My Youview box started freezing, then when I tried to record it either failed or recorded another program entirely not the one I wanted, so I did a factory reset but now it won't even boot up.Tried a live chat with talktalk but having waited over hal...

TalkTalk Plus TV has been discontinued

It is a shame that the great PVR service of TalkTalk with Youview has been discontinued and probably we will get no more features or updates. I like; Series link, keep programs, save them to watch with friends or relatives but TalkTalk say most peopl...

TVPLUS by Chatterbox
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Faster Fibre plus TV

HI Community,Recently I've noticed that my package is called "Faster Fibre plus TV". The question here is quite simple. How to use this "tv"?

More TV and subscription channels not available

Have to admit I never normally use talktalk TV, the "more TV" button but today we wanted to watch something on W and this was were our problem started. I've seen posts about issues after moving to fibre (which could be us) and trying things to get th...

My TV - error message when trying to Update Apps

Dear community, I have tried to update my apps, on my talk talk TV plus box. my box is connected by ethernet and when i check for the software up to to date the box confirms i have the latest update, however when I click to update the apps the box gi...

XYZ123ABC by Popular Poster
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More TV - Not working

Dear community, When I press the more TV button on my remote (V4 Remote), my talk talk plus box shows the word loading, and then 4 dots moving from left to right, then the box simply opens the channel I was watching. I have also pressed menu and then...

XYZ123ABC by Popular Poster
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Apps in tv box

I wonder if possible add other app, such as VIKI RAKUTEN, Thank you

Talktalk youview box

As of past week we are getting failed to record on a number of channels, also previous recordings on the youview box will no longer play, we just get a black screen, any ideas as to why this has happened?Also did a router health check and it said una...

Lynne01 by First Timer
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Youview box black screen - faulty

Hello, My Youview box keeps cutting to a black screen with no visible picture or sound for a few seconds repeatedly, resetting the box hasn't managed to fix the problem.

Now TV access

Had Now for a while. Moved house and bought TT, now cannot access. Only got box in Feb and tried all restart suggestions. Very frustrating that I cannot access a service I am paying for.

TV reception

Greetings.I have a "Smart" tv which is anything but at the moment and I want to establish if TT could be to blame in any way. Basically I have sound but no picture. The tv is 18months old and I have had to turn it off and back on again at the plug du...

Talkbox old needs replacing

Hi i have the old model for the talk talk plus box. It is slow and has no more software updates. would it be possible to update to the new model? Does this still have a recording feature?

Smart tv - WiFi Connection

Had to buy a new TV last wk. LG ThinQ. Got it all setup & running ok eventually. But in the last 3 days, when I switch it on, the wifi is not connected & I have to put the p/word in for my TalkTalk router. Annoyingly multiple times it won't connect s...

Jenny191 by Popular Poster
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Talk Talk TV Box Version

After upgrading to Fibre 65, I subscribed to a TV Box as well. This arrived yesterday and I started to set up. I then went to Now TV on the apps and registered my existing account- no problem. I then went back to the Web Now TV page to register that ...

Resolved! TalkTalk Huawei DN370T YouView box software update fails

Hi, I've got a TalkTalk Huawei DN370T YouView box. It hadn't been powered on for a good while (more than a year maybe) so the software was not up to date. I tried to force a software update via the menus but it kept failing (at around 76%). I did a f...

MBOX3000 by Chatterbox
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Resolved! Problem after todays TalkTalk Software Update 3.7.54

Hello, following TalkTalk Software Update 60.48.91 & 72.48.91 / 3.7.54 , the latest update the following changes have occurred.1. The picture size has changed.2. No sound.Our Youview model is the DN360T. We connect to the TV via HDMI and have an exte...

Youview box not working

Hi my Youview box does not seem to be working anymore. When it is switched on, the lights come on as if it is trying to connect but it doesn't come onto the TV. We have tried resetting it but it still is not working. This has been going on for the pa...

Sibsiea by First Timer
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Youview box very slow

Hi there I had an email from talktalk saying my tv box was not connected I contacted an agent before on this with no help so I disconnect the thing it's so slow to respond takes 5 mines to load any app even pushing down on the remote it takes for eve...