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TV Support

For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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PIN Number requests using TV HUB

If you have successfully signed into Apps such as ITVX and you are asked for a PIN number, this may be due to Parental Controls being set up during set up. The Box default PIN is 1234. Try this to access and unless you require Parental Controls to be...

fr8ys by Community Star
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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Charged delivery to replace faulty equipment

I was assured via a 65 min chat that there would be no charge to replace my faulty youview box, only to find that they have slapped a 9.99 delivery charge onto my account. The online chat is a joke as clearly people who don’t speak or understand Engl...

Poor internet network service

Hi,I hope this message finds you well. I want to express my dissatisfaction about Talktalk service delivery over few months, from 3days ago till now, I have no acess to the network and I have been debited this morning with almost £29.

Still waiting for my TV service to be activated!

By now, I should’ve had a new Talk Talk, TV box and activation of my TV and now tv service. it was ordered on the 21st of February. There is a massive problem on my account which is blocked for some reason? one of your colleagues raise a ticket to th...

prescol by Enlightened One
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Tv box

When will my TV device arrive  

Graham84 by First Timer
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Software update server down (DN372T)

One of the key servers ( that is involved in issuing software to the DN372T boxes is down. The following file is requested by DN372T boxes

Futaura by Super Duper Contributor
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4k TV box not arrived

I spoke with someone on 14th November and was told it would only be a few days for my new box to arrive but I've not received it yet. Thank you

Emma2109 by Chatterbox
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You sent new TV box to my previous address after home move order

I moved house 2 weeks ago. I contacted TalkTalk and gave my new address and got a new broadband contract on 30 Aug with TV. I was told that the TV box would be delivered on 6 or 7 Sept with an engineer booked on 8 Sept to install it. I got a text mes...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Missing Remote from TV Box

Hello all,I received my TV Box for the first time but it is missing the remote control making it unusable. Is there any way I can get a remote control sent over?E

EnricoC_ by Team Player
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New 4K TV Box - issues to be aware of

4K TV Box to be delivered tomorrow via Yodel (sigh!!)爛 爛When do Yodel send a tracking number?What problems are other people having - Set up, WiFi connection etcCan a non 4K Box connect via WiFi - hubby leaves it to me to set it all up and do I need t...