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Loss of Channels / Picture Break Up? It's the Weather!

Whist this advice was initially given about a specific weather incident the advice below (in bold) is relevant to atmospheric changes in general. High pressure weather conditions can cause picture break up or loss of channels for some viewers across ...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Equipment question

Hello. Please can you confirm. What the term below means? I’ve been with you decades and recently terminated my contract. After the date of contract ended. Does that mean I can keep the tv box without a charge? I’ve had it a few years now. Or this sa...

ETT378 by Chatterbox
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Advice on which TV box to keep / return

Good Afternoon ,I was sent a new DN360T TV box to replace my old original DN370T and was told I could keep the old unit and was then asked via an email if I needed any other equipment, ie. remote and cable, to which I selected the yes button. There w...

tbsb33 by Popular Poster
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Not receiving NowTV Entertainment voucher

Hi,I'm trying to get one of the £4.99 NowTV Entertainment vouchers from the Offers & Upgrades page but the voucher never seems to arrive. I get the message about "the voucher will be sent to your email within 2 hours" but I never receive it.Any idea ...

Tim99 by First Timer
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Delivery of new TV box

HiI received an unsolicited message from TalkTalk last week saying 'We're sending you a new TV Lite Box upgrade on us', followed by a message from Yodel whose tracker stated a TalkTalk parcel would be delivered yesterday. There was no delivery yester...

jonwort by Whizz Kid
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Upgrade to TV

I've been a TalkTalk customer for several years, but without a TV subscription. Now I'd like to add it, but I only need the TV box as I already have a router (which was actually provided to me by TalkTalk only a few months ago to replace my ancient o...

emmah by Team Player
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Talk talk tv box not sent

I was upgraded a while ago to talk talk fibre 35 and have seen that it also includes tv, however I was never sent talk talk tv box to be able to use this service. Why was this and how do I get one sent so that I can actually use a service I have been...

No box

I had an e-mail today saying my TV service is running, but I haven't ever received a receiver box. Can you please let me know the saving if I cancel this element & how to get sent a box? Thanks

New TV Box

Hello there, I am trying to find out whether my new TV box is being delivered and installed today? I was told the 11th. This has already been delayed without anyone telling me once. Thank you. Val Edwards

New TV box fee

Hi there, Having discussed with Customer Services on the phone about a renewal of my talktalk package and a new TV box. Why then have I just revieved a letter through the post telling me it is going to cost me £200 for the replacement box (especially...

My Youview box is broken.

My Youview box won't turn on since this morning, I have tried and followed the steps suggested by the TalkTalk help line but it had no result.I'm in need of a replacement, where should I inquire for one?Thank you.

Constant dropping of DNS

I work from home and connect to my work systems via GlobalConnect VPN. This connection remains stable however I constantly lose internet connectivity on my other mobile devices and I have to restart the router to resolve the issue. This happens all t...

benb1 by First Timer
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Resolved! What have I bought?

On first run, I'm told I need to set up Sky One. I'm then directed to a screen allowing me to set up "Now".I'm not sure exactly why I "need" to set up Sky One, not sure what it's got to do with now, and really quite unsure exactly what you've sold me...

kdmcm by Chat Champion
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TV reception

Greetings.I have a "Smart" tv which is anything but at the moment and I want to establish if TT could be to blame in any way. Basically I have sound but no picture. The tv is 18months old and I have had to turn it off and back on again at the plug du...

dimview by First Timer
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When is my tv box arriving?

Hi there, when is my TV box arriving? 7 days ago I got the email "You’re all set. Your TV service is live and ready for you" but I am not sure how to set up? Is a TV box and remote coming to me? Do I need to set up something on my smart (ish) TV? Bes...

When will my box arrive?

I just upgraded my contract to Fibre 65 with TV but I've had no correspondence about when I will receive a tv box?

Didn't receive new TV box

I had an email and text in November from TalkTalk saying "we can see that your TV Box model is no longer supported with software updates, so we’re delighted to be able to upgrade you to a TV Plus Box" but it never arrived. How do I find out if it was...

When does my package arrive?

I've recently upgraded to:AMAZON PRIME DEAL: Faster Fibre Broadband with average speeds of 38Mbs, plus TalkTalk TV and Amazon Prime for just £25.50 a month (previously £33.95)There are no set-up fees or equipment delivery charges as part of TalkTalk’...

kdmcm by Chat Champion
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Tv subscription channels no longer work

My tv subscription channels do not work. They were heavily pixilated for a couple of weeks but then they went. I have done all the resets except a full factory reset because I want some of my recordings. Any advice other than a full reset.

Fibre 35 / TV Box

I recently upgraded to Fibre 35, should I receive a TV box at some point? I've had a Welcome to TalkTalk TV email but nothing else.

How to connect WiFi to youview TV box?

Why was I not made aware that the youview box is not WiFi compatible - what century are we living in? Must I have wires all over my living room to allow for streaming BBC iplayer??! I would not have bothered if I had known!

Thomas25 by First Timer
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no TV box received

Hi, I have recently recontracted to Fibre 65 with TV , but I have still not received any TV box, only an envelope with papers 3 weeks ago. Shall I continue waiting? Thank you, Sergey (Landline phone obscured for customer security )

ssliz by First Timer
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