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Remove and cancel my tv service

Can anyone tell me how to remove and cancel the tv service from my talk talk account as I don’t use the service. The box has not worked for a long time and I would just like to cancel this service. Also can I recycle the tv box myself at my local rec...

Clanky by Chatterbox
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YouView box isn't allowing me to use dvd player

I'm trying to reconnect my dvd player but when I use the AV button on the remote I get the usual list but it won't move from HMD12 in either direction. The remote is switching the tv on and off and changing channels so I don't think it's faulty. What...

Aniachka by Team Player
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Equipment question

Hello. Please can you confirm. What the term below means? I’ve been with you decades and recently terminated my contract. After the date of contract ended. Does that mean I can keep the tv box without a charge? I’ve had it a few years now. Or this sa...

ETT378 by Popular Poster
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No remote with new TV box

Hi, I got my new box today, I found my old one and thought I would try it but it has long since bitten the bullet, the new one came quick but no remote, can I have one sent out as I read an old article about this before. Thanks

MikeC78 by Team Player
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Email offered new TV remote, but request denied

I have an old TV box with its old remote, which is now very tatty, and the rubberised case is sticky - not very nice.I have opened a new contract for my overall package, and was sent a new TV box (DN360T) but no remote or cable.Talktalk emailed to sa...

jayesjay by Whizz Kid
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TV Extenders

Hi, both are flashing red on the Powerline light. Has worked well for quite some time and thought I had lost the TV service for a while. Was thinking of cancelling the TV side but missed the option of recording so plugged all back in and tried again....

New Youview box and remote control

Hi there. My YouView box and remote control must be close to 10 years old and have never had a replacement. The box is crashing more and more frequently and the remote controls are very intermittent as to when they work. Batteries recently changed in...

Faulty powerline adapter

During my online chat I explained that one of my power line adapters which connect my talktalk box to my router was faulty. Today I received the wrong item - a Sagecom 12 volt supply unit. I still require replacement powerline adapter(s)

Network connector accessory store

Hi, I need to get some network connectors for my talk talk tv as the router is in a different room, but I can’t find themon the accessory store. Can anyone help? thanks

Dan0101 by First Timer
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Devices after end of contract

Hi, I have ended my contract with Talktalk to be finish on the 30/10. In the past I have had many issues with connections and have been sent few routers but I have returned them all except the last one. Can you please confirm if I need to return the ...

YouView Box receiving fewer and fewer channels

My youview box is not a happy bunny! About 2 months ago it stopped receiving any signal for any BBC channel. I did a cold boot and retuned the channels, and it couldn't find them at all, returning only 80 something channels. Considering I mostly watc...

New You View Box

Hi, how do I go about requesting a new Youview box? Our’s had stopped working after years, won’t switch on. Thank you.

Sidlow by First Timer
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How Do I Get A TV Box

My TalkTalk account includes TalkTalk TV but I have no box. I would have thought I would have been given a standard box or at least instructions on how to get one. The store has a box for £150.00 but that's way too much. Can anyone advise, very much ...

Predo by First Timer
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If I want a talktalk box in my bedroom, and the router is in the living room, what do I need to do, or have

No remote

Hi, a few weeks ago out of the blue I received a lite TV box but it had no remote in the box. Are these supposed to come supplied with one? Thanks

Talk talk tv,

Ive just gone to renew my contract and I've just found out I've been paying £4 a month for talk talk tv, but I have never received a tv box or remote. How do I order one, so I dont continue to pay for a service im not receiving?

Faulty you view box

Hi,my youview box seems to have a number of faults but I can’t seem to contact anyone to get it replaced. Main fault is that on 12x but especially on 30x fast forward when playing back recordings you can’t stop the fast forward, so have to use slower...

kjthom by Participant
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TT tv box

I upgraded my package and it included talk talk TV but I don’t even have a talk talk TV box or had an email about receiving one

Chloe24 by First Timer
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Resolved! Wifi Extender

Does anybody know how I can get a wifi extender? The accesories shop doesnt have them at the moment and I am unable to watch on demand tv due to stability issues., I have done a live chat with talk talk but this took 3 and half hours, with 3 disconne...

My fibre 65 says i am entitled to a tv package

I have just renewed My fibre 65 package, and it says I am entitled to a TV package and a tt tv box. But I have not received this box. Please can you advise if this is correct? Should I be getting a tv box?

Some Cruel Joke?

This has to be some evil joke. First, you sell be a Talk TV service, and decline to send me a set top box.Then, after some whining on my part, you send me a set top box without a remote (because you don't send remotes out with replacement boxes, whic...

kdmcm by Chat Champion
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Request for Talk Talk TV box

We have fibre broadband but don’t have a tv box. We have been discounted for not having one but now we want to renew this it’s charging £4 a month when we don’t have a box. We would like to have the sports package offer too. I can’t talk to anyone on...

Kathy H by First Timer
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