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Loss of Channels / Picture Break Up? It's the Weather!

Whist this advice was initially given about a specific weather incident the advice below (in bold) is relevant to atmospheric changes in general. High pressure weather conditions can cause picture break up or loss of channels for some viewers across ...

fr8ys by Community Star
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TV box is changing channels at random

TV box is changing channels at random - with display in bottom left hand side of TV cycling through many channels before stopping. Also I'm unable to navigate through programme guide or apps menu as down button does not move selection down. I've rese...

No channel through talktalk box but ok through TV

When my aerial is plugged into my talktalk box I can't get hardly any of my channels (apparently I pay for so many in HD but never get them). I have had issues ever since the bilsdale mast burnt down but even now when there is a temporary mast in pla...

LornaB29 by First Timer
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More TV and subscription channels not available

Have to admit I never normally use talktalk TV, the "more TV" button but today we wanted to watch something on W and this was were our problem started. I've seen posts about issues after moving to fibre (which could be us) and trying things to get th...

More TV - Not working

Dear community, When I press the more TV button on my remote (V4 Remote), my talk talk plus box shows the word loading, and then 4 dots moving from left to right, then the box simply opens the channel I was watching. I have also pressed menu and then...

XYZ123ABC by Popular Poster
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Now Sports

Hi Please can someone help me. I've used the talk talk box to purchase the Now Sports App.. scanned QR Code - paid for offer... Still cannot watch Sports channel on tv via box. I've been in contact with NOW TV since 10:30 this morning. Their advice h...

How to connect WiFi to youview TV box?

Why was I not made aware that the youview box is not WiFi compatible - what century are we living in? Must I have wires all over my living room to allow for streaming BBC iplayer??! I would not have bothered if I had known!

Thomas25 by First Timer
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