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Youview box playback black screen

Every time i try to playback recordings its a black screen. It is also fails to record regularly. Switching off and on works for a day or so but then fails again. Factory reset worked for about 2 days. Its not very old but can i get a replacement. Th...

sharpep by Team Player
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TalkTalk settop box

ITV hub opens and shows programs but they will not download and it hangsif we go back in the guide to a previous days program they work with the exception of ITVall live programs work no problem

fawkesy by Chatterbox
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Talktalk TV box

Hi,I was just wondering when I am going to be eligible for the new Netgem based 4K TV box, as, frankly, the existing Huawei YouView box has not been fit for purpose for a very long time indeed.

HUAWEI DN372T faults

Equipment supplied 01/03/21 it has 2 faults 1. Power on light (white LED) does not work so no visible indication that DN372T is powered on.This results in my television from stand by overnight if DN372T is switched on (as stated no white LED) it star...

Resolved! How to upgrade to the new 4k TV box

Hi as a valued customer l would like to have the new 4k TV box. Do I need to just go through the process of setting up a new contract again like Fiber 65 plus TV? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Antony.

WILLI9106 by Popular Poster
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TV Box - Recordings Issue

Hi, Posting this on behalf of my mum who has a TT TV box that is not performing as designed at the moment. She is unable to view any previously recorded programs, nor is she able to record anything new. She can watch internet channels such as Sky etc...

Now TV App coming soon to TalkTalk TV 4K

I upgraded to get the NOW TV entertainment package and was sent a 4K TalkTalk TV box but the app just says 'Coming soon' NOW will soon be available on TalkTalk TV 4K. We'll notify you when it's ready, stay tuned'. Am I waiting for my NOW TV to activa...

Youview box

Box won’t record or playback Previous recordings just go to a black screen.

Selvin by First Timer
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Youview Disk Storage

I have been using my TalkTalk Youview recorder successfully for many years. It is a Huawei model DN372T. I would like to transfer some films I have recorded to my computer. The Huawei device has a USB port on the front and also at the back. When I co...

Youview Box won't allow me to use the TV's own remote

Just had to move my TV and unplugged the Ariel from the YV box.The dratted thing fell apart and I've had to replace it, the Ariel cable, that is!Now the YV Box happily uses it's own remote , but will not allow me full use of my Sony TV Remote which w...

Steamywee by Super Duper Contributor
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How do you record TV if the new talk talk box doesn't record

I can no longer view recordings despite multiple resets. I read on here that new boxes do not record, so how do they work to allow you to see TV that isn't currently on.I get the iPlayer principle, but that only works if you know what you want to wat...

kbegley by Participant
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No sound from Talktalk box

My Huawei Youview box DN372T has no sound. I've swapped HDMI cables and sockets on the TV, checked the settings in the Sound section, ensured the volume is up and not muted and restarted the box but the problem persists. I've checked and there is no ...

dansuk by Team Player
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Faulty TV Box ( recordable )

Had my box a few years now, has been faultless until now. The rear right hand corner ( where the Ariel lead plugs in ) is getting very warm, causing the Ariel lead & plug to heat up, this then causes my tv signal to break up ( severe freezing & pixel...

Momentary loss of sound and picture

While watching live channels the picture and sound cuts out for a couple of seconds, then returns. This happens every few minutes. The aerial goes to the talk talk box and then the TV. The TV picture and sound are fine. This is happening more or less...

Now Sports - Can the Channels be Integrated with TV guide??

My elderly father finds it really difficult to open the Now TV app on his old talktalk box. He can easily get the channels for BT and all others through the TV guide. I've tried retuning the channels a few times and although he has a valid Now TV spo...

John_P by Chatterbox
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Replacement TalkTalk TV Box Arrived Damaged

The Original TalkTalk TV box has been freezing periodically for months also loosing the sound, to resolve this I need to power off the box and power it back on again, this can happen several times a day, so we confirmed with TalkTalk that we needed a...

ajmay by First Timer
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Resolved! 4K Box recording

Tonight I wanted to record Match of the Day whilst watching The Chase. When Match of the Day started to record, I was told I had to stop recording if I wanted to watch The Chase at the same time. No other channel worked - unless I cancelled the recor...

Resolved! Replaced YouView box

I've replaced my YouView box with a new one as the old one was being unreliable and TalkTalk won't supply new boxes which record. The new one is working fine. Can TalkTalk provide a way of recycling the old one or do I take the old one to my local re...

Resolved! Problems with Talktalk tv box

I received a new tv box on 6/12/21 which is model DN372T. The last few weeks it has been nothing but trouble. When I try to watch recordings the screen sometimes just freezes and doesn’t respond to controls even the switch off button. The only thing ...

Gnasher by Conversation Starter
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You View Box and Cancel TV Subscription?

I have not got a Straight answer from Talk Talk. We have very poor internet . 3-6mb . TV box not beneficial. However great for pausing Live TV or recording. If I leave talk talk do I get to keep the box and will it still record and Pause? Thanks

Old TV box failing

My TV box which I have now had for several years is now regularly freezing up and not always responding to the remote (with new batteries). Is it possible to get a replacement sent to me please?

Acebass by Chat Champion
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TT TV Plus Youview Box DN372T - Replacing Hard Drive

My old Huawei DN372T Youview recorder has finally packed up. It was getting slower to respond to commands (e.g. anything up to 15 seconds to stop/start playing a recording) and playback would frequently glitch and/or hang up. This suggested to me tha...

mniven by Whizz Kid
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Set Top box

I have been a talktalk customer for many years. I have purchased a new 4k television and in order to make use of the improved picture quality I could do with a Newview box that is compatible with my new TV ? If I was a new customer it looks like I wo...

Huski68 by Chatterbox
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