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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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PIN Number requests using TV HUB

If you have successfully signed into Apps such as ITVX and you are asked for a PIN number, this may be due to Parental Controls being set up during set up. The Box default PIN is 1234. Try this to access and unless you require Parental Controls to be...

fr8ys by Community Star
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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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hello , anyone, now i have up upgrade to the tv hub box, ? do i need to keep my youview box on or off thank you

Tv Hub info not coming up

The info isn’t showing up when we press the info button. If we press and hold the off button until the box appears on screen to turn off the box fully and then wait before turning it back on the info starts working again. We also had all of the chann...

Ljmm1967 by Popular Poster
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TV light not lit up. Unable to use Apps on TV

Over the last week or so we have developed an issue with our TV and using any Apps. The router does not have the TV lit up and the TV keeps saying it is disconnected from the internet. We have reset the router, reset the TV and are at a loss.

Can’t log in to Now app on TV hub

I can’t log in to Now Tv App on my new tv hub box I have a Now TV account, but it’s not through TalkTalk, I could access my Now account on old box but can’t log in on new hub?

Lizzie67 by First Timer
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Talktalktv 4

I was getting tv guide on my mobile and tablet. I have followed suggestions ie unplugging tv deleting account and reinstalling. The message says successfully paired with tv but still no guide?

Mazmuff by Newbie
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IPlayers and apps

Why am I not able to receive TV apps or iplayers and only live TV?

laked by Newbie
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UKTV Not Playing

My Huawei box has recently stopped playing UKTV . The App opens and you can see all the programmes but it won't play anything. I've seen posts about My5 not working but this works OK on mine. I haven't seen any solution to this on here unless I've mi...

Crumpysi by Popular Poster
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my contract and Netflix

As I understood my new contract includes Netflix( free). Is that right? On the Netflix page ( on my TV with the new box)it says that I have to pay an additional 5 pounds. How do I activate my Netflix without paying that sum?

Now boost on EE receiver

Just a word of caution. If you decide to swap to an EE HDD receiver which is so much more responsive than the TT Huawei units the Now boost will not work. I don’t know how or why but TT are blocking the boost even though the Now app works fine.

deanshaw by Participant
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No ITVX or 4 on demand App

I have just received my Talktalk tv hub and there is no ITVX or channel 4 apps in my features apps. I have tried the factory reset and updating, neither of which make a difference. I have had it less than a week and was told it was because the servic...

No volume

Hello, when I try to watch amazon prime through my talk talk tv box, there's no sound, it will come on for a few seconds and then go off again. Do you think this is to do with my router as my Internet is slower than it should be? I don't have problem...

TV Hub. Moving Apps to micro SD card

I have installed Apps from the play store and now being nagged about being out of storage space. I have a micro SD card installed and used the transfer apps command in the menu to move apps but none of them moved. I uninstalled the apps, and reinstal...

fr8ys by Community Star
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No ITVX or 4onDemand on TV Hub

Hello all, I've just signed up to Talk Talk TV. I've noticed the ITVX and 4onDemand apps on aren't the featured apps and can't seem to be downloaded, yet I can watch shows on ITVX and 4 if I search for them on the search bar. Any suggestions on how I...

Unable to add Now entertainment

I’ve been trying to add Now entertainment since the 17th May. Using the chat service I signed up to Now Sports and entertainment at the same time. I received activation links for both and I had no issue with the sports but when I clicked the entertai...

Silver44 by First Timer
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Recording TV

Very disappointed that the new TV Box is streaming only. I am accustomed to recording programmes to watch at my leisure, and "catch up" just doesn't cut it.I have read that it is possible to record to a USB Flash Drive plugged in to the USB port on t...

New hub and TV and audio are out of sync

We have the new TalkTalk hub, only acquired recently. I much prefer to record as an option (old box), although we do have Disney free through our bank so now I can access it through the new hub. Also ITVX as that had gone from the old box.The only pr...

Stream Talk Talk Tv to other tvs

I have joined talk talk and have new hub for my main tv. I was told that I can create multi room by streaming Talk talk tv to my 2nd and 3 rd tvs. But no instructions to do this? Do I download a Talk talk app to these tvs or can I add such apps to th...

TV Hub issues

I have recently received a new TV Hub box but am experiencing the following issues: 'For Development' is displayed on the top right of the screenITVX is displaying in a small window and not the whole screenI have set up the catch-up channels BBC ipla...

levans55 by Popular Poster
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I have just purchased the new Talktalk TV Hub. The ITVX and Channel4 Apps are not loaded. When I go to the Play Store to download I am told the the device will not support these Apps. The Talktalk advertising claims that their TV Hub supports ITVX, w...

TonyHi by First Timer
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Tv add ons

How long does it take to add a TV boost added now TV 3 days ago and apparently it's still processing

NetGem 4K TV Box - Issues with ITVX

We have a TalkTalk provided NetGem 4K TV Box (TALKTALKTV 4K [BEA5D7]), since installing and until just the other day everything was working perfectly (other than occasional WiFi disconnections despite the TV box being almost next to the router). Howe...

Netgem Screen ITVX.png

Netflic account

Hi I just got Talk TV and I'm also paying £17,99 to TalkTalk for Netflix. Now when I try to export my old account from my previous house mate's account, it is asking me to AGAIN sign up to a £17,99 account with Netflix itself. How do I get out of thi...