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powerline adaptor

I have had the talk talk tv box for maybe 4-5 years now and the internet connection has failed for the first time. It appears to be the power line adaptors one is lit up but the other appears to be no longer working, I have tried all suggestions chec...

Powerline adaptors

I have tried to use the extra adaptor supplied to me but it does not light. when plugged in. I have tried factory reset etc but to no avail. Can you please tell me if there is a repair service for this itemKind regardsGraham

powerline adaptor

please helpone of my wired powerline adapters has stopped working, one green light comes on if i hold the reset button but goes off when i release, I have tried swapping adapter around to the one next to the tv but the same one still does the same i ...

MIKE723 by First Timer
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Talk Talk box not starting up

Hi, my TalkTalk / YouView box just has the coloured lights coming on and off at the front (fading in and out) like it's trying to 'wake'. I have tried restarting everything, but I just can't get the TV box to work. My broadband is working OK. Powerli...

LynneC by Popular Poster
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TV box is very slow

New TV box before New Year, but yet to watch a Netflix movie on it as it's to slow to download. What's wrong?

Powerline Adapters PT200AV (HUAWEI)

Hi there. I hope you're all having a good whatever you celebrate (or not) at this time of year. I just wondered if anyone could help me with my TT powerline adapters? I've read through stacks on the Forums and the 'net but what I really need is a def...

Power Adapters

My Power adapters aren't working, I've tried all the suggestions on the forum and tried different sockets, they are still not working, how can I get replacement ones.

seg51 by First Timer
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Youview box loosing internet connection

HiI have the TalkTalk Youview Box (Huawei DN372T) connected to the router (Wifi Hub) with Talktalk powerline adaptor (D-Link DHP-300AV) for many years.I have changed to the future fibre 500 at the end of Sep 2021 with the Eeros Pro 6 router.Since the...

wing89 by Conversation Starter
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TV keeps losing broadband connection

My TV keeps losing broadband connection. It is happening regularly each day, often multiple times in an evening. I have tried re-booting the router many times. I can usually reconnect by turning the powerline adaptor off then on, however this sometim...

Network Connector Failed

Hi TalkTalk emailed me that I am no longer connected to my TV service. I checked my connectors and found that one has stopped working - reset did not help. Can TalkTalk provide me with a replacement please? Thanks

David P2 by First Timer
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Powerline adapters

Hi I can't get the guide preview on the TV guide, or apps either. It tells me to restart the router but I have noticed that the mail Powerline adapter has no lights on at all. I have tried unplugging it and resetting it but nothing works at all! Lesl...

F10rrell by Team Player
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Replacement powerline adaptor

I had a set of tenda powerline adaptors sent to me and they were great much better than the old black ones. However, my socket blew and has blown the adapter I really need another set. Please send the white Tenda ones they are so much better. Thankyo...

Wispy123 by Popular Poster
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Poweline router failure

Hi,One of my powerline routers has failed with no lights and not even getting warm. There is no internet TV at all.How can I request replacements?The ones I have are about 6 years old now, so may be reaching end of life status.

dangerous by Conversation Starter
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Powerline adapters not working

One of my powerline adapters is showing no power light I have tried all the suggestions of resets etc but one is completely dead.Can I get them replaced?

Network Adaptors

I can no longer get my TV services on my free-view box. One of the network adaptors has stopped working. It is plugged into a wall socket and when I switch it on no lights appear. Can I be provided with another pair or can I buy any adaptors to use w...


Wondering if mine has got lost in the system so trying again. YVM102 code continually showing on television. The powerline adaptor nearest to the TV box only shows the outer two green lights with the centre one blank. The adaptor nearest to the route...


YVM102 code continually showing on television. The powerline adaptor nearest to the TV box only shows the outer two green lights with the centre one blank. The adaptor nearest to the router shows no lights at all. Have tried switching everything off ...


HiI have had problems for several weeks with my TV Box not connecting to the internet. Tonight after a couple of hours checking everything, I realise that the problem is the Huawei PT200AV powerline adapters which I received many years ago with the T...

Earth net power socket

Hi , one of my earth net power sockets is showing no lights , dies this mean i need a mew one ??? If so , where can i get one please ?

Powerline Adaptor

One of my D=Link DHP-300AV adaptors has stopped working. I tried all the things suggested in the troubleshooting guide, including trying to re-pair the adapters in a mains double socket, but the power-on light won't flash on one of the adaptors to in...

No tv on router

Tv power line has switched off on several occasions over the last 6 months and now seems the have failed completely. We have reset the router and the power adapters a number of times following manfacturer's guidelines which have worked in the past bu...

Johnl1 by Popular Poster
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Powerline adaptor broken

HiOne of my powerline adaptors has stopped working for no reason. There has been no change to the set up that has been working for a few years since the last time this happened. I have tried rebooting everything and re-pairing but one of the adaptors...

Powerline Adapter

One of my Powerline Adapters I use with my TalkTalk TV box has died. I've tried resetting it and using another socket but still no lights.

mhux90 by First Timer
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Power Adapter problem

My TalkTalk powerline adapters has stopped working. I have followed all the suggestion in the guide but nothing works. I've had them for 3 or 4 years without a problem, but they have suddenly packed up. I've tried everything including the recommended...