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Samsung Smart monitor with Youview box?

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Hi.  I may have the opportunity to purchase a new Samsung Smart Monitor TV LS32AM500 very cheaply indeed but will it be compatible with my Youview box that is currently hard wired to my non internet Samsung TV with Talk talk power line cables?  Thank you in advance.


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Sorry, they are the old white D link connectors, one runs from the router to the wall socket and one runs from a socket into the TV and this carries the internet across the room as I don't have a smart TV nor want a wire across the room and can't get one around the outside if the room


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It should work with any Smart TV. Use an HDMI cable to connect. However doing a google search suggests this is a computer monitor not a Smart TV, so you will need to check what inputs there are.


Not sure what you mean by hard wired to the existing TV though.

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The powerline adapters just carry the internet signal from the router through to any network capable device so will not impact the Youview box connection to a TV or Monitor.  If the new TV has an option to connect to t via HDMI then the TV Box should connect.




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