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£10 billion is stolen across the globe each year by fraudsters, it’s a growing problem that we want to put an end to. With Check and Report we can help you be in control of your call security, check who called you and if it’s a troublesome caller, report it and we’ll do the rest.

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We all know unwanted called are an irritation, especially when you don’t always have a way of stopping them, that’s why we’ve created Check & Report and with your help we can Beat the Scammers together, here are the latest numbers you’ve reported to us

Mobile sales
3 hours ago

Thanks for reporting this number to us


We have completed a thorough investigation of this number on our network and unfortunately, we’re unable to block this caller due to insufficient evidence.


However, there is nothing to stop you blocking this number yourself, using our free of charge last Caller Barring Service simply dial 14258 after the number has called you. If your number is registered with TPS, you can report it here


Thanks for helping Beat the Scammers! Don’t forget to keep sharing your numbers and experience.

Comuter generated recorded message telling me my TT router was compromised and I could have a ree replacement by calling an 0800 number (which I couldn't write down at the time) or my Internet connection would be cut off within 24 hours.

8 hours ago
I found a message from what sounded like a computer generated voice telling me that there was a problem with my ip address, which needed to be changed and also that I needed a replacement router. The call asked me to call back on 08003688261 - at least I think that was the number - it was spoken quickly. However when I checked back over my log the calling number appeared to be 01695846221. I will not be calling either number.
9 hours ago
received today - silent call
9 hours ago

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Scam Calls is a growing issue, not just in the UK but across the Globe, with fraud scams being the most common crime committed in the UK.

Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new ways to trick victims to part with their cash, so stay one step ahead of them and keep up-to-date with the latest scams and way to protect yourself.

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