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BT Sport

I had an email today from TT saying they were no longer broadcasting BT Sport, and that they would stop taking payment for it. The thing is, I pay BT direct for the sport channels so I’m puzzled! Does this mean it will no longer appear on my channels...

Derek-s by Conversation Starter
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Channel 494

I'm wanting to watch the boxing tonight, but when I select channel 494 the channel doesn't come up only goes to 489

Now Sports - Can the Channels be Integrated with TV guide??

My elderly father finds it really difficult to open the Now TV app on his old talktalk box. He can easily get the channels for BT and all others through the TV guide. I've tried retuning the channels a few times and although he has a valid Now TV spo...

John_P by Chatterbox
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Can you get britbox app on your talktalk box I am a new customer and don't know how it works yet

Reduced screen size and no volume

I'm getting a reduced screen size on terrestrial TV (letter box) Plus no sound. All stations the same. No problems at all on internet connected sites.

des09 by Problem Solver
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Cannot get itv hub

I cannot get itv hub on my Samsung tv. Was able to do so until recently. Anyone advise please.? Is it still operative or do you now have to pay. Thanks

Wekiva by First Timer
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Black screen tv & recordings

Hi, all of my recordings are just a black screen, no sound. And periodically, while watching channels, everything will black out. Only way to get tv back is to unpower the box for 5mins then restart, that only brings back channels, recordings are sti...

BMcnic by First Timer
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New BT line

Just had the new BT line installed that everyone kept telling me to have. Now i have lost my sky channels. Tried re-booting everything but no luck ??

lollypop by Participant
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Sky sports box office

Hi, box office is not appearing in my TV guide and I want to buy the boxing match that is on on Saturday night, does anyone know how I can get it on?

ITV hub ads sticking

I've had this issue before and assumed it's down to the transmission. But it's started to get very irritating particularly on ITV hub. I've done a search on here and there's a lot of historical references to the problem and no apparent solution. What...

des09 by Problem Solver
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Hi everybody. Dont forget that Freeview will undergo its biggest channel reshuffle since 2020 at the end of January when dozens of channels will move to new positions in the channel list. Around lunchtime on Wednesday 26th January 2022, many of Freev...

fre55die by Community Star
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Retain Entertainment Boost at renewal.

Good evening,My contract is up for renewal in just over a month. I currently have Faster Fibre, Speed boost, TV with Entertainment Boost (TV box can record) and unlimited UK calls on my landline. I am not a fan of accessing TV via an app, despite the...

SBeevers by First Timer
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Series record not available on some channels

When pressing the record button from the 'guide', I usually get the option to record episode only or record the series. However, certain channels don't seem to gove the option for 'series record'. For example with the Yesterday channel, I never seem ...

New box losing channels again

A replacement recording box arrived after Christmas (ordered mid December but that's another TT story) When it arrived we had to scan channels 3 times. Now it has lost channels and we had to do another reset. It also does not link to apps correctly. ...

Whyme2 by Conversation Starter
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was told channels are on now tv boost but they arent

hi there so in december i resigned up to talk talk for a great deal was then told everything was removed from my account and moved to now tv my box was so old it was compatible i was then fighting with talk talk for over a month before a managed esca...

Sky sports on another device

Hey  If I have sky sports on my talk talk package and on my box can I get it on another device like my phone or laptop? Thanks Tom

Loss of boost channels

I pay for the entertainment boost and my contract doesn't expire until 2023, but I have lost all these channels from my box. I have checked my account and the boost is still there, but I'm not getting it. I've checked all my connections, done line te...

Honey146 by Chatterbox
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You view box

When I switch on the television, it comes up "talk talk waking up"; then it goes to "you view loading" but goes no further - no programmes are coming through the tv. I've tried re-booting it but it was not successful this time. Yesterday, when I swit...

Youview box

I have had the youview box for some years but recently it has had a mind of its own, suddenly changing channel etc. Yesterday it simply went dead - a blank screen. Thie morning I switched on the tv ; it would only play channel BBC2. I tried to ensure...

Now TV Entertainment voucher

I am having a problem trying to get a Now TV Entertainment voucher. I request the voucher for Now TV Entertainment but when it takes you to the next page there are only options for Now TV Sport or Cinema. Can someone help please?

mchlorine by Popular Poster
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TalkTalk TV Plus Box DN372T - Channels

I've been having problems with my picture breaking up from time to time and occasionally there being a pink picture when starting up. I've just ordered some new HDMI leads to see if that resolves it and, whilst waiting for them, I thought I'd try byp...

Now Entertainment Offer cannot get voucher code

When I log into my account I am offered Now Entertainment for £4.99 a month. I click to request voucher code (on 2 further pages) and then I only get option for cinema and sports. I have never used Now before. Why am I being offered it but then can’t...

Now TV Entertainment Voucher

Hi,Sorry for replying on another thread, I just thought you might like to know it wasn't just a problem for that particular person.Anyway, I can't get a Now TV Entertainment voucher. When I log in and try to request one I am only given the option for...