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Useless 4K Fibre tv box

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For some reason,  my guide does not have itv, bbc1 or bbc2. I've tried a rescan and on guide, they are just not there??? Well not on 101,102 or 103 channels.

My wife already hated the new box as you can't record programmes on it. Well you can record the one you are watching ha ha what use is that. She is doing me nut in now as she can't watch her soaps anymore on our main TV. Is it possible to reconnect the old youview box and chuck this netgen box in the bin? 😉 


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Yes, there is no reason why you can't connect both boxes to you TV providing you have enough HDMI ports. You can buy extenders to create more if necessary.


You can then record on your old box and use the 4k one for apps such as ITVX that don't work on the old box.


Rather than throw it in the bin, if you really don't want it you can request a returns bag.

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