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For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

Using tv on a pc

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Hello. I don't have a television set. Can I purchase a TV package and use it on my PC, tablet, or phone?


Is their an app (mobile or desktop) and do I get all normal TV stations?


Netflix seems to be included. If I sign up to talk talk TV package, can I cancel my current Netflix subscription? 




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The TV box relies on there being an aerial installed to receive Freeview channels.


If you have an aerial, and your monitor has an HDMI connection then you may be ok, but one customer recently could only get normal, not HD channels as there was an incompatibility between the box and monitor.


Also ITV used to need an aerial connection to verify the use of the ITV Hub catch-up facility.


The other catch-up apps I think were ok.


One other thing if you watch as broadcast, i.e live programmes, you will still need a TV licence. You also need a licence if you use BBC'S iPlayer any anytime, live or catch-up.


Hope this helps.

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