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Sound dropping on new 4K Hub

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Hi again - separate post, as different issue

Received and set up new hub today. We are having problems with sound dropping out for a few seconds every minute or two, so we are regularly missing a few words from sentences. Quite annoying. Cant find any settings to check or adjust.

We have an older lg tv and use with lg soundbar. I tried disconnecting the soundbar in case this was part of the problem, but it made things worse - we could get no sound at all. Have had to reconnect the soundbar. I never expected all these problems with a new hub. (I have a separate post re not being able to add programs to watchlist) Is the hub now the only available tv box ?



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You can go through the settings and see if the remote can be paired with the TV however if the soundbar is controlling the master volume, the remote may not operate the soundbar volume.




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Yes, using supplied cable. Switched everything off in frustration last night. Today, sound doesn’t appear to be dropping but can no longer adjust volume with hub remote, only through soundbar !! Whole thing becoming a bit of a nightmare.


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Are you using the supplied HDMI cable?


The box needs a higher rated cable than the old boxes and others have reported similar issues, which were resolved by changing the HDMI.

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