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TV Support

For help with your TalkTalk TV box, channels and apps.

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ITVX and TalkTalk YouView boxes

For those wondering how to get ITVX on their boxes the short answer is you can't. This is the advice I have been giving other customers which may help. ITV updated the app and the software they use is no longer compatible with the YouView box hardwar...

fr8ys by Community Star
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Eero6 5ghz connection

I am having difficulty with connecting my new Samsung tv to 5ghz on my eero 6, it is currently on 2.4ghz and I can't stream 4k contents. Please I need help to resolve this issue. Thanks

Various problems since having full fibre fitted

Since having full fibre my Tv has developed several faultsDuring a recorded programme it will suddenly go blank and then go through the start up procedureWhen adjusting volume we get this really loud voice saying volume set at whatever selectedAlso w...

Now tv & Talk Talk TV....

I've added both Now TV entertainment & Talk Talk TV packages to my account. I have received the confirmation email to say that my account has been updated, but after several hours I'm yet to receive any activation information. Any idea how long it'll...

slwukuk by Conversation Starter
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TV and WFI

Does WFI include TV box 

Library2 by First Timer
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Installing new TV hub box

I Have received my new TV Hub box to replace the old one. I connected the new hub with the plug provided and also connected the previous Aerial, HDMI cable and Ethernet cable. During the installation process the signal kept breaking up but I managed ...

I can't connect my Netflix

I can't connect to my Netflix I have everything to get it back but no luck can you please help my.

ronwyn by First Timer
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TalkTalk TV

Just become aware that I have been paying £5 per month for TV presumably ever since a past recontract, when I was assured I was renewing under the same terms as the previous contract. I do not use TalkTalkTV but there seems to be no way to cancel thi...

DaveMcD by First Timer
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Recently took out a subscription to Netflix which works fine on my phone, laptop and firestick. However, cant get it on the TV. Message says your plan does not support streaming on this device though when i took out the subscription I did tick the bo...

Scotia55 by Whizz Kid
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TV streaming hub wont load

Hi, I now have another issue with the box it won't boot up at all, tried power down and a full factory reset and still nothing it glitches as if trying to go through boot menu but won't succeed. Tried reset through advanced menu it says factory reset...

Degsy1880 by Conversation Starter
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HiWe have a smart tv connected to a you view box, but now want to take the you view box out and just have the tv, and only have to use the one remote control.But when we disconnect the you view box and just put the tv in we cant get it to let us conn...

pin code

when trying to access itvx it is asking me for a pin, i have never been given or asked for one

alicia3 by First Timer
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Sending old box back

Hi everyone I was told on a talktalk chat that I didn’t have to send my old box back as I mentioned I had a lot of good recordings on it so the staff member I was talking to said to move between the two but when I opened my new box, it says to send o...

Received a parcel without the TV hub

I upgrade my plan to include tv on 15 Dec via phone. Today (20 Dec) I received the TV hub parcel but the parcel only contains a HDMI cable and a remote controller, NO TV HUB!.Also I still have not received any activation email from now tv despite my ...

iverson3 by Chatterbox
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TV no sound - tried everything!

Hi everyone, My 4K TV box is occasionally having sound issue. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it takes 1-2 mins for the sound to come through and today there is just no sound whatsoever! Help pls! We have tried restarting, rebooting the machine, c...

re-set password

I can't reset my password to set up my Now account

Simo66 by First Timer
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New box TV 4k Box

I’m not really liking this new box I’ve been sent. However one of the problems I’ve encountered is that no matter how I try I cannot rewind a live programme, meaning if I’ve missed a bit I can’t go back to watch. This is really frustrating. Any advic...

Remove banner on screen

How do I remove the transparent programme info banner at bottom of screen with ‘on next’ option to the right?

Adetows by First Timer
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No sound on my new ngtvnetbox4kn

I’ve just received a new ng tv netbox 4 KN to replace a previous box. I’ve gone through set up but cannot get sound. Nothing is muted. Help please!

Talktalk tv box

Can get itvx from the tv guide but can't get it on the catch upSent from marilyn

Robbo14 by First Timer
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4k TV box offer

Hi,Have been offered the 4k tv box when I log in to my account for £5 per month. I have a Youview box at the moment for £5 per month. It appears that ITV hub is no ls longer available and told to contact TalkTalk. Who do I contact to except this offe...

plb46 by Chat Champion
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Signing in to my account

I cannot sign in to my account I want to check my bills and other things but the sign in is saying my email address is not registered I have been with talk talk for about 15years god knows why thanks

mclaren by Chat Champion
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TalkTalk Huawei Powerline Adapters PT200AV

Im currently using 2 Talktalk Huawei Powerline Adapters PT200AV with my TalkTalk TV box, and I believe one of them has stopped working. Can anyone help? I have tried all the online advice including a factory reset. (On the plus side, the lounge is no...