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ITV news

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I live in the north east, but I'm getting Granada news.


Does anybody know how I can get Tyne Tees news?




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This is dependent upon which transmitter your aerial is pointing at.


Unless you aerial is picking up a reflected signal and for some reason has incorrectly sorted the channels then there is nothing you can do.


To eliminate signal reflection there are 2 things to check.


What news do you receive if the aerial is plugged directly into your TV? If its the same then its your aerials chosen region.


Perform a retune of the box, first by retuning without the aerial in to clear any residual memory the box may be holding and then retune with it plugged in.


If this produces the same result you could check the guide to see if you have any reflected channels in the 800 range. You may find the signal was strong enough to pull in the signal from another region.


Hope this helps.

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