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I can't make or receive calls

If you're having trouble making or receiving calls on your landline, or have no dial tone, try following these simple steps to get your service back up and running.


If you have an unpaid bill, your services may be restricted. You can quickly get your services back up and running again by making a payment in My Account or by calling our automated payment line on 0345 172 0040. Charges apply if you aren't calling from a TalkTalk landline. For other ways to pay, take a look at payment methods and paying your bill.


If you've reached your monthly allowance you won't be able to make landline calls, but don't worry, you can increase your monthly allowance in My Account. For more information, head over to Your monthly allowance


Make sure your phone has a dial tone. If the dial tone is interrupted or stuttered, it means you have a new Voicemail message. This won't affect your service and you can listen to it by dialling 1 5 7 1.

If you have no dial tone or are still having problems, move onto the steps below.


If you've recently connected a TV box, new router or a new phone, try reversing the changes. If this resolves the issue, add devices back into your set-up one at a time to find out which one is causing the problem.


Check the wires connecting your phone to the phone socket are fitted securely and in good condition. You can also try using a different phone cable to see if the original cable is causing the problem.


Make sure none of your phones are off the hook, then test your line with a different handset altogether to see if this fixes the issue. If you're using a cordless phone make sure the batteries are fully charged.


If you can hear someone else's telephone calls when you pick up your phone, you may have a crossed line. Simply dial 1 7 0 7 0 from your landline to relay the number you're still connected to and fix the problem.


Instead of speed dialling, try dialling the phone number instead to see if you're able to connect.


Have you recently set up call divert? If so you won't be able to receive calls on your home phone until it's removed. For more information and how to use this feature, see  About Call Divert


Testing a phone by directly plugging it into your main phone socket is the final check to see if the fault is in your home. It takes a few minutes and all you need is a Philips screwdriver. For more information, see What is a test socket?