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Understanding your bill

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‎21-06-2021 11:27 AM
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My Account is the quickest way to manage your billing preferences, make payments and view your bills online. You can view your latest bill and previous bills on the Bills and payments page.

When you view your bills in My Account, we'll automatically show you a collapsed breakdown of the bill. To see a full breakdown of your charges, simply select the Detailed option.

To view additional information about your bill date or to check when your payment is due, select Bill details. After you've paid your first bill, you can change your payment due date in My Account to one that works better for you.

The total amount you're due to pay and your chosen payment method will be displayed at the top of your bill. If you pay by Direct Debit or have a card registered with us you won't need to do anything - we'll automatically take the payment from you. If you chose a different payment method, select Make a secure payment at the top of your bill or make a card payment in My Account.

Setting up a Direct Debit is the easiest, most convenient way to pay your monthly bill. Your payments will be automatically taken from your account each month, so you don't have to worry about missing your payment due date. You can change your payment method easily in the Bills and payments section in My Account.

Remember, you may be charged an administration fee if your bill is not paid by the due date displayed on your bill. If you don't pay by Direct Debit you'll also be charged a monthly fee of £0.50.


In this section, you can see the total of any balance you may have carried forward from a previous bill and any payments you've made since your last bill. Any new charges will also be listed here.

If you've made any payments since your last bill, you'll be able to expand this section to see the details of the payments made. Any credit on your account will be under Adjustments made. You can expand this section to see details of the adjustment.  


We always charge a month in advance for our services, so this section will detail any services you're charged for, such as your package and any Boosts you have.


Your bill may include blue lines and sections throughout, these are known as bill highlights. Our bill highlights aim to provide you with extra information related to certain charges and any discounts you may receive. 


The charges since you joined section details any pro-rata or part month charges since your services went live. Any future bills that incur part month charges, due to a change you made since you were last billed, will be placed in the last month's changes section.


This section won't always appear on your bill because it covers things that you don't regularly pay for. You can expect to see this on your first bill as it includes things such as set up fees and equipment charges.


This section will display the itemisation of each charge. You'll be able to filter phone calls and purchases, as well as sort them into an order you prefer. You'll also have the option to download or print a copy of your itemised usage.


This section will display any services that are given to you for free as part of your package. 



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