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Router Delivery failed

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Hi all,


I was due to have my router and TV box delivered on the 24TH and as I was out, I asked and changed successfully the delivery location to my local parcel shop as provided by locality on the DHL website.


It turns out the tracking data was later updated on 24th stating my Local Parcel Shop was closed (despite offering on the list of local available delivery centres). It returned to the Delivery Depot and subsequently sent out on the 27th for re-delivery. The note on their tracker then stated "We're sorry but your consignment refused on delivery. Please contact your sender for further information". It now sits back at the delivery depot and has done for the past 5 days, and Go Live date is today.


I have tried to contact TalkTalk with no clear direction or resolution here. I am being told they cannot re-order or attempt to send me out a WiFi hub or TV box until tomorrow as my services need to be live first, I really don't get this. Can someone please offer direction on how to resolve this and next steps? I have had to continuously be pro-active here and wonder where I would be if I hadn't tried calling and contacting TalkTalk. I feel I am now going to be paying for services for days I cannot use without the proper equipment...Not great first impressions


Support Team
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