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Cisco Jabber No Longer Works Over TalkTalk Fibre Broadband

First Timer
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Hi everyone


I hope we are all safe and well and thanks for reading this message.

First time post so apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. Feel free to move.


All of a sudden, I am no longer able to use CISCO Jabber over my TalkTalk Fibre Broadband connection. It has stopped working without warning. It has been working fine on various Windows 10 devices for just over two years.


It no longer works on a number of Win 10 devices. All connected via cable to a TalkTalk Sagemcom FAST5364 3.00 router Hub.


Cisco Jabber works fine on all the same devices when at work, using other (neighbours) broadband connections and when connected to hotspot or tethered to mobile/GSM


When using Cisco Jabber over TalkTalk, when the Jabber application starts and after 2-2.5 minutes a “Cannot find services automatically. Click advanced settings to set up manually” error is displayed.


After setting up manually, Cisco Jabber still fails over the TalkTalk fibre broadband. Same error.


All devices running Windows 10, basic default settings and no additional software, security or firewalls.


Cisco qualified network engineers are unable to find any issue with the devices or the Cisco software.


Microsoft qualified unable to find issue with the devices.

Ports on all devices checked.

Appropriate certificates on all devices checked.

Windows firewall settings checked on all devices


Uninstalled and then re-installed various versions of the Cisco Jabber app from ver 12.9.1 right up to 14.02


Is it blocked over TalkTalk fibre broadband do I need a router/hub update?


I am now running out of ideas.


Thanks in advance, stay safe and kind regards



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Support Team
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Hi Pablo02


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I will need to send a different make and model of router. Are you happy for me to arrange this?