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Do I stay with TalkTalk or swap over to BT?

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Yesterday, I had a visit from an agent from BT/EE offering me an upgrade and cheaper rates than I have with TalkTalk.  

They offered me a plan for Full Fibre Internet at £30.99 for 100Mb plus an extra £5.00 landline charge, totalling £35.99, (With TalkTalk I pay £34.27 for Fast Broadband, plus a charge of £3.00 for Anonymoud caller reject, making a total of £37.27 a month).  On top of this, my phone would be upgraded to Digital Voice (£7.00 charge and 700mins).  I believe that all landline phones will be getting an upgrade to Digital by the year 2025.

My latest bill from TalkTalk was for £40.02.  As the difference in price between TalkTalk and BT will only be £3.00 less, I'm wondering now if swapping over would be worth it.  I might consider staying with TalkTalk if I was offered the same sort of plan at a reasonable and acceptable price.  

An engineer has been booked to call at the house on Wednesday 20th July between 1pm and 6pm, so I need to make a decision.  I have been with TalkTalk for quite some time now and I would be going into unknown territory should I decided to swap over to BT.  I haven't had any problems with TalkTalk, and they have helped me in the past with a couple of problems I had at the time which I'd been satisfied with.

Awaiting your reply.


Kind regards,

Marion Lloyd


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